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41+ Short Sayings About September to Teach Kids

41+ Short Sayings About September to Teach Kids

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Sayings there are many, but there is nothing like the sayings about months or seasons to learn with your children. With these types of sayings you can know the weather expected each month, the fruits and vegetables that are harvested or some curiosities such as the most traditional festivals. For you to enjoy learning with your children, we have for you the sayings of the month of september. These sayings refer to the Spanish climate, located in the northern hemisphere, so if you live in another geographical area, they may not coincide with the climate of your country. However, you can probably adapt them to another season of the year.

What weather should it be in September? The popular proverb has always agreed that September is a highly variable month. It can rain, wind, heat or cold. September is the month of transition between summer and fall (Autumn officially begins on September 21), so it is natural that the weather is somewhat variable.

1. March and September are like brothers: one says goodbye to winter and the other to summer
On March 21, winter ends and spring begins, and on September 21, summer ends and autumn begins. This is a wonderful saying for your children to learn the seasons.

2. September and March, both windswept
According to the popular proverb, these two months are characterized by blizzards, winds that announce the change of season.

3. September or dry the fountains or drag the bridges
Another saying refers to the variation of the weather in September, which can be dry or rainy.

4. September, or the rivers fill or the water is scarce
And you never know if September will help fill the Spanish hydraulic reserves or, on the contrary, dry them up.

5. If it starts to rain in September, autumn is sure
Formerly, a specific day was not distinguished as the day that began autumn, but the change of season was recognized by the weather. When it started to rain in September, then it was already considered that autumn had arrived.

6. Good weather in September, better in December
It was common for the weather of one month to be related to another. If the weather was good in September, in December the winter would not be so harsh.

7. The summer of San Miguel will be missing very seldom
Have you ever heard your grandparents talk about the "summer of San Miguel"? For the dates in which San Miguel celebrates, on September 29, it seems that there is always a rise in temperatures.

8. In September, at the end of the month, the heat returns again
It is the famous "summer of San Miguel", an atmospheric phenomenon by which temperatures rise for a few days, which occurs every year in the northern hemisphere at the end of September.

9. For San Miguel, great heat, it will be of great value
Traditionally, the heat has been highly appreciated on this holiday, since in addition to being able to enjoy it, it allows the ripening of some seasonal fruits.

10. The true autumn, for San Miguel the first downpour
Paradoxically, this saying considers that if it rains in San Miguel, then there will be a true autumn weather in October and November.

11. In September thunder, neither bad nor good
Some thunderstorms are common in September, but they do not affect the crops or the general weather much.

12. September benign, October flowery
According to popular culture, if the weather is nice in September, you can still enjoy some flowers in October.

13. September is good, if from first to thirty passes serene
For many, September is a good month as long as the weather remains calm.

14. Fog in September, brings the south in the belly
A curious saying that indicates where this meteorological phenomenon comes from.

15. For February and September at six at dusk and at six at dawn
Formerly, in September it was dark much earlier, although now due to the time change it doesn't happen so early.

16. He who sleeps in August will watch in September
According to the popular proverb, if in August you become very sleepy, in September you will have a little insomnia.

17. When the Virgin arrives, the swallow leaves
On September 8, the birth of the Virgin Mary is celebrated, and the proverb relates this holiday to the migration of swallows.

Like almost all the sayings about months, there is an important number dedicated to the knowledge of the harvests, the moment in which the agriculture of the fields and the seasonal fruits and vegetables are found. These are the sayings we have collected on this topic!

18. September is fruitful, happy and festive
Well yes, it is a month in which you can enjoy many delicious seasonal fruits and, especially in the first half of the month, it is still warm enough to enjoy the sun and social life.

19. If you don't have fruit in September, August is to blame
The September fruit harvest has a lot to do with the August weather. If you want to know more, check out the August sayings where you can learn a lot about harvests depending on the weather.

20. In September the grape picker cuts the bunches two by two
This month is the time of the grape harvest. A very important event in the Spanish wine culture.

