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Why do children sweat so much while they sleep?

Why do children sweat so much while they sleep?

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There are children who sweat a lot while sleeping, even if the room temperature is normal and they don't have too many clothes. They soak clothes, sheets and even wet hair.

According to studies, almost 12 percent of children sweat profusely at night, the curious thing is that most continue to sleep peacefully and it is more common in boys than girls.

When I put my children to bed I always ask them not to cover up, since later I spend 'doing the rounds' and I wrap them properly. Why am I asking you this? Every night, even without a duvet in between, I find them drenched in sweat. I have been able to observe that this sweat occurs, above all, during the first phase of sleep and it happens constantly, be it summer or winter. To what is due?

- Change of activity
Children can go from a state of frenzy or high energy to a good night's sleep. However, in this process, the energy being reduced produces excess sweating. It is like when we do sports and continue sweating once finished while the body slows down.

- Too much dinner for the child
If the child goes to bed shortly after dinner and the food has been copious, it is normal for him to sweat since digestion causes an increase in temperature in the body, which the body itself compensates through sweat.

- The child's bedding
Sometimes mattress covers are made of plastic, a material that blocks the passage of air, therefore generating more heat trapped inside. Excess blankets, bedspreads, or duvets are also responsible for children's sweat.

- Every kid is a world
There are children who sweat a lot, either asleep or awake, therefore, it is a normal sweat. It is also more common in boys than girls.

- Sleep apnea
Children or babies who suffer this stop in the air intake of about 20 seconds between breaths sweat more, since it is difficult for them to breathe. In these cases, it is necessary to take the child to the pediatrician.

- Complications
Respiratory diseases, congenital heart disease, gastroesophageal reflux, rhinitis, atopic dermatitis or low-grade fever can cause children to sweat more at night.

In any case, sweating does not have to be a cause for concern, it does keep the room at a suitable temperature and prevent them from being warmer than necessary to prevent them from sweating even more.

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