Math games for children to learn by playing

Math games for children to learn by playing

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Mathematics generates two types of reactions in children: hatred or enthusiasm, but what is clear is that they do not leave anyone indifferent.

In We have selected a series of mathematical tricks and games so that both children who need support and those who are fascinated by the world of numbers, can continue learning and, above all, enjoying learning mathematics.

Here is a selection of games to learn math in a fun and effortless way.

Games to guess numbers. Learn about four mathematical tricks so that children can count in front of their friends and leave them with their mouths open. Ideas for you to teach primary school children to play guessing numbers, in a fun way.

Math puzzles. Riddles and puzzles help children to stimulate logical thinking and reasoning. On our site we have selected a series of easy math games for your children to learn while playing.

Math exercises. Holiday notebook with math exercises for 6-year-olds. Exercises to practice doing addition and subtraction, during the weekend or holidays. Mathematical operations for elementary school children. These are math exercises to practice addition and subtraction with children.

Tricks to add with leads. The additions with carry can be difficult for children, but with certain tricks that our site gives us we will teach them in a simple and fun way. How to teach children to add with carries. Easy math tricks for kids. Math exercises that help children study better.

Tricks to subtract with carried. How can we help our children know how to do carry subtraction? our site gives us the keys so that they learn in a simple way, to subtract with leads. Here is a series of tricks for your children to learn to subtract with carry, step by step, and to awaken their interest in mathematics.

Games to learn math. Tips to encourage children to learn mathematics. How to motivate children to get excited about math.

Activities to understand mathematics. How can mathematics be applied to real life so that children understand it? On our site we teach you a few tricks, games and easy and homemade activities so that children understand why they need to know mathematics.

Tricks to learn to multiply. Learn to multiply. How can we help the little ones in the house to multiply in a simple way? our site gives us the keys to do it at home in an easy and enjoyable way.

Games to learn numbers. Children's games for children to learn numbers. Activities for children's learning. The numbers in early childhood education. Videos to learn numbers in various languages. How to learn the numbers.

Games to learn to add and subtract. Invite your children to add and subtract by playing with items around the house or with simple crafts. our site offers us some stimulation games for younger children so that they learn and get started in mathematics, with very fun and simple exercises.

The multiplication table of number 2. Write down this trick to teach your child the multiplication table of two, in a fun way. Trick to learn the multiplication table of the number two.

The multiplication table of the number 3. Pay attention to this trick to learn the multiplication table of three. A fantastic math trick for kids. It will cost less to learn the multiplication table of 3.

Multiplication table of number 4. We show you a trick so that children have less problems when memorizing the multiplication table of number four. Multiplication trick for children.

Learn the multiplication table of number 5. We teach you a math trick for children to learn the multiplication table of number five in a fun way. Trick of the multiplication table of five.

Multiplication table of number 6. We teach you a very simple trick for your children to memorize the multiplication table of number 6 without so many problems. Simple math tricks for children.

Multiplication table of number 7. Learn this fantastic math trick for the multiplication table of seven. Your children will learn the multiplication table of the number 7 without problems.

Multiplication table of number 8. Teach your child this trick to learn how to multiply by eight. Trick of the multiplication table of 8 for children. How to multiply by eight in a simple way.

Learn to multiply with the number 9. We teach you a fantastic trick for you to teach your child so that he can easily learn the multiplication table of the number 9. Don't miss it, you just need your hands.

Trick of the multiplication table with the number 12. We show you a trick with the multiplication table of 12 for children. This is a fascinating trick that will make multiplication by the number 12 easier.

English is another important learning in the education of children. English, like mathematics, is a skill that will give children the ability to learn fundamental concepts in their education. Therefore, our site has put together several ideas, tricks and games to teach English to children from an early age.

Short stories to learn English. Selection of stories in English for children. We publish children's stories in English to help your children learn the English language. Publish your story in English for free. Traditional children's stories in English. Stories to learn English with children. Stories for children in English to learn languages. Stories for children to learn English in a fun and motivating way. Learn another language with stories.

Learn English with the Montessori method. How the Montessori method can help children learn English by having fun and having a great time. We tell you what are the resources that this educational model uses to teach languages ​​in a more enjoyable way: stories, songs, small groups, etc.

Teach English to Babies. Nowadays, there are several methods to teach English to children from an early age, but it is very important to know when languages ​​other than the mother tongue can be introduced in the intellectual development of children. How to teach English to the baby.

3 classic games to learn English. On our site we offer you games and activities that we can do with children from 5 years of age to enhance the learning of English and also reading and writing. How children can learn English, playing.

Games to teach English to children with dyslexia. Learning English has a lot of benefits for children, but the problem is when that child has specific learning difficulties. What resources can we use to teach English to children with dyslexia? And, what things should we take into account before starting this learning?

Dual method to learn English. Do you know the dual method for children to learn English? It is beginning to be installed and tested in countries like Chile and is based on the idea that teaching a foreign language has to be something alive and experimental. Find out more about this system.

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