Mother's Day

My mom works magic. Happy Mother's Day!

My mom works magic. Happy Mother's Day!

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Yes, moms do magic in our children's day to day. A magic that transforms, that improves, that heals and consoles. A magic that cares for, educates and makes our children feel happy, safe and loved. For all these reasons, on our site we have prepared this beautiful video as a tribute to all moms for Mother's Day.

A beautiful story about the magic of being a mom HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! Have a great and magical day, Mom!

Not only with material gifts can we thank our mothers for all the effort and affection. There are other resources that children can use to honor their mothers. We suggest some ideas:

Tales for children about mothers. Selection of stories that talk about the different roles of mothers to children and that are perfect to tell, for example, on Mother's Day. Stories that value the love, dedication, and affection of mothers for their children. Ideal gift for children to understand and value their moms. Being a mother is an experience of a lifetime.

Poems for Mother's Day. Poems and Poems, and dedications for Mother's Day. In Guiainfantil we offer you a selection of poems to give to mothers. Famous and anonymous poems to read to mothers and give gifts on Mother's Day. Beautiful and easy poems for children to learn and read to their mothers.

Play to do with children for mothers. Don't miss the script for a short play to perform with the children at home to celebrate Mother's Day. If you are looking for an original gift for mom, organizing this theatrical representation as a family is a nice way to surprise her. You will love it!

10 emotional gifts for mothers. Take note of these emotional gifts to celebrate what will be the best Mother's Day ever. They are unique and homemade gifts that you can make between parents and children in a very simple way. And they will reach right into the hearts of all the moms in the world! Get inspired by these ideas.

9 mothers of children's movies. We talk about the mothers of the movies that will make you reflect the most about motherhood and child rearing. Morticia, Mrs. Gump ... These are some of the movie moms we talk about as we talk about love, struggle and sacrifice for children.

Menu for Mother's Day. Here you will find beautiful and delicious recipes for Mother's Day. Moms look forward to Mother's Day. In a celebration like this, do not miss the opportunity to prepare a special menu with these simple and delicious recipes for children. Sweet and savory recipes.

10 crafts and recipes for Mother's Day. We offer you a selection with 10 crafts and recipes for Mother's Day. Among the ideas you also have a recipe that is sure to surprise mom in her day. Very simple gifts to make, recycling, and fun desserts to celebrate Mother's Day with your children.

Nice postcards to print to mothers. There is no more meaningful and wonderful gift for a mother than the smile of her children. For Mother's Day or the family's mother's birthday, we have prepared on our site some beautiful cards with tender congratulatory messages for the queen of the home.

Movies for mother's day. Movie suggestions, from comedy to drama, where the protagonists are moms. Celebrate Mother's Day by sharing with the children these beautiful films that speak of the great work of mothers in education and in the lives of their children.

Crafts with recycled material for Mother's Day. Crafts with recycled material to give away on Mother's Day. Special gifts for moms. Crafts for children with recycled material. Homemade gifts for Mother's Day. Details made by children to congratulate and make a gift for mothers.

Script: Vilma Medina, Marisol Nuevo
Narration: Clara Zevallos Cambra
Realization: Ainhoa ​​Ferragud

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