Games for children to learn numbers

Games for children to learn numbers

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He learning numbers It is one of the most difficult and important tasks in early childhood education. All parents are proud to see our son point his fingers at how old they are and it is even funny and touching to see the little ones trying to count to ten during the first year of primary education.

Now on our site you have the opportunity for your children to take their first steps in learning numbers with this selection of videos, songs, children's stories and coloring pages.

On our site we have selected a series of activities for children to start learning numbers in a fun way.

Videos of the numbers in languages. Learn to count from 1 to 10 with Rag in different languages. Videos to learn languages. Vocabulary for children. Learn languages ​​with Traposo.

Song to learn numbers. Lyric of The song of the numbers so that children learn and do not forget the numbers. our site brings us a fun song to introduce children to the curious world of numbers. Enjoy it with your children.

The numbers song. We offer you the lyrics of the song the numbers. our site offers nursery rhyme lyrics for kids and babies. We select the best children's songs so that parents can enjoy them with their children. With the song 'The numbers' you can teach your child to count in a fun way.

Games to teach colors and numbers. Learn colors and numbers with games. At 3 years old, children are ready to learn numbers and colors. We can teach them with fun games, stories, and other techniques to facilitate learning. Methods for teaching colors and numbers to children.

Children's math games. Learn about four math tricks so that children can count in front of their friends and leave them with their mouths open. Ideas for you to teach primary school children to play guessing numbers, in a fun way.

DIY game of the ABN method to learn numbers. We propose a DIY activity or game for children to learn numbers according to the ABN method. It is a very beneficial activity that introduces children from 2 to 4 years old to the world of mathematics. We tell you the step by step to carry it out.

Children's songs to learn numbers. The songs to learn numbers with children will make you have a fun time as a family while your child discovers that learning does not have to be boring. We propose some songs to learn the numbers, to play and to correct some type of behavior.

Game of the boats to learn to add. We will tell you how to make this homemade boat game with which you can teach children to add. When we learn mathematics in a more fun way, our children or students are more willing to learn. We tell you the benefits of this activity!

6 mental calculation techniques to learn to add. Take note of these great mental math tricks to teach kids to add and multiply quickly. Looking ahead to your math exams, you will see how everything will be easier and you will soon notice the difference in your performance.

Tricks to learn to add with carries. Additions with carry can be difficult for children, but with certain tricks that our site gives us we will teach them in a simple and fun way. How to teach children to add with carries. Easy math tricks for kids. Math exercises that help children study better.

The centipede. Poem to learn to add and subtract. We invite you to read with the children this nursery rhyme for children who learn to add and subtract: The centipede. A fun short poem for children about a centipede learning to count its paws. Help your children to get started in mathematical operations in a fun way.

How to make a machine to learn to add. We teach you how to make an adding machine with recycled material. A fun way to bring math closer to children. Teach children to add with an adding machine.

Trick of the butterfly to learn to add fractions. We explain what the butterfly trick consists of to teach children to add fractions in a more simple and fun way. How to add fractions using the butterfly method.

Tricks to learn to subtract with carries. How can we help our children know how to do carry subtraction? our site gives us the keys so that they learn in a simple way, to subtract with leads. Here is a series of tricks for your children to learn to subtract with carry, step by step, and to awaken their interest in mathematics.

Love and letters. Childish story. Love and letters, a story to motivate children to read. Amor is a girl who does not understand the letters but they will come to see her to teach her why each one has to be placed in its place to form a word. Short stories for children who are learning to read.

The anger of the vowels. Kid stories. We propose a fun children's story to learn the letters. It is entitled The anger of the vowels and it will help your children to review the alphabet and to practice reading. If your child is learning letters, this children's story about vowels is going to love it. Do not miss it!

The vowels. Poem to learn the letters. How to teach children vowels in a fun way. The vowels, a poem for children to learn the vowels through the verses. On our site we suggest you do it with this short and simple poetry. It is about learning while the child has fun.

Tongue twisters for children with the letters of the alphabet. Here we leave you the best tongue twisters for children to test their language skills with the different letters of the alphabet. Tongue twisters are word games in which a phoneme is repeated through simple rhymes and which are difficult to pronounce quickly. Tongue twisters for children with the letters of the alphabet.

Vowels. Children's poetry about letters. We suggest you read this poem with your child to learn the vowels. It is a short poetry for children entitled Vocals. It is a perfect educational resource to learn letters. Children's poetry about the letters

How to make the letters with your hands. Teach your children to play and learn at the same time, with this easy, comfortable and very fun game. Using the fingers of your hands, you can make the shape of all the letters of the alphabet, from A to Z. Fun game for children to learn the letters of the alphabet.

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