Father's Day

Father's day. History and origin

Father's day. History and origin

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HeFather's day It is celebrated in many countries and is remembered around the world on very different dates. The idea of ​​celebrating Father's Day arose in the year1910, and was headed bySmart dood, an American who tried, in some way, to make the role of parents in society stand out, especially of those parents who, like hers, fulfilled the role of father and mother, in the education of their children, from the time to get up until bedtime. We tell you more about the history and origin of Father's Day.

William Dodd, an American Civil War veteran who was widowed to the die his wife While giving birth to her sixth child, she was left alone and unsupported as she took on the task of caring for and educating her six children on a farm in eastern Washington state.

Because of this, Smart Dood saw in his father a brave, loving and selfless man, who had made all kinds of sacrifices to support his family. At first, she tried to point out the June 5, his father's birthday date, such as the holiday by parents, but found no support.

In 1915 the project was still firm and it was suggested that each family celebrate Father's Day freely. So in 1972 it was made official on the third Sunday of June to pay tribute to parents. From this moment on, the celebration quickly spread to Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa. At first, Father's Day was purely family and non-commercial.

However, over the years,stores started taking advantage of the theme, to promote and sell products especially aimed at parents, which caught the attention of many grateful children, who found there a way to express affection to their parents through a gift.

But on Father's Day we want to invite you all to reflect together on the role of the father in the family and, above all, in the education of children and for this we propose different games:

- Tell the children to draw a picture of their dad. How will they paint it: happy, angry or grumpy? It will be quite a surprise!

- Another great idea may be that describe in three words what they like most about that great hero who is with them day and night.

- And since we are in creative mode. How about you tell us three to five things you would like to do with Dad before he turns 18? So we can get to know our children better and know what they expect from us, in this case, from dad.

If you have found the history of Smart Dood curious, here we explain another important detail about it Father's day. Do you know that it is not celebrated on the same day all over the world? And it is that depending on where you live, you will have to reserve one month or another. The most common dates are March 19 and the third Sunday in June.

- In Spain and Italy It has been chosen to do it in the third month of the year and, specifically, on the date of March 19 because the Saint Joseph onomastics is celebrated. It is a way to pay tribute to the father of Jesus and the husband of the Virgin Mary! Other countries that also celebrate it on this date are Morocco, Andorra, Bolivia, Croatia, Honduras, Liechtenstein, Mozambique or Portugal.

- In United States, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico or Venezuela, the great day for parents is, as we have explained before, the third Sunday in June.

- other appointed date In the calendar for this reason in the rest of the planet are February 23 in Russia, May 21 Germany, June 14 Austria and Belgium, June 17 El Salvador and Guatemala, July 26 Dominican Republic, August 9 Brazil and 5 December Thailand.

He Father's day It is a date for parents to be surprised by the little ones, who days before they have surely prepared something special. If you are looking for something very cute, tender and emotional to give to the patriarch of the family, here are some ideas! Choose or adapt to your taste and, above all, that of the father. The important thing is to create something that reaches your heart!

- Recipes for gourmet dad
If dad likes to cook and eat, the kitchen is undoubtedly where you will find the best way to surprise him. You can prepare her favorite dish or innovate by doing something that she has never tried and that you know she likes a lot. And, of course, you can also make a cake to make that day the sweetest of all.

- Poems or stories for parents who love letters
Greeting cards with a dedication are always a good gift, but what if this year we go a little further and write a story or write a poem? You can get inspired and collect all the things you do together: riding a bike, watching TV, having breakfast ...

- Mysterious plans for father adventurers
If you are at home and you cannot go out because the weather or circumstances are not good, you can organize a gymkhana for the different rooms of the house or an escape room. And, although it is always more related to girl plans, throwing a pajama party. How much fun does it all sound like?

- Family field trips
What time is expected for today? If there is no rain (even if it is a little cool), take your backpack, take some food because you have to make a route through the mountain. Contact with nature will clear your mind and relieve you of stress.

- Family talent
And in homes where they like to sing or dance, a karaoke session with a choreography design included cannot be missed. To move the skeleton has been said!

What if we talk to children about the figure of the father through stories, poetry, songs and even through plays? You will have a great time!

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