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52 short and popular sayings for kids about the month of May

52 short and popular sayings for kids about the month of May

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In GuiaInfantil we have proposed to write the popular sayings that only popular wisdom remembers and that speak of the month of May, that of flowers. Do you dare to read them? These popular phrases are designed especially for you and for you to share with the little ones in the house, surely you will spend some fun with your family. If you think there are few short sayings for children related to the month of May, Check out these 52!

Sayings, you know well, are those short phrases that hide a teaching or a moral and that are transmitted from word to generation. Our vocabulary is nourished many times by these popular sayings, why not share it with our children so that they too can learn and recite them? There are many benefits of sayings for your children!

- You share a piece of popular knowledge and the culture of the country or city in which the child was born. In this way, we manage to revalue what is popular so that it is never lost.

- You teach knowledge related to the functioning of nature or the weather.

- You bring 'city' children closer to more rural realities that might not have a place in their lives otherwise.

- Sayings are an excuse to bring together the different generations of the family, especially grandparents and children.

By the way, before continuing you should bear in mind that the month of May it is not the same in the northern hemisphere and in the southern hemisphere. Usually May is spring in the first case, but fall in the second. This makes popular sayings from different parts of the world different.

How about we see a few popular sayings that speak of the month of May? Without a doubt one of the most beautiful of the year. Surely you have heard more than one and more than two on many occasions, especially from your parents and grandparents. What a nice memories!

1. May comes with its roses, June with its carnations and July with its beautiful ears
Each month with a different flower each more beautiful. What is your favorite flower this month? Do not hesitate to fill your garden or your house with them.

2. May entered, a garden in each meadow
Well yes, there is no corner that is not filled with flowers. And that is precious! We can take advantage of our nature walks with our children to teach them the names of the different flowers.

3. Apart from other things, in April the lilacs and in May the roses
What would you say is your favorite flower? It is difficult to tell by one of these two. Make a picture of both so that the children can learn to differentiate them!

4. May mornings, the best of the year
You will agree that the mornings of the month of May is when the sun is shining but not too hot.

5. What May waters, May dries
Rain and sun in the same month. We cannot forget that in the northern hemisphere during this month we are in spring.

6. Sow parsley in May and you will have it all year
We will prove it! The sowing of seeds and their subsequent care of our home garden is one of the best activities that we can propose to children.

7. Cold May, very cold year
If it's cold in May, it probably will be for the rest of the year.

8. The good tree, for May I want it
This is the typical saying of the grandparents or parents. Surely you have heard it from your relatives! Feel free to share it with your children too.

9. The acorn that is not seen in May, is not seen in the whole year
It means that this fruit is in May when it is best collected. Use this short saying to talk to your children about what acorns are and which tree they come from.

10. In February the goldfinch sings, in May the canary sings
The song of the canary can be heard throughout the month of May; a real beauty.

We follow this compilation of short and popular sayings about the month of May for you to tell your children. As you may have noticed, most of these lines refer to nature or the climate. A great source of knowledge!

11. Brown May, light June
If it is sunny in May, it will be more in June. Let's prepare the sun cream!

12. Like May water the desired good, which, fortunately, is never lacking: Neither May without rain, nor private without fall
What did you not remind him of? It's one of our all-time favorite short sayings.

13. May water, does not drain the coat, and if it ever soaked it, it soon wiped it away
May rainwater is always welcome. You can take advantage of this saying so that your children know words that we hardly use anymore such as 'sayo'.

14. April encapsulates the roses and May looks open and beautiful
Spring flowers in the Northern Hemisphere are the most beautiful. That is why there are so many sayings that refer to them.

15. April with its showers, May continues with its flowers
The April rain makes the roses bloom for the month that follows. The best is yet to come!

16. May fever, health for the whole year
Another saying of yesteryear that surely is absolutely right.

17. Find bread for May and firewood for April and go to sleep
It refers to having everything ready for when the good weather arrives. When mentioning this saying we cannot stop thinking about the fable of 'La Cigarra y La Hormiga'. Do your children know it?

