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13 red lines that mothers cannot overcome with their children

13 red lines that mothers cannot overcome with their children

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We try to be perfect fathers and mothers: that they do everything well, that they always have everything in order, that they spend all the time in the world with their children ... However, perfection does not exist and, therefore, our goal should not be achieve it within our motherhood or fatherhood. However, yes there is some red lines that fathers and mothers can't get past, especially when we talk about the education of our children.

One of the hidden skills that children have is to be in the wrong place at the most committed moment ... and thus, we as mothers, are hunted! And, we are all in danger. Hunted by something we should not do or say but what we have done or said without a clear explanation. And it is that our supermission with our superchildren is to be the best supermodel to follow for them.

How to get it? Go for it! But before you start, keep the following guidelines in mind to avoid being a hunted mother:

- Don't do what you don't want to be imitated.

- Faced with a moment of despair, flee! Let no one see what you can do. Better to take a breath and find your calm again.

- Work as much as you can on your self-control and self-knowledge.

- Learn to breathe, breathe and breathe, before passing the red line.

- And if one day you make the mistake, do not forget to clarify the situation and apologize.

With that said, we are going to share the 13 things no mother should do in front of her children or you will be passing a red line that will be very difficult to reverse:

1. Do not spend the day hooked on the mobile or you will not have the power to tell your child: the technologies are over or stop playing with the computer or turn off the mobile ...

2. Do not say any taco, swear word or ugly phrase in front of him or her, if you do not want him to repeat it like a parrot in the next few days.

3. Don't make any comments that you don't want to reach other ears... What is discussed at home must stay at home.

4. The big mistake: promise something that you will not keep. Don't ever tell him that you will do something (that you will buy him a toy or that you will visit his cousins ​​...), if later you will not be able to do it. You will have discredited yourself for a long time.

5. 'Run! Run! Time to cross! ' And in the end you end up crossing on red ... Remember: if the traffic light for pedestrians is red, don't ever cross it when you go with your son or daughter. Later you will not have credibility when you tell them: the traffic light is not green to cross ... They may end up running across, as you encouraged them to do that day when you were in a hurry.

6. Please don't overload your children with activities. They are not (nor will they be) superheroes. Remember, they will be super children for you, as long as you are dedicating the time they need and require of you. Not because of more activities they will be more distracted or with better relationships. Conversely, the only thing you will get is to press them.

7. Avoid negative comments about your body, hair or some skill ... The work of self-esteem part of the parents.

8. Try not to show your fears in front of your son or daughter. The fears are imitated, Like what startles you, produces rejection or even disgust. Expect your child to grow up with that same fear.

9. Not listen to them or interrupt them when they are talking to you ... Treat them as you would like them to treat you. If they come to tell you something, it is because it is important to them. Show them that he or she is important to you too.

10. Question them or force them to tell you something they don't want to tell. Or invade your privacy or intimacy. We all have an interior plot that we want to be respected for us. Respect it and they will respect yours.

11. Avoid comparisons between siblings or friends, in addition to criticism of their relationships or friends. Each one is special and unique. Make it feel. Give him the confidence to make his own decisions.

12. Do not forget the birthday party of his best friend, the disguise for the end of year party or put the snack in the backpack. These oversights will make you go from being a good mother to feeling like the worst mother in the world (perhaps for them it is not so important but for you, conscience will not let you sleep for several weeks or even months).

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13. And finally, don't even think about it try to make your son or daughter happy 24 hours a day... Do not fall into this error, because to achieve it you will have to be permissive, you will have to stop setting limits or make it a pampered or pampered ... And that, later will take you more work, because it will complicate your relationship and relationships with others.

Remember that you are a great momThat the time you dedicate to your children is not in quantity but in quality, so, better little and intense than a lot and with discussions. Don't try to make your dreams come true. And, of course, do not forget to take care of yourself to give the best to others, this will be the best way to be the best role model for them.

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