Run away Short poem with pictograms to teach children about the months

Run away Short poem with pictograms to teach children about the months

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Sometimes, parents focus on children reading children's stories and we forget that there are also other genres of children's literature that can also lead them to discover the wonderful world of books. Do you usually read nursery rhymes with your children? You can learn a lot from them! As with this short poem with pictograms that you can use for teach children the months of the year. It is fun!

The poem that we propose below is carried out by a nice turtle named Huga. She is a bit clueless and spends a whole year in the woods. But thanks to that learn what all the months of the year are called.

As you will see, it is a poetry of the poet Marisa alonso which has 11 stanzas. Each of them is made up of 4 verses. Do you dare to read it and recite it as a family? This is a great game to have fun all together. And without further ado, here goes the poetry!

The turtle flees

he got lost one night,

a day of January

playing in the forest

In a few days

found a hat,

and without realizing it,

she met February.

Got muddy

falling into a puddle,

and the frog croaked

that were in March.

When he washed,

he left there,

it rained on the way,

I was already in April.

A long path

full of colors,

took her up may,

the month of flowers.

Squeezed the sun

in the month of June,

bathed in the river

in the month of July.

Got in the shade

in the month of August,

and despite everything

his face was burned.

Coming into September

Huga the turtle

on carpet of leaves

slept with caterpillars.

In the month of October

like the snail,

got deep inside

of the shell.

I was lost

still in november,

sing carols

heard in December.

Found the turtle

your forest in January,

and was lost

a whole year.

Did you like reading a poem with pictograms? They are very funny verses by Marisa Alonso. But to get the most out of reading the verses, we give you a series of tips:

- Reading can be shared
Reading the poems or stories with pictograms can be a lot of fun. And it is that it allows children to participate even if they have not yet learned to read. By feeling involved, the experience is more active and therefore enriching.

The reading of this poem with pictograms will vary according to the age of your children. In case the children are very young (under 2 or 3 years), it will have to be the father or the mother who reads the poetry from top to bottom.

However, from the age of 3 we can point to the pictograms so that the children say the word to which they correspond. They may not be able to recognize all the illustrations at first, but after repeating it several times, they will have no problem.

From 6 or 7 years old, when children learn to read, we can let them recite the complete poetry. They will love it!

- If you have any questions, check the glossary
Pictogram stories always use very simple and universal illustrations so that all children, regardless of their age, understand them. In any case, sometimes some doubts may arise. For this reason, we have accompanied this poem with a glossary of the pictograms, in which it is detailed what each of the drawings means.

On the other hand, make sure your child knows the meaning of all the words that appear in the poem. In this way, we can take the opportunity to explain them to them and thus expand their vocabulary.

- Emphasize the names of the months of the year
When you read this poem with pictograms together, emphasize with a different tone of voice the names of the months of the year: January, February, March ... In this way, the children will pay more attention and, therefore, they will learn them. Surely after reading the poem a couple of times, even they themselves can say some of the months they remember.

- Memorize and recite this poetry
Once you have read the poetry, you can go to the next level: learn it by heart and recite it without having the paper in front of you. This is a great exercise to put our minds (our children's and ours) to work, which we need! If it seems too long for the age of your children, you can have each member of the family memorize one of the stanzas. In this way, you will also be working on the ability of the little ones to wait for their turns.

- Put music to poetry!
And to complete the work with poetry, we suggest using it as the lyrics to your favorite children's song. It is a more fun way to reinforce learning the names of the months of the year.

As you have already seen, the objective of this poetry by Huga the turtle is that the children learn the names of the different months of the year. In addition to this poem, we can also put into practice some games and activities at home that will help us reinforce this learning with our children.

- Make a family calendar
For children to learn the concepts related to periods of time (months, weeks, days ...) we can make a calendar or family planner out of paper or digital. In case of doing it by hand, we can place it in a visible place in the house and write down the important things: birthdays, plans, appointments ...

- Talk about important dates
Every night or every couple of days, meet with the family to talk about important dates. For example, there is one month left until Luis's birthday, which is March 26; or next week, Tuesday, we will go to the doctor.

- Sing nursery rhymes
There are many children's songs that name the days of the week or months and that can help children learn them. You can even teach them how to say it in other languages. Do you know the song of Lundi Matin?

Didactic poetry, those that provide some learning for children, are great. And it is that through the verses we can also teach children the different values, to manage their emotions, to understand the spelling rules, to know mathematics better ... Here we have gathered some great didactic poems!

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