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The important role of the father for the good sleep of the baby

The important role of the father for the good sleep of the baby

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When a baby first arrives in the family, it is the mother who takes care of him the most. The baby needs to feel your warmth, your skin and skin contact, and your love, even more so if you opt for wonderful breastfeeding. Peroooooo (a long but long time because there are important things that we usually forget), the father has a fundamental task in raising the child with attachment and in caring for the mother after childbirth. Did you know Dad's presence is also important for the baby's good rest and sleep? Can't believe it? Find out for yourself!

If the baby knew how to speak as soon as it was born, he would tell his mother and father how much he loves them from the first moment he was sheltered in the womb and he would also tell them that he feels super happy to have fallen into that family. And, when you see how overwhelmed your dad feels about not knowing whether it is better to do this and that or not do it, he would say ...

- Thank you, Dad, for taking care of Mom after the delivery and for being there with her by her side in those long first days that are lived so intensely when you come home with a baby in your arms.

- Thank you for being by my side, for giving me love, for changing my diaper and for supporting breastfeeding.

How nice, right? I tell you all this because many times we want to do it all by ourselves. We feel so much that we have the need to constantly cradle the baby and be aware of everything, that we forget that it isDad can and should also be there to do the same as us. Because except breastfeeding, everything else can also be done by him.

It has happened to me, having my little daughters (one newborn and another about to turn four and very close to their mother) and I am the one who takes care of them at night. 'How can I not be the one to wake up if I breastfeed him?'

We are the ones who wake up at night every 4 hours to breastfeed our son or daughter or every 1 hour if they have a growth spurt, they need to feel our contact, they are a little restless, they want the tit as a pacifier ... How exhausting!

What can man do in this situation? Much! The fact is that dad, except breastfeeding, can do many things, the first of them being present, and this means ...

- The father can help breastfeeding
Although it must be that the grandmothers do not know. I remember that my mother-in-law told me how my husband was going to get up to take our daughter so that I could breastfeed her ... And she said it without knowing that this small gesture comforts, supports emotionally and makes us feel better.

- On the other hand, he may be the one who does the diaper change, give him a walk around the house when he is restless or take off his gas.

- It goes without saying that if you use the breast pump or have opted for formula milk, it may be dad who gives him the bottle with love at 12 in the morning or at 3 at night.

- And, of course, you can put the baby to bed
If your child has already grown a little and has stopped falling asleep close to your chest, you can take turns putting him to bed. When it's dad's turn, take advantage of that exclusive time for you to read a book, take a relaxing bath or sit on the couch to watch your favorite series. You will see how good it suits you!

Did you know that Dad getting involved in sleep routines too has many advantages? And the benefits are not only for the child, but also for the whole family: for dad, for mom, for siblings ... Let's discover them together!

- A wonderful family attachment is achieved that will last a lifetime.

- Quality time is spent with the family, whether it is cooing the baby or reading a good night story.

- Teamwork, especially when it is a night dream, only brings us good things. Mommy rests a little longer and Dad feels like he's doing everything for his little one.

- Father and son create bonds and strong ties. Doesn't that seem like a super valid reason to let the father put the little one to bed?

Come on, it is time to sleep! This time play with dad, huh?

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