18. Says May to April: Even if it weighs on you, I have to laugh
Be sure the children find it funny. Ask your kids what they think this saying means.

19. In January fogs, in May certain rains
And in June sun assured. We have to get ready to go on vacation soon!

20. May frost, water in hand
Spring frosts are short-lived. You can take advantage of this saying to explain to your children the different states that water goes through in its cycle through nature.

21. Water between April and May is better than oxen and cart
The rains are necessary to irrigate the field. Tell your children that without them the food we eat would not grow, because plants need water to live.

22. May flowery, the olive tree in bloom and the wheat pines
May wheat, what would we do without it!

23. Fresh May, full barn
It is when the best sowing is collected.

24. May does not straighten the year
We don't really know what it means but we liked the rhyme. You can have a debate at home to find the true meaning of this popular saying!

25. For May, he who has a donkey has a horse
A lifelong village saying.

26. If it rained in May, dry to June it brought out
The rains from May to June are forgotten, especially if we are lucky enough to enjoy great sunny days in nature!

27. A gift vineyard, pruning in March and digging in March, in may the bina and leaves skinned, and grooves where the water goes
Sounds like a tongue twister more than a popular May saying, right? And if you stop to think you will realize that, in reality, this saying contains a lot of knowledge.

28. May flowers brighten the mood
And you say it! There is nothing better than giving a plant or a bouquet of flowers to make someone's day.

29. May water, valid for the whole year
It is a very special water.

30. When March is Maying, May is Marching
You know this very well, right?

31. What gets wet in May, is washed off in May
It gets wet, rinsed and dries.

32. The lamb in May frolics in the meadow
Animals do know how to enjoy the month of flowers. What a great saying that you surely did not know.

Are you enjoying our special sayings related to the month of May? Surely some of them have brought you beautiful memories and that with others have you learned something new. Do not stop reading that here we have as many to recite.

33. Higher or lower, each year has two december and two may
What would you say those months are?

34. San Isidro Labrador removes the water and brings out the sun
San Isidro, whose saint is celebrated on May 15, is the patron saint of Madrid (Spain). It could not be missing from the list of sayings related to the month of May.

35. Airy March and rainy April, bring out flowery and beautiful May
The time of the month of May is unmistakable and especially its spring flowers.

36. May arranged neither cold nor hot; not too dry, not too wet
Another saying that talks about the weather this month. Do you agree with him?

37. Save bread for May and firewood for April, you don't know how long it may come
An old saying that many of our elders will surely remember with great affection.

38. When May is going to mediate, the cold must end
In the middle of May the good weather arrives.

39. In May, full reservoirs are a prelude to storms and thunder
If they carry flow, it is because there were rains.

40. Flowers in May, sooner or later I find
There are always flowers to be delighted with. Did you know that you can also make paper flowers with your children? It is a very simple and entertaining craft to do as a family.

41. Hot and rainy May, offers copious goods
Talk about the harvest.

42. In May, fennel for the horse
This is one of those short sayings that tells kids about good sowing.

43. May water, the hair grows a span
This saying goes, we know if it is entirely true, that with the May water your hair grows.

44. May days, bitter days, the short breads and the long days
A popular saying from the old days.

45. In May, hunger and roses. Look at what different things!
Many of these sayings rhyme.

46. May is the best of the year
Is it also the best month of the year for you?

47. Save the gown for May
Or put another way: until May 40, don't take off your coat. These sayings say that it can be cold well into June. So we have to be prepared with jacket in hand!

48. The best strain, he throws it to me in May
Crop fields come out best in May.

49. May very rainy, in the field, ugly and in the garden, beautiful
The rain may be uncomfortable but they bring out the garden very beautiful.

50. Dewy and cool in MayThey give wine to the vineyard and hay to the meadow
They are all advantages!

51. If you hear thunder in May, lock the haystack
Close the haystack, do not get it wet. Pay attention to this string, which is very wise!

52. May has the key of the year
Well yes, and also of the summer that is to come.

Do you know a saying more related to the month of May? Share it with us!

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