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Ideal names for boys and girls born on Wednesday

Ideal names for boys and girls born on Wednesday

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The third day of the week does not seem to say much, it is neither at the beginning nor at the end of the week. At first glance, you could say that it is a neutral, but it is not. In fact, Wednesday is related to Mercury, who in Roman mythology was the god of communication. Therefore, according to astrology, boys and girls born on Wednesday have certain characteristics. We tell you all and we also give you ideal names for boys and girls born on Wednesday. Keep reading!

Wednesday is a very special day of the week since ancient times. For example, in Norse mythology it is the day of Odin, the Norse god of creation, of the earth, the sky, the first woman and the first man. He was also the god of wisdom, war, and death, as well as magic, prophecy, poetry, victory, and hunting.

For the Romans, Wednesday was the day associated with the god Mercury. Considered a god of commerce, abundance, economic success, one of the innate characteristics of this god was communication. The god Mercury became very popular among the populations conquered by the Romans, such as Gaul or Britain, places where he was considered the inventor of all the arts.

Thus, according to astrology, children born on Wednesday are linked to their ruling planet, Mercury, which gives them great communication skills. They are children who know how to make others appreciate their qualities. His spontaneity is characterized by an unrivaled use of the word. Good speakers, they always know what they want at all times and they love social relationships.

Because they tend to stand out wherever they go, they can sometimes be envied. It is said of them that they are people born to give a message to humanity, so they are considered messengers, and, whether or not so, the truth is that they always have something to say.

Finding a name for your baby according to his astrological personality is a success. That is why we help you choose an appropriate name based on the day your baby was born (or is expected to be born). If in this case it is Wednesday, take note of these girl names!

1. Wednesday
It is literally Wednesday in English. An increasingly popular name that sounds cute and very communicative, don't you think? He has become known worldwide for being one of the characters in the television, film and video game series, 'The Addams Family'.

2. Aulani
This adorable Hawaiian or Polynesian name means 'messenger queen' so it's perfect for a girl born on Wednesday. Aulani is a unisex name, so if you like it but expect a male you can also choose it.

3. Akuba
It is an African name that literally means "born on Wednesday." It will surely be the most original of the nursery school! Legend has it that she was one of the slave women who fought for the freedom of her people, so if your baby arrives wanting to fight, it is certainly ideal for her!

4. Evangeline
Of Greek origin, the meaning of this beautiful name is 'the one that brings good news', and that is that the birth of a healthy baby is the best news that can be given to their parents and other relatives.

5. Elodie
This lovely French name means 'of great wealth', a perfect name for a girl born on Wednesday. When you say it, you will like it more! It has great musicality!

6. Angela
In addition to ‘angelic’, this name from Greek lands means ‘messenger’. Their Angelines and Angie derivations also have the same meaning. Do you know who celebrates his saint on January 4?

7. Yolanda
Coming from Latin, this name means ‘violet flower’ and ‘strength’, so it is a name that symbolizes beauty and energy, like the homonymous song by Pablo Milanés. According to the saints, on December 17 he celebrates his name day.

8. Indira
This beautiful name of Hindu origin means ‘beauty and splendor’, so wherever Indira goes she will raise admiration. Indira's name is known throughout the world, since it was the name of the Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi.

For baby boys there are also very nice and interesting names if they are born on Wednesday. Names referring to your communicative spirit, the ability to shine before others or your eye for business. Here they go!

9. Porter
A beautiful name from Latin for a baby born on Wednesday, since its meaning is 'the one who carries goods'. It is really a surname, but from the Middle Ages it began to be used as a name until today.

10. Odin
The god Odin was the Norse god related to Mercury and Wednesdays, so this name is perfect if your child arrives in this world on the third day of the week. It means 'inspiration' and 'supreme god'.

11. Driscoll
This Scottish Gaelic name means 'interpreter' and 'descendant of the messenger', so it is a perfect name for a very communicative child.

12. Roberto
Also Robert or Bobby, however you like it, means ‘brilliant fame’, an ideal name for children born on Wednesdays, as they tend to achieve great things with great notoriety. Did you know that they celebrate their birthday on September 17?

13. Steven
This Breton name means ‘crown’, very appropriate for a desired child as it is surely yours. It is also beautiful, right? You can also opt for the Spanish version, Esteban, who celebrates his saint on December 26.

14. Mercury
It is clear that names in another language give a very modern air to the people who carry it! The translation of Mercury would be Mercury in English, and the name of the god of commerce. Also, it was the last name of the lead singer of The Queen.

15. Abeeku
This beautiful African name literally means 'born on Wednesday'. If you are a lover of this continent, don't think twice! Abeeku is the ideal name for your little one.

16. Gabriel
A beautiful Hebrew name that means 'angel of communication' and 'the one who brings good news', in fact it was the one who communicated the news to the Virgin Mary that she was pregnant. The female version, Gabriela, has become very fashionable in recent times.

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