14 baby games to have fun at the beach on vacation

14 baby games to have fun at the beach on vacation

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If there is something we all like about Summer holidays is to be able to enjoy some well-deserved days of rest, especially if we do it in the beach. Did you know that babies love to feel the waves of the sea on their feet? It is not for less, it is such a pleasant sensation ... In addition, they will enjoy much more with these baby games that are thought to be enjoyed in the water of the sea and the sand of the beach.

Here are some very fun activities to do on the coast. In addition, they are very stimulating children's games for the little ones.

Lying down and sunbathing on the sand or taking a refreshing dip feels great to all of us, but since we know that babies are little explorers eager to know everything around them, we couldn't leave them like that without any special activity for them. Dear babies, these games on the beach are for you, so that you can have a great time in and out of the water. We hope you like them a lot!

1. Sand castles
Yes, yes, babies can play with sand castles too. How? Very simple, mom or dad make them and the little one will be in charge of breaking them with their hands or a shovel. Be careful, you will have to do more than one, you will see that it is a classic summer game that they love.

2. Sit on the shore to feel the sea at your feet
Take your little one on your lap, both of you sit on the seashore and do nothing for a while other than feel the pleasant sensation of sea water caressing your feet. A great sensory and stimulation activity for babies.

3. Find fish and crabs!
We do not know if there will be many fish in the beach area that you usually go to, but surely some crab or small fish if you meet. This is another of the activities on the beach for babies that we propose, you can even take a small net and try to catch one, they are very elusive!

4. A psychomotor circuit
With sticks, stones, a mountain of sand, the bucket, the shovel and things like that we will prepare a psychomotor circuit for the baby. We will shake your hand to make you feel safe and we will encourage you to skip or skirt each thing. If you are going to do it only with sand, you can let him do it crawling. The goal, to get to the towel!

5. The sound of the sea is perfect to relax
Young children cannot spend much time in the sun, so in the middle of the day at the beach take your baby and put him on the towel under the umbrella to rest for a while, the game now will be to listen to the sound of the sea. Can you think of something more relaxing?

6. Put sand on mom and dad
Have we already had the energy to continue playing? Great! You see, it occurred to us that your baby had a fun time putting sand on the feet and legs of mom and dad. Invite him to do the same with his feet, it sure is a sensation that he likes a lot.

7. Leave footprints on the shore
You put your footprints on the seashore and watch how the water erases them and so on over and over again. Explain to your child in simple words why this occurs, it will be a very curious and fun game.

If you are enjoying games for babies in the sand of the sea, wait to see these others that we will tell you below. Will your child choose any as a favorite? Remember that, in addition to being fun, they are very very useful stimulation exercises.

8. Now it's time to look at the clouds
The game of lying down to look at the clouds to see what they form we think they have is also perfect to do on sunny days and on the beach, don't you think?

9. Hidden treasures in the sand
We hide some toys, stones or shells in the sand and the little one has to play an explorer until he finds them. We can also tell him that it is he who hides it and we who find it. How many hidden treasures are in the sand!

10. Put your feet in the sand
We dig a bit and put our feet in the sand. Take the opportunity to ask your child short questions such as: do you like it? it's cold? Do you want to put your hands too?

11. Collect shells and stones
The idea is to collect a few shells, stones or conches to play with them on the shore or take them home and create a nice craft. Always accompany your child, you know that at these ages they usually put everything in their mouth.

12. Splash on the seashore
If your child loves the water, let him have a fun time splashing with his hands and feet on the seashore. If you see that it covers a little, do not hesitate to put your sleeves on it. Always with supervision!

13. Jump the waves on the shore
Hand in hand with dad or mom, the little one will jump the waves of the sea that come to the shore, it is a simple beach game that tends to be very popular with the little ones in the house.

14. A bath with mom and dad
And to finish, a refreshing family bath! Take your child in your arms and take a bath together in the sea, it will be another memory to keep in your memory.

Games and activities on the beach with babies, of course, but always with the appropriate precautions:

- Babies under 6 months should not go to the beachexcept for a walk early or late in the day. Newborns and children under 6 months have an immature thermoregulatory system, so their ability to control their own body temperature is not yet fully developed.

Excess heat can lead to hyperthermia (increased body temperature), the skin becomes red and there is excess sweating. On the other hand, babies under 6 months do not have the skin prepared to be able to apply protective cream.

- With small children you should always go in less hot hours, we will avoid going to the beach in the central hours of the day, from 12 a.m. to 4 p.m. It is important to avoid heat stroke.

- We will apply a generous high factor sunscreen 30 minutes before sun exposure. Child sunscreen must be water resistant.

- The baby has to carry other physical sun protection factors such as hats or hat and t-shirt with sun protection. On the other hand, be careful with wearing rubber sandals, as they can cause injuries to their feet.

- We will put the baby from time to time under the umbrella and we will wet him a little to refresh him.

- We will never leave you alone, not even when in the towel.

- We will offer you the breast or water more often so that you are well hydrated.

It is done! We can play safely with our baby on the beach. It's time to have fun!

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