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Face masks or masks are dangerous for children under 2 years of age

Face masks or masks are dangerous for children under 2 years of age

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The coronavirus pandemic changed our lives completely, since we not only had to isolate ourselves in our homes, doing quarantine, but also carry out a series of preventive measures to avoid the spread of the virus between the same family and with other people outside her. Among these measures: wear a mask to reduce contagion. But did you know that children under 2 years old should never wear masks or face masks? We tell you why.

As indicated in the informative guide 'If you are sick, prevent the spread of covid-19' from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States government, if we have been diagnosed with this disease, we must stay at home so as not to infect other people, always maintaining telephone contact with the doctor who follows us up.

But, in addition, among the measures that have been shown to be most useful to stop the spread of the coronavirus we have: social distancing (at least 2 meters of separation between people), frequent hand washing with soap and water, the use of gel antibacterial and alcohol and the mandatory use of a mask, chinstrap or face mask, these measures being for both adults and children. However, The use of a mask is contraindicated in children under 2 years of age..

The face mask or mask or mouth or nose covers are intended to prevent a carrier or symptomatic person infects us with the virus through the nostrils or orally, therefore its use is necessary. However, we have seen that children are apparently the least vulnerable to the coronavirus, due to the low statistics that have been presented so far.

Here are 9 reasons why babies or children under the age of 2 should never wear masks.

1. During the first 2 years of life (infant stage), the so-called 'Involuntary asphyxia or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome' occurs, which is the sudden and unexplained death of a baby. This happens even in the hours of sleep and one of the reasons why it occurs is due to a airway obstructiontherefore, applying a mask could be fatal.

2. The airways of these children are small, so when they put on a mask they make a greater effort to inhale oxygen, so they can present a hypoxia (low oxygen concentration in the blood).

3. With the mask they can rebreathing your own expired carbon dioxide, which leads to suffocation from CO2 poisoning.

4. It is very difficult for children under 2 years of age to keep a mask on their face, so they will be taking it off and putting it on, which can lead to an easy spread of the virus.

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5. To manipulate the masks it is necessary that they do it in an adequate way, such as: frequent washing of the hands and after removing it, do not touch it from the front, keep the nose and mouth covered, when removing it it must be by the strips that are held in the ears ... And it is difficult for young children to comply with all these safety measures, so they are at greater risk of contamination.

6. A mask can also generate a risk for them of hanging by bad manipulation at the level of his neck. A few seconds of carelessness or distraction from parents can have fatal consequences.

7. If we put the mask too tight, there will be the risk of respiratory disorders or suffocation; and if it is placed loosely, there will be a risk of an easy spread of the virus.

8. The nature of children is to be very curious, to touch and grasp everything, and then those little hands are going to touch their masks, eyes, face, etc. and easily contagion occurs.

9. Children are very restless, active, they run instead of walking and if they wear a mask would demand more oxygen for physical activity, so they could present breathing problems, dizziness or headache. In addition, in case they present any cardiac or respiratory condition, the consequences could be more severe.

So if babies under the age of 2 cannot wear a mask, how can we reduce their risk of getting COVID-19? Here are some recommendations:

- Staying home as long as possible. Actually, the safest place for them right now is home.

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- If they must go out for any compelling reason, for example, consult with the pediatrician or the placement of vaccines, must be held by the hand under strict parental observation, complying with social distancing with other people, applying antibacterial gel or frequent alcohol on their hands and if they are driving by car cover them with a plastic protector.

- They are owed explain why adults and older children do wear masks and they don't. Explained in a simple way, they will understand everything and there will be less risk of being scared or stressed by the situation that is being lived.

- It is also important that parents when they go out with their children, show them their faces from time to time, so that their children recognize them and do not feel uncomfortable or anxious.

During this covid-19 pandemic, a series of security measures have been implemented to prevent the contagion and spread of the virus and, among these, the use of masks or face masks has been the one that has provided us with the greatest security and protection.

I insist once again that children under 2 years of age, or to be exact, 2 years and 11 months, should not use them due to the risks and dangers that they entail for their health and life, since their use would be counterproductive.

However, as people are so creative, the sale of masks for children, attached to the pacifier, have apparently come onto the market, of course, this without taking into account the recommendations of many Pediatric Associations, of the WHO (World Organization of Health) and many governments in general.

Please, I ask you, I suggest you DO NOT PLACE THEM on your children at the ages indicated above, since they can cause serious problems in your children that even lead to death by suffocation or other injuries that compromise their health and the lives of our little ones.

It is the responsibility of us parents to be attentive to the safety regulations implemented and approved by serious organizations, to maintain and protect the health and life of our children and ourselves.

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