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26 magical boy and girl names born at night

26 magical boy and girl names born at night

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The exact time of a baby's birth is difficult to know, even by cesarean section. In the morning, at noon, in the afternoon or when the sun goes down? It is quite a mystery! If you are one of those couples looking for a name related to the time of your baby's arrival, here we present you26 names of boys and girls born at night.

They say that childbirth leaves such a deep mark on us that even at the cellular level we keep something of this unique moment. Among them, surely some will be related to the fact that born at night.

Because the night is not only that set of hours during which the Sun is hidden. It is also that period in which we give ourselves to the love and protection of our family, to the warmth of home, to rest ... To the infinite world of dreams and fantasies or to the darkness and its depths, which undoubtedly requires strength and courage.

Perhaps for this reason, boys and girls born under the stellar mantle are associated with personalities with curious and restless minds, for whom living with their loved ones is an important source of energy.

If the stars and the Moon have witnessed the birth of your child and you are looking for a name that directly or indirectly alludes to it, we have more than 20 inspiring and original ideas for you!

Of Hebrew origin, its meaning is 'daughter of the Moon'. Do you like it for your daughter born on a full moon night?

This was the name of the Roman goddess of the Moon, daughter of Zeus and Leto. It could be a very original name these days.

It is of Turkish origin and means 'moonlight'. Isn't it perfect for a little girl whose face glows in the dark?

For Roman mythology, Diana was the virgin goddess of the hunt, protector of nature and the Moon. Its Greek equivalent was Artemis.

Elena (also Helena)
In Greek it means 'torch', so it is a name associated with 'resplendent, dazzling or brilliant'. How about? Parents who like history are reminded of and evoked by Elena of Troy.

Stele or Star
In honor of the pole star that guides the sailors and at the time guided the Christians. Cute, right?

Short and phonetically strong, it's the Finnish word for 'night'. Certainly rare outside the Nordic country.

It literally means 'born at night' and its origin is Sanskrit. It is a melodious option.

Its meaning is 'nocturnal, who likes to go out at night' and is of Iranian origin. Nice for a baby who just decided to come to this world at night, right?

Do you remember Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter? Didn't you think and do you think that this character wore a very original name? It means 'light or bright' and comes from the same Latin name Luna, although it is also said to come from the Greek Leukos.

It's just Luna in French. Sometimes the idiomatic variation of a word is what we are looking for.

Derived from the Latin Luna, it is also the equivalent of Luna in Galician, as well as a form of the verb to shine or illuminate. And if someone shines for a mom, it's her daughter, right?

Means Moon in Hawaiian. This name will hardly be confused among the many heard in the playground or at school.

Like the Roman goddess of beauty and love or in allusion to the planet that is easily recognized as the brightest celestial body at nightfall. What is poetic?

It is the Chinese word for Moon. Very original, don't you think?

It means 'rest, peace and / or comfort'. and is of Hebrew origin. It is a variant of Noah, the biblical character who built an ark to save a couple of each animal in the flood. It is a name with a great story and that can be used for both boys and girls.

It comes from angelus, which in turn comes from the Greek aggelos and its meaning is 'messenger'. If you feel that your child has brought a very powerful message to your life, the angel name will be a good choice.

Of Etruscan origin, it is the variant of Antonio. Besides being a less popular name than this, it means 'brave'. Perfect for a little one who comes screaming into this world!

Of Celtic origin, its meaning is 'guardian of the Bear', in reference to the constellation of the Great Bear, the one that is visible regardless of the time of year. Very symbolic, don't you think?

An unconventional name in the West, as it comes from Arabic. Its meaning? Full moon.

African, Celtic and English etymological origins are attributed to it and in all cases it literally means 'born at night'. Original, right?

A currently very popular name that means 'the one who shines'. It is an Italian variant of Lucas, also widely used.

A very popular name in monarchical history and one that has become very popular in its feminine form (Fernanda). It comes from firthu, which means 'peace and balance', and from nands, which means 'courageous and reckless', which together could mean 'one who dares everything for peace'.

In Roman mythology, he was the god of doors and beginnings, that is why its meaning is 'access door'. What else does the birth of a child symbolize but access to new doors?

Of Greek origin, like the son of Apollo, who had the gift of playing his lyre and calming both wild beasts and making men's souls rest. Its meaning is 'the darkness of the night'. It's a name with a lot of history, right?

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