Pooping is natural. Short poem for kids afraid to go to the bathroom

Pooping is natural. Short poem for kids afraid to go to the bathroom

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The transition from the diaper to the toilet is a bit difficult for some children. Some of them can even develop fear of going to the bathroom to relieve themselves. Because of this fear, they suffer stomach aches and have a hard time sitting on the potty. To help you understand that pooping is natural and that we all do, Marisa Alonso has written this tender short poem. You will love the verses!

After the poetry we propose some questions through which you can reflect with your child on this matter and we talk about this fear of pooping which, although it sounds strange, is more common than we might think.

When i have to poop

they encourage me to use

the toilet or urinal.

How my gut hurts

how I'm afraid of doing it,

all I can take

and in holding on I make an effort.

¡Everybody poops!

My mom told me

it's so natural

But everyone does!

Then my dad says

They all poop the same.

My belly doesn't hurt anymore

I know pooping is normal

I'm going to the bathroom

¡Pooping is natural!

In addition to being a nice short poem that we can use to work with children on different skills (acquisition of vocabulary, oral and written expression, reading, understanding the text, intonation, memory, and a long etc.). However, given the topic it addresses, it is very interesting as educational resource for children who are suffering from this fear when going to the bathroom.

With these little ones, we can read the poem and then chat with them in a relaxed way and fun to check what they have understood and help them to see themselves reflected in the protagonist of the verses. To help make this conversation easier, here are some questions that might guide you. Feel free to adapt these questions according to the age of your children.

  • How do you think the boy or girl in the poetry feels when they go to the bathroom?
  • Why do you think it scares him?
  • What is it that scares you?
  • What have your mom and dad told you?
  • Did you start to feel better when you started going to the bathroom without being afraid?
  • What do you think? Is pooping natural?

Being afraid is normal; It happens to children and also to adults. In fact, if we weren't afraid, our survival would be more dangerous, because we would continually put ourselves at risk. It is also common for our children's fears to change as they get older. Many children go through a phase that leads to be afraid to poop.

The most common is that this fear of eliminating is present when we remove the diaper from the child to start using the urinal or toilet.

Often times, this is because the little one is becoming aware of what it means to poop and trying to get used to the new way of doing it. Now that they use the toilet, the children realize that something is coming out of their body (something that is theirs) and is being flushed down the toilet. Is feeling of loss It causes them discomfort and they are scared when defecating.

On the other hand, the fear of pooping can derive from children having felt some kind of pain when expelling their stools, for example if they suffered from constipation.

In addition to emotional distress for children, fear of pooping can lead to transform into physical pain. And it is that children often hold the stool so much until they have very strong stomach aches, even needing laxatives for evacuation.

And what can we do to help children overcome this fear of pooping?

- Convey to children that pooping is normal
We must make the children see that pooping is normal (as this poem says) and that animals do it too, but also dad, mom and siblings.

- Go to the pediatrician
When the fear of pooping causes physical pain, it doesn't hurt to visit your pediatrician. This doctor will be able to give us some tips to help children go to the bathroom. You may also recommend a healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, as they are high in fiber.

- Promote the autonomy of children
Teaching children about personal hygiene habits can help them gradually learn to go to the bathroom on their own.

- Keep calm
No parent likes to see their child suffer, especially when he goes to the bathroom. We must arm ourselves with patience to transmit calm and serenity to our children, especially when they face the toilet.

- Accompany the children
When we accompany our children and transmit to them that we are by their side to help them, it gives them the security they need to overcome their fears.

- Avoid some phrases that escape us
'It's silly', 'Nothing's wrong', 'Don't cry' ... All these expressions that sometimes come out on our own (without malicious intent) invalidate children's emotions.

And finally, we suggest some other stories that also talk about other very common childhood fears, such as the fear of the dark. All of them teach children different tools that could help them face those fears and build self-confidence. The following stories are designed for children of different ages.

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