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54 sayings with values ​​for children inspired by the month of July

54 sayings with values ​​for children inspired by the month of July

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Have you ever tried to think how many sayings you know? The Castilian proverb has hundreds and hundreds of popular sayings and sayings, which we have gradually forgotten. In GuiaInfantil We want them not to be lost in oblivion, and for children to know the sayings that have accompanied our lives for generations. Therefore, we have selected all the sayings that refer to the seventh month of the year and we have found nothing more and nothing less than 54 sayings with values ​​for children inspired by the month of July.

These sayings belong to the Spanish proverb and, therefore, to the Mediterranean climate of the northern hemisphere. But we are sure that more than one saying can be adapted to the place where you live, or to another month of the year. And if not, perhaps you can tell us in comments what sayings are in your place of origin that have to do with the month of July or another time of year.

July is not only the hottest month of the year, it is traditionally the month of wheat threshing. In June is the harvest and in July the wheat is threshed, that is to say, in traditional agriculture, July is the month in which the wheat grain is separated from the chaff. Therefore, most of the july sayings they have to do with agriculture and climate, two events closely linked. Here are those sayings that teach us about agriculture and climate of the month of July.

But first, we propose a game: teach your children these sayings to your children and then ask them to show them to their grandparents, great-uncles or some older person who is close to them (like a dear neighbor). Surely he knows more than one and that he can tell you more than one anecdote referring to that saying. Are you ready? And it is that the sayings are, in addition, a way of working memory and a tool to combat Alzheimer's, according to the report 'Making Memory', of the CEAFA (Spanish Alzeheimer Conference).

1. No matter how much it wants to be, in July there will be little rain
In Spain, July is usually one of the driest months of the year, just like August.

2. Hot July, burn the bravest
Exact! A good way to teach the little ones not to go out in the hottest hours and to wear sunscreen when they do.

3. A while in the sun and another in the shade, to spend July in the most comfortable way
This is a popular tip that can go a long way in explaining to children the importance of spending time in the shade so they don't get burned.

4. July normal, the spring dry
If you go to the countryside and find a dry spring, you can remember this saying.

5. In July, drink and sweat and in the bucket the cool look
You have to drink a lot of water in July, and also find a way to cool off.

6. For San Fermín, the heat has no end
The traditional San Fermines are celebrated on July 7, and it is well known by all the heat that passes that day so marked in the Spanish calendar.

7. May comes with its roses, June with its carnations and July with its beautiful ears.
Sure, because the field dries up from the heat, but the ears of wheat and other cereals turn the landscape of Castile into a beautiful golden sky to behold.

8. July and August each like the other
That is, in July it is the same heat as in August, if not more.

9. Who works in July, works with pride
If you don't have a vacation this month, spend it working in a dignified way with this blessed saying.

10. July calorie, full cellar and barn
When it's hot in July, the wheat grain is dry and can be threshed easily.

11. For Santiago, the heat will overwhelm you in a sea of ​​sweat
July 25 is the date of the celebration of Santiago, and as in San Fermín, every year it is unparalleled heat.

12. In July, water comes and a towel goes, and summer will pass
Exact! July is the month of fun, children (and adults) can bathe in the river, the beach or the pool, and summer is joyful and fun.

13. The farmer says to the wheat: I'll wait for you in July, friend
Traditionally, July was the month of threshing, so it is a month of work for the laborers and field workers.

14. June and July, the sickle in the fist
Also June is as important as July, since in June the wheat is harvested.

15. If it rains in July, the grass is reborn and the wheat is lost
Too much rain can cause the wheat crop to be lost.

16. July begins with the sickles in the fist
Another saying that is related to work in the field, mainly with wheat agriculture.

17. The farmer says to his wheat: in July I'll wait for you friend
Exactly, because for the farmer, July is a very important and decisive month in his harvest.

18. Said the grain to the sower: with one grain or two in July I will be with you
Regardless of the wheat harvest, July is a very important month for any farmer.

19. In April, tall; in May, granado; in June, mowed; in July, trite, and in August, bedridden
This is the ideal saying to teach children how the wheat farming system works. Your children will love it!

20. He who in July does not thresh in August does not agavilla
A wonderful saying to teach children the importance of a job well done, as well as to make them familiar with some agricultural concepts. To thresh, as we have already said, means to separate the grain from the chaff: to bundle or sheaf means

21. In July it is my wheat and in August my friend's
When there are no more, you always have to go to friends.

22. July triguero, September uvero
Generally, after the wheat season, the farmers started the grape season.

23. July scorched, dry and soft wheat
If the heat is too intense, the wheat grain ends up dry and soft, so that this year the harvest will be worse.

24. Although rare, storms are very violent in July
Another of the very common climatic aspects of July are the summer storms. These occur due to the evaporation of the Spanish reservoirs due to the intense heat. The slopes of the Spanish geography help to raise these masses of humid air, which eventually turn into sporadic storms, generally very loud.

25. In July a great storm scares a lot but soon clears
If your children are afraid of summer storms, with this saying you will be able to calm them easily.

26. The rain of San Fermín, in a few hours ends
Sometimes it also rains in San Fermín, but it always clears up for a while, since this is the most relevant characteristic of summer storms.

