6 Netflix series that will make you very excited to see if you are pregnant

6 Netflix series that will make you very excited to see if you are pregnant

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You are pregnant? Did you just have your baby? !! Congratulations!! With its good things and its bad things, this is sure to be one of the sweetest moments of your life. To accompany you in this process, on our site we have made a small compilation of Netflix documentaries and series (Ah! And a great movie) that will make you very excited to see if you have just released your motherhood.

If you are expecting a baby or have just become a mother, you will surely notice a lot of emotions and feelings inside you that are difficult to name, it happened to me too! I also remember that I started watching anything on television that had to do with pregnancy or motherhood, but of course, not everything was to my liking.

That is why I have decided that I am going to give you a hand so that the same thing does not happen to you. And then I propose a few Netflix resources for pregnant women and moms with which you will be able to learn many things and others with which you will spend a while laughing out loud, just what you need!

Do you also get the impression that the Netflix platform has everything? It is looking for a funny series, a documentary, one based on real events or something else and there it is. Do you want to see what we have found special for the best moms in the world? Look, look ... By the way, keep in mind that, depending on which country you are in, the Netflix content you have access to may vary.

We start this list of Netflix resources with some documentaries that will allow you to discover fascinating things about babies.

1. Babies
With this adorable name, this documentary series couldn't talk about anything other than babies and how they discover life in their first year. Thanks to new technologies and studies carried out in the world of biology, we can see the wonder of the affective bond and how care and social interaction can change parents and the newborn.

Have you ever wondered if babies are what they eat? Researchers tell us how breast milk can nourish and protect the baby. And I won't tell you more, you will have to see it for yourself.

2. The beginning of life
This series draws on several advances in technology and neuroscience to see how the environment around the baby influences him in an impressive way. In addition, in other chapters we will find testimonies from moms and dads and the exciting and sometimes overwhelming reality of being a father. If you want to know this and much more now that you are pregnant or have just had your baby, be sure to watch this documentary from beginning to end.

Three series and a movie is all you need to watch at your leisure. There is a lot about motherhood, but we recommend those with which you will have the most fun, with which you can learn useful things and with which you will feel identified in more than one situation. If you are pregnant, you will love watching them to prepare you for what is to come.

3. Workin 'moms
They say this fun and entertaining Netflix series about babies, moms, dads, work, and work-life balance is all the rage. It may be because it is a nod to the reality of many families or because it is perfect for identifying with many situations and being surprised by many others; We are not sure what its success is due to, you better see it and give us your opinion, do you think?

4. Forced Mothers (Fuller House)
Do you remember the series of the nineties of Forced Parents? You may also know it as Tres por tres or Full House. Well now it comes back, only this time it is those children who have become adults ... Three women come together to educate their children together. Comical and somewhat chaotic situations will make you spend at least a very entertaining time.

5. The Letdown
Audrey, the protagonist of this series, is a mother of a two-month-old baby, somewhat overwhelmed by the intense situation experienced during those first months of motherhood. That's when you decide to join a new parenting support group. You'll see what a surprise when she meets the eccentric characters that make up the foster group and the hilarious challenges they face.

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6. Bridget Jones's Baby
Are you a fan of Bridget Jones's Diary? If you have lived by her side her love affairs, you cannot leave her right now that she has become pregnant at 43 years old. And not only that, but you must also find out who the father of the baby is and if he is really ready for motherhood. We already told you, they were movies to have a good time.

Extra: Have you already seen the Amazon Prime Video series?Mothers'? You will love it too! Dear mom, it's time for a while for you, so choose series, film or documentary and sit comfortably on the sofa, you have earned it!

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