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19 great names made with Andrea for boys and girls

19 great names made with Andrea for boys and girls

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Unisex names are very common around the world, giving it an interesting character that is determined by the person who wears it. If you are excited by Names for boys and girls of this category, then Andrea is a great option to consider. In fact, below we propose some compound names with Andrea so that you find those that best match this name.

But first, let's get to know a bit of history. The origin of Andrea's name is Greek and one of the oldest in history, it comes from the relationship of 'anér' and the genitive 'andrós' whose meaning is'He who is manly and brave'. But it also represents a hypocoristic or diminutive, so its meaning may refer more to the bravery of all men.

Over time and the expansion of territories, Andrea has had different variants such as: Andrés (the best known in Spanish), André, Andy, Andrew or Andriu. However, in countries like Italy, its original form of Andrea or Andreas is still preserved as a common masculine name.

The female adaptation of male names was a result of historical evolution, in addition to being a tribute to the paternal heritage, through the name of his daughters, adding the letter A at the end of the original male name. However, in Andrea's case, it has remained exactly the same. So, for some people it is strange to see that it is a unisex name, when (thanks to the popularity of the name) it has been used to a greater extent as a feminine name.

If you are interested in giving your little one the name Andrea, but you want to combine it with another name, then do not miss the best combinations for it. Let's start first with the best combinations for Andrea, if you want this name for your girl. And we focus on those compound names that have Andrea in the first position.

1. Andrea Alessandra
An amazing and beautiful combination for your little one. Alessandra comes from the Greek, as a feminine proper noun derived from Alexander or Alexander, so its meaning is 'The one who defends men'.

2. Andrea Cecilia
Of Latin origin, it is known to be a proper name for a woman, whose meaning is 'blind'. It comes from 'Cecilius' and was the surname of a prestigious Roman family. You may already know that Santa Cecilia is also the patron saint of musicians and her birthday is celebrated on November 22.

3. Andrea Isabella
A perfect combination if you are looking for sweetness and tenderness for your baby's name. There are two possible origins for this name, an Italian one (which is where it is most frequented) and a Hebrew one whose meaning is 'abundance consecrated to God'.

4. Andrea Lucia
Lucia is a classic name that will never go out of style and therefore an incredible combination. It comes from the Latin 'lux' which literally translates to light. So its meaning is 'She was born with the light of day'.

5. Andrea Marina
Coming from the Latin 'marinus' which means 'The one that comes from the sea'. So if you want an interesting name, this one is ideal for you and your little daughter.

There are as many compound names that put Andrea's name in the second position. Do you want to see some examples? Here they go!

6. April Andrea
April is a very special name since there is a whole month named like that. The Romans adopted it from the Latin 'Aperire' which means 'Opening' and represents youth.

7. Camila Andrea
It comes from the masculine Latin 'Camillus' and is considered a feminine given name whose meaning is 'The one who is in front of God'. A beautiful combination of a sacred nature that you can choose as a compound name for your baby.

8. Elena Andrea
Elena is a very ancient and powerful name, coming from the Greek 'Heléne', which means 'the one who shines'. A curious fact is that, historically, Greece was twice called the 'Hellenic Republic'.

9. Jasmine Andrea
Its meaning is 'as beautiful as the flower' in Arabic, representing feminine beauty like the jasmine flower. Isn't that a very cute combination?

10. Zoé Andrea
Of Greek origin, Zoé or Zoe is an original name for girls that means 'she who brings life' and refers to female prosperity and fertility.

Now know the best combinations of Andrea that can serve as inspiration for the name of your child. Again, we start with those names for boys that put Andrea in the first position of the compound name.

11. Andrea Alexander
One of the oldest Greek names of all, known to be a masculine proper name 'Alexandros' which means 'The protector of men' and represents a very interesting combination with Andrea.

12. Andrea Daniel
This, without a doubt, is a slightly more traditional combination. Daniel comes from the Hebrew 'Daniyyel' whose meaning is 'The justice of God'.

13. Andrea Lucas
An ideal combination if you want to lean towards Italian origins. Lucas comes from the Latin word 'Lucius' that is to say 'He who is luminous' or also 'He who shines'. Did you know that the Luke saints are usually celebrated on October 18 in honor of one of the apostles of Jesus.

14. Andrea Manuel
Manuel is the proper masculine diminutive of the Hebrew name 'Emmanuel', so its meaning is 'He who is accompanied by God'. A beautiful combination of compound names.

15. Andrea Santiago
A very classic combination with a lot of character that you should keep in mind. Santiago comes from a Hebrew origin 'Ya'akov' and which has been broken down with the passage of time. Its meaning is 'God's reward'.

And finally, if you have not yet found the perfect compound name for your baby, we suggest other names that combine with Andrea but that, this time, have this name in second place.

16. Erick andrea
Another very strong combination with an interesting origin. Coming from the old Germanic 'Ie-rikr', whose combination means 'He who rules forever'. You will see that there are different ways to write Eric, Erick or Erik depending on the language it comes from.

17. Gael andrea
This combination is very attractive and original, as both names have a foreign character. Gael comes from the Celtic language and means 'One gifted with generosity'.

18. Joel andrea
Of Hebrew origin as a proper masculine name, it has a very spiritual meaning which is 'Yavhé, our lord', making it an ancient name that combines with modernity.

19. Mikael Andrea
This combination is a clear example of using variations of a known name. Mikael comes from the Hebrew 'Mika'El' which means 'Who is like God' and that you surely know as Michael. Did you know that Michael's saint is September 29?

What is your favorite combination?

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