21. For August grapes and figs, for September quinces
Although there are actually still grapes and figs in September, the quintessential fruit this month is the quince.

22. By the summer of San Miguel there are fruits like honey
For San Miguel (September 29), seasonal fruits are at the perfect ripening point, which is why they are considered as sweet as honey.

23. The September sun always ripens the quince
The best quince harvest occurs if it is sunny in September.

24. September, with the quinces colors the field yellow
Another nice saying dedicated to quince, a seasonal fruit of September.

25. July, triguero, September, uvero
Whereas the sayings of July are usually dedicated to the wheat harvest, those of September give importance to the grape harvest.

26. For San Miguel figs are honey
If you wait to harvest the figs at the end of September, you will find them sweet and delicious.

27. For San Miguel, first the walnut, the chestnut later
Also at the end of September there are fruits such as the delicious walnuts of Castilla. Already in October and November, the chestnut season arrives.

28. In September, harvest and don't sow
According to the popular proverb, September is not the best month to sow. Some sayings advise to do it, do it at the end of the month.

29. By September, whoever has wheat to sow
As long as it's at the end of the month.

30. If you want to have good crops, for San Mateo do the first
San Mateo is celebrated on September 21, date from which the popular proverb begins to advise to start sowing.

31. If you want to sow, don't sweat your forehead until Saint Vincent
Another of the dates indicated to start sowing in September is San Vicente Paul, which is celebrated on September 27.

32. From September, to the first days, the deer enters the riding hall
Also some September sayings recall culinary traditions, such as the killing of the deer.

33. September rain is good for the vines and better for the plantings
Although the sayings of August usually adduce that the sun is necessary for the vineyards to prosper, in September it is good that it rains a little so that the grapes ripen properly.

34. September very wet, a lot of must but watery
Of course, if it rains too much in September, although the grapes accumulate a lot of water, the resulting must will have less flavor.

35. In September, eat bread and grapes, if you have
The bread is the result of the wheat harvest that is finished by September, so the flour is already processed and in the houses. The grape is one of the seasonal fruits of the month of September.

36. What August ripens, September assures
Many fall season fruits begin to ripen in August and finish in September.

37. For the Virgin of Carrión, leave the watermelon and go to the melon
Held during the month of September, few watermelons remain for this date, but nonetheless you can still enjoy delicious melons.

38. In September, whoever wants to eat bread, let him sow it
The sowing of wheat can start at the end of September, this way you will make sure you have flour to make bread for next year.

39. For September, eat and sell; but not so much your eating, that you do not have to sell
As it is a good season for fruits, meat and the wheat harvest is over, traditionally in September there was enough supply, so many peasant families could sell.

40. For Santiago the rabbit hides its tail; and for San Miguel, he is seen again
Santiago is celebrated on July 25, the date on which rabbits are kept in their burrows to endure the heat and take care of their young. According to the proverb, from San Miguel (September 29), the rabbits go out to the field again.

41. Fools and sane people sow for San Mateo
It seems that according to the popular proverb sowing in San Mateo (September 21) can be a bit unpredictable.

If you are one of those mothers or fathers who in September begin to give their children more foods with vitamin C such as oranges or mandarins with the idea of ​​raising their defenses for the winter, you should know that the popular proverb has already predicted from distant times that this month was key for respiratory infections. Common changes in temperature and weather in September make it very easy to catch a cold. Therefore, some sayings already warn that it is important to take care of yourself.

Sayings such as 'September, the one who does not have clothes that tremble' or 'In September, the sick person trembles' remind us that we must be cautious and warm up against unexpected winds and cold.

Another old and curious popular saying about the need to keep out of the cold in September is 'From the month that enters with the abbot and leaves with a friar, God save us' (on September 1 Saint Gil abbot is celebrated and on the 30th of the same month Saint Jerome friar), and you have to be careful, because the month begins with the heat of summer, but can end with the first colds of the winter season.

That is why the saying ‘September: the worst month of the year’ does not sound so far-fetched if we take into account changes in temperature and climate.

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