Wheat is not the only important food in July. Melon or watermelon are typical fruits of this time of year. Many look forward to the arrival of the watermelon season, so sweet and refreshing, perfect for the heat of July. Therefore, the spanish proverb It also has popular sayings about the harvests of these fruits, among other characteristic curiosities of this month. Take note!

27. July rain makes wood
According to this saying, the storms of July are very important, to offer water to the trees so that they do not dry out during the summer.

28. June, July and August, neither cabbage, nor woman nor must
As the men went to work in the fields, they missed out on a good meal, a good drink, and the company of their partner.

29. In July the juice begins
This saying has to do with the ripening of the grape, in July it begins to ripen, but it will not be until later that you can enjoy it.

30. July abnormal, it will be all spring
If it is not a dry July, which is normal, there will be springs, since they will not have dried up.

31. Julio, the cart and the yoke
Traditionally this saying was said to say that it is a month of work, mainly for peasants.

32. July prepares them and August takes them
Interestingly, this saying originated in Latin America. During the eighth month of the year, heavy rains and cold caused many deaths every year. For this reason, the Guarani Indians prepared a drink in July made of cane and rue, which they drank on August 1 to face death.

33. If it doesn't thunder in July, hunger in the village
Although they are sporadic, the storms of July are necessary so that the orchards and crops are not lost.

34. If you want good turnips, by July you have to plant them
A fun and simple way to learn about the turnip planting season.

35. If it rains in July, in winter it snows
A very funny and interesting meteorological saying to teach children. If they learn it, they will be waiting half the year to see if it really snows in winter.

36. The vineyard, in July, does not want to drink water, but to sunbathe
The sun is also necessary for certain crops, such as vineyards. If it rains too much in July, the grape crops can go bad.

37. In July the sickle to the fist, to prove, not to reap
As the mowing season is in June, this saying warns that if you mow in July, it will be too late.

38. If you want watermelon for Santiago (July 25), sow them for San Marcos (April 25)
Who doesn't love a good piece of watermelon in the summer? With this saying your children will not only learn that the end of July is the watermelon season, but also what time of year is the best for growing it.

39. For the Magdalena, the hazelnut is full
July 22 is the traditional festival of Santa Magdalena and this is the key date for the ripening of the delicious hazelnuts, which all children like (especially with chocolate).

40. From the virgin of July to the virgin of August, the sardine is in season
This is the best time to enjoy fresh and delicious sardines.

41. After flowery May, clear June, low July
A cute saying that talks about the development of nature from spring to summer.

42. With July and its great burning, you will have sweat and heat
Yes, in July it is very hot in almost all of the Spanish territory, so sweating is very common. A perfect saying to send your children to the shower.

43. On July 18, in the courtyard of a convent, the people of Madrid founded the fifth regiment
This saying is the beginning of a popular Spanish song, referring to the creation of the volunteer corps of the Republic at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War. It is perfect to teach a little history to your children.

44. In July, drink and drink and in vain seek the fresh
And you have to hydrate very well in the hottest month of the year, but sometimes you don't even feel fresh when hydrating.

45. In July, harvest, if the sowing was well done
Many harvests are in this month, for example watermelon, cherries, apricot, melon, plum or delicious raspberries.

46. ​​In July because of the heat, it never scares the walker
The bravest who like to go from one place to another, do not slow down even in the heat. Of course, teach your children to take the proper precautions: hydration, sun protection and a good hat that covers them from the sun.

47. Weeping January, thunder July
According to the popular proverb, when it rains a lot in January, in July there are many summer storms.

48. July, month of little flower, yes very hot
When your children ask why there are no flowers in July, this saying will leave them in awe.

Especially for children, July is by far the best month of the year. The holidays are coming, they can finally go out to have fun, they bathe in the sea, the river and the pool, they visit their grandparents or uncles in town ... It is a month of fun and the Spanish proverb shows that it always has been. Check out these popular sayings!

49. In July, where is the waiter? In the ditch or in the well
The waiter and the wench, because with so much heat the only thing you want is to be in places with water, like the swimming pool.

50. July is all day. The old and the young have more life
In July there are fifteen hours of sunshine a day, making it the month with the longest days of the year. This makes for a lot of life outside.

51. For San Fermín, mocicas to the party, grandparents to the siesta
As the day is very long and it is very hot, people usually sleep less at night, which is why older people enjoy a nap in the afternoon. But the youngest, prefer to go out to enjoy with family and friends.

52. July, the shortest month when there is money
And it is that when there are assets (money), you want to spend them during the vacation month.

53. Healthy July, the best of summer
A great saying to ask your children to eat well or take vitamins. If they get sick in July, they will have a very, very sad summer.

54. It was a July 7th when I saw her, my eyes burned like coal, I felt in my veins a San Fermín, with the seven little bulls of passion
For those who always fall in love in summer, this popular saying fits the bill.

Sayings are popular sayings that always have a moral behind or a very important life teaching. In the past, they were used as a form of popular knowledge. Thanks to them it was possible to know the weather that was going to be in each season of the year, which months are best for the harvest or even some lessons in behavior and social order.

Values ​​such as generosity, faith, work, friendship or love are common in the proverb. Also teachings about good and evil and the picaresque of people. So, teaching proverbs to children is not only a fun activity but also a way of talking about values and knowledge in a playful way. If a child learns a saying, he will never forget it.

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