8 children's movies about tolerance to educate against racism

8 children's movies about tolerance to educate against racism

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Educating children in values ​​is one of the most important things that parents have to do, why? Because it is the only way for them to become responsible adults who think for themselves. On our site we want to help you in this work, that is why we have compiled a few children's films to educate children about tolerance and against racism. Proposal: watch them with your children and have a little debate at home about what you have learned from each of these films with values.

If right off the bat you stand in front of your children and explain what tolerance is and why they should be tolerant, or you tell them that racism is a way of thinking and discriminating against people for example, their skin color ... it is very likely that they do not understand it! If you tell them that all people have the same rights and, no matter how different we are, we are all the same; maybe they just get some ideas.

Now, if you teach them by daily example, if you show them materials according to their age That they talk about this topic such as books or a visit to a museum, things change a lot, don't you think?

We believe so, that is why we came up with the idea of share with you some children's movies who talk about this issue: the need to end racism and the advantages that it would have for all of society if we all learned to be tolerant. Start with the one you like the most, but do not stop talking to your children about what they found and what learning they have learned from them.

We start with this list of children's movies that help us educate them against racism. You should know that some of them are available on platforms such as Netflix, HBO or Disney +Although depending on the country from which you look for them, you could find them in other video aggregators.

1. Wonder
This film tells the story of a boy who suffers from a facial deformity. With the idea of ​​preventing his peers from making fun of him, the boy's parents decide to homeschool him instead of letting him go to school. Of course, sooner or later he's going to have to get out there.

Once you have seen this film full of different values, ask your children questions such as: what would you do if you had a classmate like that? What if you are the ones who have that problem? How would you like others to treat you?

2. Billy elliot
Do you remember this movie? A young man who likes to dance, a dream that must be fulfilled despite the fact that everyone, for no reason, believes that dancing is not for children. Tolerance will be much easier to understand after watching this film as a family.

3. Planet 51
If you want to deal with the smallest of the house, such essential issues as tolerance and respect for others, do not miss this film. Captain Chuck, an American astronaut, goes off in his spaceship to discover a new planet. It turns out that the aliens there are not willing to welcome a terrestrial alien in good taste. A film that educates and is also very funny.

4. Pocahontas
Thanks to this film we discover the history of the English colonizers to the town of Pocahontas, a fact that, of course, does not please everyone. It will be the protagonist of this story who does everything possible for peace to be established between the two cultures.

Your children will surely want to know more about colonization. How about a visit to the library to select a few books? You can find this movie on the Disney + video platform.

5. Kill a Mockingbird
This movie is recommended for ages 12 and up. Based on the novel by writer Nelle Harper Lee, in this film we meet the life of a lawyer who has the task of defending a man of color accused of mistreating a white woman. Children will be able to see the significant differences that exist between one another and how justice sometimes does not act as it should.

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As you can see, there are cartoon movies for the youngest of the house and others for children who are somewhat older. Choose based on the age of your children, do not forget to do the debate at home, it is the best way that what they have learned is never forgotten.

6. The African Doctor
Recommended for those over 7 years old, in this exciting film (which you will find on Netflix) we learn about the life of Seyolo Zantoko, a doctor from Kinshasa (Congo) who does not hesitate to accept a vacancy as a rural doctor in a small French town.

What happens when you arrive at your new destination? Well, surprisingly, people are afraid of it because they have never seen a person with dark skin before. Seyolo is not discouraged and does everything in his power to gain the trust of his new neighbors and overcome any obstacles that appear.

7. My name is Khan
Rizwan Khan is a Muslim boy who suffers from Asperger syndrome. Already in his adult life he falls in love with a single Hindu mother. Following the 9/11 attacks, Rizwan is detained as a suspect due to his condition. Soon after, he embarks on the daring task of meeting with President Barack Obama to explain his version of events. Without a doubt, a cinematographic review of the history of America that is priceless. This movie is also suitable for ages 7 and up and you can find it on Apple TV.

8. The blind side. A possible dream
Have you ever seen it? I do and I will soon see her again this time next to my eldest son, it is suitable for all audiences so there is no problem. Based on real events, we will know the story of young Michael Oher who, after a hard life, meets a woman of high position who does not hesitate to treat him like a son and to do a thousand and one feats so that his career as a professional player baseball thrive.

We not only see the courage of the protagonist, but also that of the family that welcomes him for making everyone see that if there is someone who needs a second chance in life, we ourselves can be the ones to offer it.

So far our special of children's films to educate in tolerance and against racism. Would you add any more to the list? Share it with us!

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