38 emotional phrases for children to congratulate grandparents on their day

38 emotional phrases for children to congratulate grandparents on their day

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My childhood and, above all, my summer vacations would not have been the same without the figure of my maternal grandparents. And it is that the dedication, affection and dedication that my grandmother Antonia and my grandfather Emiliano gave me when I was little remains still in me today. There are many times when I would like to go back in time to make donuts with my grandmother or take a ride on my grandfather's donkey. And, although they will not be there to celebrate the Grandparent's DayI'll look up at the sky and whisper some of these to you Emotional phrases for children to congratulate their grandparents. I know they will hear it!

Our grandparents have lived in another era, at a time in life where there was no fierce consumerism like there is now, and where small details were valued above all else. So a phrase written on a blank sheet or accompanied by a drawing and even sent by whatsapp for those more modern and technological will reach their hearts. If you lack ideas, check out some proposals here!

1. For those people with snow in their hair and warmth in their heart. Happy grandparents day!

2. For being a grandmother to me, but also a mother. I love you so much!

3. You hold our hands for a time, but our hearts forever.

4. My mother gave me life, but a grandmother makes that life wonderful. Thanks for being there!

5. The best gift I have and have ever had is having a grandfather like you.

6. It's the best day to tell you ... never change! Congratulations grandma!

7. There is no empire or galaxy like a grandfather like you. Congratulations!

8. There is no accomplice in our lives more beautiful than you. You are a father, a teacher and a friend. Thank you Grandpa!

9. Grandma, every day you give me kisses, cookies and advice. I adore you!

10. To have a grandfather is to have a treasure that your heart has preserved through the years.

11. Grandpa, you have the wisdom of an owl and the heart of an angel. I love you!

12. Do you know why you are so wonderful? Because you know how to listen and you show genuine interest in what I have to say.

13. A kiss for that grandmother who takes care of the children instead of watching television.

14. Grandma, you will always be my angel! I adore you!

15. For me, the best place when I'm sad is my grandmother's lap. Congratulations on your day!

There are messages that do not include 'Thank you,' I love you 'or' I love you ', but that have a powerful message with which to express how special and wonderful your relationship with your grandparents is. These are the phrases that will excite grandparents and ... grandchildren!

16. Grandparents are a delightful mix of laughter, wonderful stories, and love.

17. Grandmothers are mothers, but bathed in white frost.

18. Grandparents are magicians who create wonderful memories for their grandchildren.

19. No one can do for children what grandparents do. They sprinkle a kind of star dust all over your life.

20. You don't really understand anything, unless you can explain it to your grandparents.

21. The relationships between grandmothers and grandchildren are simple. Grandmothers criticize little and give a lot of love.

22. Grandparents have the patience and time to teach you how to sail a boat or take you to a soccer game.

23. Grandparents pass words of wisdom to their grandchildren.

24. You don't need a history book if you are lucky and have your grandparents with you.

25. When God wanted to create something wonderful for all the children of the world, He created grandparents!

26. The heart of grandparents always beats together with the heart of their grandchildren, an invisible bond of sublime love that will keep them together forever and there will be no force that can cut it.

Actors, thinkers, television presenters, writers ... Everyone has an indelible memory of their grandparents in their head and, therefore, they wanted to demonstrate it with some phrases. Surely you identify with more than one:

27. 'The reason why grandparents and grandchildren get along so well is because they have a common enemy', Sam Levenson, American comedian and presenter.

28. 'When grandparents walk in the door, discipline flies out the window', Ogden Nash, American poet.

29. 'Grandparents, like heroes, are as necessary for the growth of children as vitamins', Joyce Allston.

30. 'Every generation revolts against their parents and makes friends with their grandparents', Lewis Mumford.

31. 'They say genes skip generations. Maybe that's why grandparents find their grandchildren so nice ', Joan McIntosh, sociologist.

32. 'Becoming a grandmother is wonderful. In a moment you are a mother, then wise and suddenly prehistoric ', Pam Brown, poet.

33. 'Some of the best educators in the world are grandparents,' Charles W. Shedd, writer.

34. 'A house needs a grandmother', Louisa May Alcott, American writer.

35. 'There are parents who do not love their children, but there is no grandfather who does not adore their grandchildren', VĂ­ctor Hugo, poet and playwright.

36. 'The closest friends I have made throughout my life have been people who also grew up close to a grandfather or grandmother', Margarte Mead, anthropologist.

37. 'It is natural that we often feel closer to distant generations than to those immediately preceding us', Igor Stravinski, composer.

38. 'A grandmother pretends not to know who you are on Halloween', Erma Bombeck, American comedian.

Taking into account the important role that grandparents play in raising children today, it is normal that they also have their day so that parents and grandchildren can thank them for everything they do for us and our children.

As stated in the report 'Functions of grandparents', prepared by the International Journal of Developmental and Educational Psychology,' grandparents' relationships with their grandchildren are characterized by unconditional love and being a source of understanding '. Additionally, grandparents become playmates, caregivers, and role models of aging and occupations.

You are probably wondering why the date of July 26 was chosen to celebrate Grandparents Day and the explanation must be sought in the Catholic tradition, and it is that on this day Saint Anne and Saint Joaquin, the parents of the Virgin Mary and, therefore, the maternal grandparents of the child Jesus are celebrated. It was not a date, therefore, chosen at random!

But Grandparent's Day It is not celebrated in all places at the end of July, but varies depending on some countries. Take note!

- In Mexico. August 28.

- In Argentina. There are two more dates: Grandmother's Day, the second Sunday in November, and Grandfather's Day, the third Sunday in August.

- In Bolivia. Senior Citizen's Day on August 22.

- In Chile. October 1, Day of the elderly, and October 15 Day of the elderly and grandfather.

- In colombia. Third Sunday in August.

- In Costa Rica. The Day of the elderly is celebrated on October 1.

- In Ecuador. October 31st has been chosen to celebrate Senior Citizen's Day.

- In Peru. They celebrate this holiday a month later, on August 26.

Any of these messages are perfect for telling grandparents how much you feel for them and how important they are to you. But how do you get them? Here are several ways, all of them very easy to carry out!

- Messages in a greeting card
These emotional phrases to congratulate Grandparents' Day are perfect to write on a card that children can decorate with stickers, with drawings that they make, with a collage of photos ... Let the children's imagination run wild!

- Phrases written in a WhatsApp
There are more and more grandparents who dominate social networks and who are hooked on new technologies. What if we send them not one, not two, not three, but one message every hour with one of these phrases? Surely that way they won't forget this day!

- Recite them through video calls
Raise your hand the grandfather or grandmother who has not yet made a video call with their grandchildren? They are probably few and we count them on the fingers of the right hand. If today you have arranged to connect by Zoom, Hangout, Google Duo or Facetime, before you join the meeting, have the phrase ready to welcome your loved one.

- Send them by post
For the more traditional grandparents and grandmothers, we have the method that will make you most excited: open your home mailbox and find a letter written in the handwriting of your grandson. They will cry with emotion!

Have you selected any of the phrases above? But if it falls short and you want to do something more special, then we propose a selection of stories and poems that you can tell on a day as special as the Grandparent's Day.

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