Short poems about grandparents and grandmothers

Short poems about grandparents and grandmothers

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It is important for parents and educators to promote cognitive learning both at home and at school, however, it is also important to promote affective development, love for family and stimulate emotional intelligence. Poetry is, at this point, a perfect channel to facilitate communication in children, as well as the expression of their emotions and feelings.

If you want to make a perfect gift to the grandparents, for the Grandparent's Day or at any other time of the year, recite these short poems that you will find below. All of them are dedicated to all the grandparents and grandmothers of the world.

In Guiainfantil.com we offer you short poems dedicated to grandparents and grandmothers so that children can memorize them and recite them later.

Here is a selection of poetry about grandparents or dedicated to grandmothers that children can read aloud, memorize and recite later as a family.

Grandparents and grandmothers deserve it all, true? They take care of us, teach us, love us, accompany us ... and do not ask for anything in return! So, whether it's Grandparents' Day or any other day of the year, they've earned a little tribute from their children and grandchildren!

On our site we propose give them a little poetry talk about the important role they play in your family and how much we love them. And it is that in the day to day, many times we forget to tell them how much we value and love them; and beautiful things have to be said.

There are many ways that poems can be gifted. Below we propose some so that you can choose the one you like the most and the one that best suits your needs.

- Organize a recital at home
We can invite the grandparents and grandmothers to lunch or dinner at home (we will prepare the recipes as a family) and, with the desserts, we can recite a poem for them. It will be a big surprise! In addition, by learning it to recite it without paper, we will be working our memory.

- Send it by post
It seems that nowadays, the only letters we receive are the invoices. For this reason, you can write one of these poems on a sheet of paper, decorate it with beautiful drawings, buy a stamp and send it to them as a letter by post. They sure are not expecting it.

- Record us and send it to your mobile
If your grandparents and grandmothers have email or WhatsApp you can record a beautiful video in which you recite some verses to them. Your favorite song may play in the background. You can also make a video with images and a beautiful poem or with your photos.

- In song form on the phone
Many artists take famous poems and turn them into the lyrics of their songs. And if you do the same with some poetry dedicated to grandparents? The next time you see them or talk to them on the phone, you can sing it for them.

- Written on a card
Of course, you can also buy a card (or make it yourself) and write a dedication and tender poetry on it.

- Make a homemade craft
Why don't you make a homemade craft out of a box or an envelope in which you can put the poem written on a nice sheet of paper?

Giving a poem on Grandparents' Day is a great idea. Did you know that in many countries it is celebrated on July 26? The date chosen for this commemoration in honor of our old men with silver hair is no accident. And it is that July 26 is, according to the saints, the day of Santa Ana and San Joaquín. And, as you may already know, they were the parents of the Virgin Mary and, therefore, Jesus' grandparents.

However, in other countries such as Mexico, the date of celebration of Grandparents Day is August 28. We have many reasons to celebrate in style (at least, with a huge hug to our grandparents). In the first place, it serves as an excuse to thank you so much that you take care of the rest of the family, always guided by love and affection. In many families, grandparents and grandmothers even have to act as caretakers for their grandchildren while the parents are working.

The research work 'The benefits of the figure of the grandfather in Early Childhood Education' by Maitane Alejos for the University of Navarra explains that children see their grandparents as wise peoples, with those who have a close affective bond and with those who share funny moments, since they tend to be more flexible when it comes to setting the rules. Although it is true, that there are different profiles of grandparents: the authoritarian, the funny, the protective ...

In addition to recognizing and thanking their mission within the family, Grandparents Day also seeks remember older people that, unfortunately, on many occasions they live alone and in complicated situations. All of them, even if they are not our blood grandparents, deserve affection and love (in addition to helping them a lot to feel better), so we can take advantage of this day to teach children the importance of caring for, respecting and loving children. greater. What if we do family volunteering in a nursing home?

In addition to the beautiful poems that we have proposed a little above, there are many other educational resources that you can use to please the old people of the family. Here are some ideas.

- The old man and the children
This is a beautiful nursery rhyme that teaches children how important it is to respect older people. We have to help them with whatever they need, because their poor health can make them suffer or make things harder for them to do.

- Clara's grandfather
Clara has many questions for her grandfather: why is his hair gray? What does it mean to live? Why do wrinkles appear? This is a sweet story that talks about the special bond that children build with their grandparents and grandmothers.

- Grandfather Philemon
The grandfather of the protagonist of this children's story is 'gazillions' years old. How old must that be! Share this story with your children and encourage them to talk about their grandparents themselves.

- Penelope's grandparents
Explaining Alzheimer's to children is very complicated, however, it is a reality that many families have to live with. This story can help us.

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