How to celebrate an unforgettable Grandparents Day remotely

How to celebrate an unforgettable Grandparents Day remotely

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Celebrate Grandparents Day from distance It is possible, it is not the same, but it is possible to make it an afternoon to remember. When the grandparents live in another city or the agendas of one or the other do not allow us to spend such an important date on the calendar all together this year, we have no choice but to use all our ingenuity to shorten distances and send our love to the oldest and wisest of the family. If you need some ideas, we will tell you how to celebrate an unforgettable Grandparents Day remotely!

There are times when we can all sit together at the table to celebrate important moments and there are others that for this or that reason it is impossible, however, we cannot and must not let distance discourage us. We know that it is not the same, but there are a series of very cool and very emotional things that we can do to celebrate Grandparents Day, even if we are apart this year.

The elderly take care of us, pamper us, teach us things, give us their understanding, their wisdom and their unconditional love. They have the great power to make us smile on a sad day and to know the reason for our joy just by looking into our eyes. They never come home without a tapper full of food so that we don't have to cook for the next three days and thus a lot more of things that we find magical.

Do not you think enough reasons to celebrate their day in style? (Every July 26, Grandparents' Day is celebrated in some countries such as Spain, on August 28 it is celebrated in others such as Mexico.). If this year the distance separates you, this is what you can do to celebrate it and feel that you are all together in the living room.

The ideas that we are going to share with you here are very simple, they are designed to be done by the whole family including, of course, the little ones in the house. Let them participate at all times and give as many ideas as they want. The celebration will be perfect!

1. A family video call
Grandparents are an inexhaustible source of serenity and wisdom so necessary for the growth of children, so, we could not start with the celebration of Grandparents Day in the distance other than by making a video call to send all our love to the grandparents and our love.

And, once we have said hello, we have congratulated them and we have told each other everything we wanted, what else can we talk about during the video call? It occurs to us ...

- That the grandparents read a story to the children.

- Let the little ones tell their grandparents a beautiful story.

- You can also make plans for when you are going to be able to see each other in person.

- Say tongue twisters, sayings, jokes, riddles, do crafts from a distance ...

- Show the grandparents the drawings that the little ones have prepared.

- Say how we feel about not being able to spend this day together.

2. Watch a movie together
How are we going to watch a movie together if we are apart? You see, the idea is for everyone to see her at home at the same time and then make a call to discuss it. Who chooses the movie? Well, since it is Grandparents' Day, they will be in charge of deciding, do not worry that the elderly also like drawings. What fun!

3. Send home a small detail
The only thing you have to do is send it with a little time so that it arrives home just on the date; Grandparents will be thrilled to open the door and find a gift from their children and grandchildren. As a gift, we can think of a delicious sweet, a voucher to do gymnastics or go dancing, a painting with photos of the family or sports clothes, but surely you have better ideas in mind.

4. Online games for the whole family
Thanks to new technologies we can play a game together at bingo, cards or anything else. Choose a game according to the age of the kids and the tastes of the grandparents and you will have a very entertaining time.

What do you think of the ideas that we have come up with to celebrate the day with grandparents in the distance? Surely if you stop to think a little you can think of many others that will be received by yours with the greatest of illusions. We continue!

5. A very special letter
We can write at home with the children a letter to the grandparents in which we tell them how much we love them, how things are going at work and school and things like that. We will mail it a few days before to try to get it to arrive on the specified date. If the little ones are still too young to write, we can ask them to make a simple drawing or simply put their little hand on the sheet and color it.

6. Photos in the rooms
In that same letter we can send you a few photos of the children to put on the walls of your house. We can even ask our grandparents to send us some photos of themselves and do the same, it is another way to shorten the distance and feel that we are next to each other.

7. Parents can take the opportunity to talk to their grandparents' children
To end with a most special celebration, we will talk to our children about their grandparents, how wonderful it is to be able to count on them and why we must always take care of our relationship with our elders. We can also take advantage of the occasion to tell funny family anecdotes. The little ones will have a tremendous illusion!

¿What tradition do you have in your family to celebrate Grandparents' Day? Let us know!

And something that they will love will be that you record a video reading these stories or these poems and send them to them. It will touch their hearts and they will feel that they have their grandchildren closer. We have even prepared a selection of jokes for you.

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