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Pictograms - Excellent tool to improve the child's language

Pictograms - Excellent tool to improve the child's language

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It is becoming more and more frequent to recommend specific games by both school-age teachers and therapists specializing in child development. The aim of any specific game is on the one hand to entertain and amuse, while promoting specific skills.

In the case of wanting to improve specific language and communication objectives, pictograms or pictographic resources can be an excellent option. And it is that, the pictograms are an excellent tool to improve the communication skills of the child in speech therapy.

On our site we detail some of the most important advantages of the use of pictograms in language and communication, and we will provide you with a brief list of some of the free websites most recommended by therapists to work with children, especially those with Autism, Asperger's. .. who have a language problem.

Pictograms are images and icons that represent a concept or word in a much more simple and representative way. These can be printed and tangible, or we can access them digitally.

When we talk about digital use and the internet, it is logical and sensible to ask ourselves, what advantages can it really offer my child? In the present case, as long as there is a reasonable and mediated use with the responsible adult, we consider that digital pictograms can bring important benefits such as:

- Learning vocabulary

- Know what the structure of a sentence is like

- Improve understanding of daily routines

- Develop skills such as memory

- Improves the spatial-temporal ordering capacity

- Facilitate the child's expression

Developed by Grupo Promedia SMPE, we find the so-called pictoaplicaciones, within which we find the four digital resources most recommended by therapists:

- Pictosounds
In the case of wanting to work at the sound and hearing level, this resource provides a large number of multimedia sounds organized by categories and accompanied by images.

- Wikipicto
If you want to work at the word level, as if it were a dictionary, you can find a large library of easily understood and easily downloadable images.

- Pictotraductor
In the case of wanting to work at the level of short sentences, each one of the words of the previously written sentence will be automatically transcribed into an image. In this way the child will be able to interpret long content as if it were a reading.

- Picto stories
In the case of longer content, such as stories, you can enjoy digital storytelling adapted to the level of pauses, images, content and even levels. Being able to better understand the details of each scene and even facilitate its imitation.

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