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12 things only mothers and fathers with girls understand

12 things only mothers and fathers with girls understand

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Every boy and every girl is a world, a phrase that you and I have heard hundreds of times and that is absolutely right in the world, right? However, as a mother of two girls, I can't help but think that there are a series of things that only mothers and fathers with girls understand. Don't get me wrong or think that I'm going to talk to you about topics, my idea is rather to tell you those little details that only those of us who have daughters see in a special way. You sure agree with me on everything!

It will be because they see it home and have lived it since they were breast babies, or because genes have a lot to say, the fact is that there are some things that only mothers with daughters understandI would even dare to say that they are lived in a much more intense way.

1. Girls really like the color pink
I remember when my little girl pointed to the color pink wherever she saw it without even knowing how to pronounce that word well, 'bear'. She loved it as a baby and she loves it now, you won't be surprised if I tell you that a lot of her clothes are fuchsia, light pink ... Of course, as she grows up she gets closer to purple.

2. Girls can spend the whole day drawing
And if it is lying on the ground better than better. What's more, they are able to get up each time for a color that is over the month instead of taking the case to the ground, I think it is because they need those seconds to continue planning the wonderful works of art they make.

3. The smiley faces in the hands
Do your daughters always come home with a smiley face in hand? Or with a sticker or a small drawing? There will be times that the teacher will put it on because of how well they have done the work and many others that they will draw it themselves.

4. They are interested in makeup
I wear makeup, but only sometimes: when I have a work meeting, when I'm going out ... And sometimes not even on those occasions. It does not matter, my daughters always have mascara, if we are going to paint our nails, if I put blush on the wrist. Without a doubt a fun game that is well worth doing with them.

5. The princesses
When I talk about princesses I mean the stories, the dolls and also the stories that my oldest daughter and I made up lying in bed before going to sleep. Do you also think that this is a wonderful moment?

6. Girl things
There will be a time when daughters ask us 'girlish' questions about, for example, menstruation. What to tell them? Well, it is a natural thing and that mom will be there to support them in everything they need.

I could be like this all day, it comes to mind a lot of things that only mothers and fathers with daughters understand, but if I had to say the most common or perhaps the most special, I would add these others to the list.

7. Girls are very affectionate
They always have a kiss to give to mom or dad, even if we didn't ask for it. They always throw their arms at you when they see you walk in the door and they always make a nice drawing of you, just like that. I keep them all like gold on cloth, the drawings and also the kisses.

8. They don't leave the house without combing their hair.
The combs and the reps, you put the bow they ask for, they go to look in the mirror and, since they don't like the look entirely, they come back and ask you to comb them again. Are we women naturally conceited?

9. They play hard in front of their friends
They make themselves beg when you ask them for a kiss in public, they act interesting when they have a secret to keep and they ask you to leave them alone in their room when they're up to something. It does not matter, it is temporary, they always have in store to give us that affectionate kiss that we talked about before, even if we have to wait to return home.

10. They are tremendously creative
The girls, I know it well from mine, are creative, imaginative and very intelligent. It is not that I say it, it is that they alone are in charge of demonstrating it with their invented games and with their hundreds and hundreds of questions to know everything.

11. When I grow up I want to be ...
It doesn't matter if they are 4 or 10 years old, girls tend to think at a very young age what they would like to be when they grow up; Of course, they are professions that change every two by three: teacher, doctor, astronaut ...

12. The goodnight story
Perhaps as they grow older they will be lazy about having mom or dad read them a good night story, but if you are the one who offers it, they will run to find their favorite. Hopefully it is a family tradition that never ends!

So far the things that only moms and dads with daughters we understand. Would you add any more to the list? Share it with us!

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