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The 7 things that most annoy parents of children

The 7 things that most annoy parents of children

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Children are capable of testing us as no one has ever done. If you thought that you had infinite patience or that you were calm, nothing better than experiencing motherhood or fatherhood to realize that your personality can change radically when there are children involved. They are capable of bringing out the best in us but they also have an incredible ability to raise our stress level to unsuspected limits.

A few days ago I ate with several friends, all of them mothers of children between 3 and 8 years old and we were talking about the mischief they had done. From that conversation came the things that most commonly annoy us about our children. Curiously, we all said the same:

1- Disobedience
That of having to say things 10 times tops almost every parent's list. We don't get used to our children's 'transient deafness' when it comes to obedience.

2- Do not eat
Inappetent children make us desperate. Having to invent a thousand tricks, nonsense and tricks so that in the end they have two pieces of meat and a little salad is a challenge for us.

3- When they make you late
To leave the house with children it is necessary to plan in advance and calculate about 15 minutes from when they are already dressed and in shoes to get out the door. As it is not always possible, that parsimony and tranquility with the rush that we usually carry does not usually end well.

4- The tantrums
It's easy to say to be calm and not pay too much attention to your child when he has a tantrum. We may make it appear that way in the eyes of others and remain unchanged, but inside we are filled with anger and rage when our child begins to kick, scream or throw himself on the ground at a certain moment.

5- The fights between brothers
There are brothers who at least are already fighting, picking each other or arguing. Having to go to mediate and put peace between them for small things constantly contributes to our anger.

6- Let them escape from your hand
They also tend to do it at the most inopportune moments like when you cross the street or are in a crowded shopping center.

7- When they don't want to go to sleep
Your body and mind are already in a catatonic state, but children who seem to have self-recharging batteries can't wait to go to bed. That of them leaving the room or refusing to go to sleep at the end of the day unnerves us.

It is important for their growth that children understand why they are angry or what things can make them feel angry, and that they understand that their parents are angry too. To do this, they need to know more about this emotion. Therefore, our site has selected some stories, poems, that can teach children to control their anger.

The grumpy beetle. Story for angry children. This is a story for children who are always angry, it is called The Grumpy Beetle. It is an ideal story to read to children who have to change their behavior because they are rude, unfriendly and annoying with other children. Through short stories, children can learn the rules of coexistence with others.

Magic question to defuse an anger in children. Take note and take the test: we offer you the magic question to stop a tantrum or a moment of anger in children. Learn how to handle a child tantrum or anger. You can do the test with this system, very effective according to many parents. Test if it also works with your child.

The angry princess. A story that talks about anger. Tale of the angry princess. This children's story teaches how important it is to make friends to be happy and not always be angry in order to have friends. Tales of different princesses for children to learn to smile and not get so angry that it teaches the value of friendship.

The reconciliation. Short story for children who get angry about everything. If your daughter gets angry easily and finds it difficult to make peace with her friends, check out this short story: 'Reconciliation', a short story for children who are always angry with a clear message about friendship. In addition, you can find reading comprehension activities.

Anger. Poem with rhymes so that children understand anger. This short poetry for children is about anger. Poems are transmitters of values ​​and a very useful tool for explaining complex words to children, such as those that define feelings. A short, rhyming poem, an educational resource when it comes to children's emotions.

In which situations getting angry is good. We have good news for you. Do you know what is good for children to get angry? And it is about emotion and a feeling that will help them in their development and in their personal growth for their present and their future. Look at everything they are going to learn.

The anger of the vowels. Children's story about letters. We propose a fun children's story to learn the letters. It is entitled The anger of the vowels and it will help your children to review the alphabet and to practice reading. If your child is learning letters, this children's story about vowels is going to love it. Do not miss it!

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