Having a veiled delivery is synonymous with good luck for the baby

Having a veiled delivery is synonymous with good luck for the baby

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Have you heard of blanket delivery? Know what it is? It is a delivery in which the baby is born inside its amniotic bag, without it breaking. They are precious births, but rare. If you are pregnant and, especially, about to give birth, you may want to know what the veiled delivery.

When a pregnancy occurs, the union of the ovum and the sperm not only creates a baby, but also other structures appear: the placenta, the umbilical cord and the amniotic bag mainly. Let's talk about the latter!

The amniotic sac is made up of two membranes, the chorion and the amnion. These membranes surround the baby, emerging from the placenta and umbilical cord. During pregnancy, the baby grows inside the amniotic sac, surrounded by amniotic fluid. This liquid has several functions:

- Helps the development of the lungs and baby digestive system.

- Facilitates the movements of the baby within the womb. It is as if it rocked him, and it is that contributes to muscle and limb development.

Protects you from infection and trauma or injury. While the bag is intact, the baby is floating in the amniotic fluid in a sterile, cushioned, protected environment ...

Now let's think about childbirth! We say that labor is really established when we have intense and regular contractions, which have made the cervix erase and open 3 or 4 centimeters. And this can happen with the bag broken (what is commonly known as 'breaking waters' or 'breaking the source') or not. Because ... when does the bag break?

Sometimes the bursa breaks before you have contractions, before you go into labor. It can be a stimulus for labor to begin; Other times, the contractions do not appear and after waiting a while (depending on the hospital, 12, 24 or even more hours), labor is induced (provoked) with medication.

The most common is that the rupture of the bursa occurs during the delivery process, either during dilation or delivery. It can be spontaneously with contractions, or artificially, when the professionals who treat us are the ones who break it.

This is generally done if the dilation does not advance, to stimulate or induce labor. If there is no clinical indication, the bag should not be artificially broken by 'routine', for all the benefits we have seen previously.

As I told you at the beginning, have a veiled delivery It is a very rare circumstance, it occurs in approximately one in every 80,000 deliveries according to the literature. During labor, with contractions, intrauterine pressure increases. As the whole process goes through with the bag intact, this pressure is distributed more regularly, so the contractions are better tolerated by both the mother and the baby.

Furthermore, as there is no compression of the umbilical cord, the baby's heart rate remains more stable. They are usually quiet and very special births. The baby is born surrounded by the amniotic sac and fluid, as if it were still inside the mother's womb. It is usually the people who attend the birth who tear the membranes so that the baby 'enters' this world and begins breathing.

This type of childbirth receives very different names, depending on the place and culture where it occurs: being born with a veil, with a scarf, with the virgin's mantle, veiled, in blankets ... And being so infrequent, different legends arose regarding the fate of these babies:

- In many cultures they are thought to be lucky babies, that they will have a full life.

- Others think they will have special gifts to heal and alleviate ills or to perceive people's intentions.

- In some places it is thought that, having arrived in this world surrounded by amniotic fluid, these babies are protected from drowning.

And you, have you ever heard of veiled birth? Do you want to tell us a legend about these births that we do not know?

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