Yellow Pages method for children to interact in class

Yellow Pages method for children to interact in class

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At times, teachers find it very difficult to get the boys and girls who come to their classroom to interact and build that feeling of a consolidated group. With techniques like the yellow pages, it seeks to promote interaction in class and improve self-knowledge within the classroom, but also that children become teachers of their own classmates, sharing knowledge and interests.

Have you ever heard of the yellow pages technique? It is an educational strategy focused on promoting interaction and mutual knowledge, pertaining to the techniques to achieve group cohesion. That is why it is an ideal resource for teachers to start up in their classrooms, to promote relationships between students.

The objective is to promote cooperative learning, based on the knowledge of each of the members that make up the working group, so that everyone can learn from everyone and get rich thanks to a fellow expert in a specific subject.

If we take a look at the yellow pages phone company, we will find a list of people or companies whose job it is to publicize their service. This dynamic, in the educational field, consists of make a class Yellow Pages booklet, where each student writes an advertisement on a topic that they can teach their classmates. They can be playful content, for example: songs, dances, games, etc.

Let's see, step by step, how it can be implemented within our class:

1. Explain to the boys and girls in an assembly what we are going to do
To carry out this activity, an assembly can be proposed in which the students are shown this guide in order to explain its usefulness. Later, we will tell you that let's make our own guide and that for this they must complete an introductory form with personal data, skills and even a photo of themselves if they wish.

In this way, the boys and girls will be allowed to know themselves, as they will also be given time to reflect on the quality they prefer to share with their peers. It should be noted that the teacher has an important role in said assembly, since he must guide the students towards building your own knowledge.

2. Encourage students to write their ad
Once the students have chosen one of their qualities, it is time to choose their 'advertisement' in relation to that strong point, considering the following necessary aspects for the creation of an advertisement: The title of the service you want offer a brief description of said service, a drawing that illustrates the advertisement and the name of the student who provides the service.

These announcements may be made by each of the members of the class, so that everyone can actively participate and get to know each other. Likewise, they should be ordered alphabetically, thus making it easier to search for each one, being able to create a kind of classroom service guide.

3. LBoys and girls present their proposal to their classmates
Finally, it would be convenient for each student to present the work done, being the protagonist of it, and for the rest of the classmates to write a script about the work of the others, pointing out what they have learned and what they could improve for their next advertisements.

Let's look at some of the benefits of putting this yellow pages technique to use in our class:

- Thanks to this technique, students can become aware of their importance in the group, being able to favor aspects related to the affective-social area such as the self-esteem.

- Likewise, in relation to this area, it should be mentioned that it helps promote group cohesionIt is essential to make sure that all children feel valued by their peers, making them see that we are all important in the group, since each one can contribute something unique.

- Another aspect to consider is the development of intelligences such as the intrapersonal (ability to know oneself) and the interpersonal (ability to relate to others and put oneself in the place of the other).

- Alluding to families, it should be noted that the booklet bound with the announcements of each student in the classroom can circulate through all the homes of the students in the class, being a beneficial tool for the different parents to be aware of the work of their children, as well as that get to know the companions of their sons and daughters better.

In conclusion, it should be noted that it is a key technique in education as it presents a great diversity of benefits that contributes to the optimal development of students.

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