Original ways to thank teachers for their work with children

Original ways to thank teachers for their work with children

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There are teachers who deserve recognition, for the time they spend with our children in school, because they teach with motivational techniques, because thanks to them our children are willing to go to school and learn, because they teach them values ​​such as cooperation , empathy and solidarity. If you want thank all those teachers who do a job every day dedicated to our sons and daughters, we propose some original ideas that will pleasantly surprise you and, also, phrases with which to accompany those ideas thanking them for their fantastic work.

Teaching children to be thankful is a good way to transmit human values ​​to them. Therefore, if your children are happy with their teacher, Why not encourage them to give you an original and fun gift? For your teacher it will be a pleasant surprise that they value their work, and for the family another way to collaborate and be united for a common cause.

One way to do this is for the thank you gift to be original and involve an effort on the part of parents and children to show how much they appreciate their teachers. Here are some ideas:

- Record a video
A very modern way that does not require more than a mobile or computer. You can rehearse what you want to say to the teacher, if your little one wants to go out alone or with the parents and if you will do something special in the video, how to read a poem or sing a song dedicated to the teacher.

- Paint a picture
Your son or daughter will be delighted to draw a nice picture for their favorite teacher. If they do it motivated, they probably do not require your help to paint it, but it is always good to support them when they need it.

- Assemble a collage
You can propose to your children to make a collage with the most important aspects of their teacher, for example that he is kind, that he plays a lot of games, that they laugh with him, what he explains well ... you can find inspiration in magazines, where you will also find phrases or words that can add a lot to the final artwork.

- Write him a poem
If your son or daughter has the soul of a poet, encourage him to write a beautiful poem to his teacher that reflects the feelings he has as a student. For your teacher it will be a beautiful and original gift that will surely excite him.

- Make an essay
Older children can write nice writing for their teacher. Help your child to do it by proposing some questions that can help him organize the writing. For example: what do you like most about ...? What values ​​has he taught you? How does he care about the class and about you? Why do you think he is the best teacher?

- Compose a song for him
If you are a family of musicians, you can always compose a beautiful song that you can record with the whole family.

- Create a comic
For boys and girls with artistic abilities, this is a very original idea. It can be a made up story in which the teacher is the protagonist or what a day at school with your teacher is like. What fun!

- Make a craft
A paper flower, a thank you card, a pen with egg cones ... Any pretty craft can work to show appreciation to teachers.

Another way to thank them is with phrases, which can be written accompanying the original gift, or you can write the phrase beautifully and with a background drawing. Here are some proposals:

1. Thank you from the heart for everything you teach me every day.

2. You are the best teacher in the world, you deserve an Oscar.

3. Teacher of the year award. Thank you!

4. Thanks to you, I have learned to share and show solidarity with my colleagues.

5. A kiss, a hug and a round of applause for my teacher who is the best in the world.

6. You are an inspiration to me, you always help me open my mind.

7. Thank you teacher for teaching me the way of knowledge.

8. Thank you for teaching me from the heart.

9. Learning with you is always fun and very easy. Thank you!

10. Professor, you are the most of the most and I thank you for...

11. Thank you to the most patient teacher in the world.

12. Thank you because you not only teach us, but also with you we learn.

13. Thank you because in addition to learning by your side, you have stolen our hearts.

14. Thank you for knowing everything, everything, everything.

15. Thank you because you always have a smile even though we behave a little bit badly.

16. Teacher, thank you for your patience, thank you for your lessons and thank you for all your love.

17. For the teacher who gives the best advice in the world and the best life lessons.

18. You always manage to awaken my creativity. Thank you!

19. It shows that you love teaching, that's why we learn so well. Thank you!

20. Every day you achieve leave a mark in my life. Thank you teacher!

21. Thank you teacher, because you always motivate us, you value our achievements and help us to grow.

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