12 funny kids' comedy and laugh movies from Netflix and HBO

12 funny kids' comedy and laugh movies from Netflix and HBO

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Who doesn't love to enjoy a good family movie while sitting comfortably on the couch? Even more so if it is done in the company of your loved ones, right? Of course, it is not always easy to find a film that everyone likes, especially when it comes to children, small moviegoers who are not always easy to please. In Guiainfantil we have the solution! Don't miss this list of Comedy kids movies that are available on Netflix and HBO. Laughter is guaranteed!

Do you know what ha ha ha movies are? Well, some films with which you laugh non-stop from beginning to end and that also transmit a positive message to children, for example, that you have to put a little humor in life, that's why we have selected them for our film special comedy to watch with your kids. List? Take note that we started.

1. Alvin and the Chipmunks
We recommend that you watch the 'Party on Wheels' with your children because we liked it a lot, but the truth is that any film in which these cute squirrels appear is fantastic. This time, Alvin, Simon and Theodore (the talkative, singing little squirrels) go on trips and adventures to try to stop Dave (his tutor) from proposing to his girlfriend. What nonsense!

2. Hotel transylvania
We have already spoken to you more than once about this movie. If I'm not mistaken, they are already on the third, all of them very funny, entertaining and very successful to see next to your children. Let's see who recognizes the most monsters the first time!

3. The corral
Otis is a noisy cow who sets out to put the farm in order when things get out of hand or get rough. A peculiar cow in command of an entire farm? Well yes, of course you will have to discover the ending for yourself. What we can anticipate is that you will laugh from the first scene to the last.

4. Bee Movie
What happens when a little bee stands up to the system and decides that it no longer wants to make honey? Well, first, that he is going to have to work hard and give the odd explanation and second, that the laughs are guaranteed. You will love its adventures and the values ​​it transmits!

5. Mousepolis
'What I liked the most was the beginning', was what my son said when he saw it. It is not for less, the main mouse in this story stays home alone, and of course, he messes up everything he can. More things are going to get mixed up when a distant cousin is protesting and very rude ...

6. Pirates!
The pirate of the year award is at stake so the protagonist of this film does everything he can to get hold of it, even if he has to deal with other fearsome pirates. If your children are fascinated by pirates and their exploits, this movie will be their new favorite. Why don't you make yourself a pirate costume to see it?

7. Cinderella Pop
And for the little ones a little older we have ... 'Cinderella Pop'. A young DJ, disenchanted with love, decides to follow her own steps; her life takes an unexpected turn when she meets someone very special. Another perfect comedy to watch as a family in a home theater session.

The HBO platform also offers us lots of kids comedy movies ideal to spend a perfect afternoon with our children. Share the recommendations that we leave here with your family and let them choose which one to start with. Once you have seen the film you can have a small debate at home about what you liked, what you did not like and what you have learned. You can even tell the children to draw a picture of the story. What works of art!

8. Space jam
If Michael Jordan and the cute rabbit Bugs Bunny played a basketball game, who would you say would win? With this premise, you can already imagine that this film is about laughter and also about sport. By the way, in the end the two play against a team of aliens.

9. The Croods, a prehistoric adventure
This HBO comedy movie was seen by my 7-year-old son a few weeks ago because, and I quote literally: 'the cousins ​​have seen it and they say it's really cool.' Well, yes, they had a bowl, 'it's really cool' and it also helps them learn things about prehistory almost without realizing it.

10. The cat with boots
Puss in Boots, the same one that appears in the Shrek movies, had another life before he met the ogre, one in particular in which he lives great adventures to get the golden eggs. If you want an entertaining and fun family time without thinking about anything else, this will be the perfect movie to achieve it.

11. Yogi Bear: The Movie
There is the Yogi Bear series and there is also the movie. What happens in this funny story? Well, the mayor decides, just like that, to close the Jellystone park, and of course, Yogi and his great friend Bubu cannot allow it, yes, they will have to use all their ingenuity.

12. Gru: my favorite villain
There are a few movies of the minions and Gru, the favorite villain of many children, it is not for less; After adopting three girls, more by mistake than anything else, the adventures do not stop happening one after another. You are going to have a great time watching these movies!

Remember that depending on the country from which you are connecting to Netflix or HBO, the available movies may vary slightly. It's time to enjoy a good family comedy!

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