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21 names for boys and girls inspired by superheroes

21 names for boys and girls inspired by superheroes

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If at home you are unconditional geeks of comics and superhero movies, it will surely seem like a good idea to name your baby after one of the protagonists with the most superpowers. We suggest you names for boys and girls inspired by the most iconic superheroes and superheroines of all time. Take note!

Choosing the baby's name is not an easy task. We must take into account the surnames, the origin of the parents, the requests of grandparents and uncles ... or not? There are parents who simply want to be original and decide to opt for the name of a fictional character. And if these parents are fans of Marvel movies and other superhero stories, it is not surprising that they choose nicknames like Carol, Diana or Storm.

1. Marvel
Although surely this name sounds like the famous Marvel Studios, the truth is that this name is a real name, possibly of French origin, which means 'wonder'. In addition, it is the superhero name of the famous Captain Marvel.

2. Carol
And speaking of Captain Marvel, her real name, Carol (Danvers), and we also find it worth mentioning on this list. If you choose this name for your baby, you will be paying homage to the comic book character with the most powers of all time.

3. Diana
It is one of our favorites. Diana of Themiscira, better known as Wonder Woman or Wonder Woman. She is not only ultra powerful, but also supportive and with a sense of justice that goes beyond the human. We love his name!

4. Storm
It is the English name of Storm (Ororo Munroe), one of the leaders of the X-Men. A little known but increasingly used name that will give your baby the power of lightning.

5. Faith
It is named after Faith Herbert, a newly created antiheroine. She is a millennial geek who loves comics and science fiction. We like her name because she represents her role very well: She is not the prototype of a superhero from the comic, but she has formidable powers, such as flying or telekinesis.

6. Mera
This incredible warrior from the depths of the sea is the queen of Atlantis and partner of Aquaman. If you decide to name your baby after her, you will know that she comes from a superheroine of superhuman strength, capable of adapting to low temperatures, with unique strength and speed and great power to recover. Also, you may inherit the super power to solidify water.

7. Jessica
Although Jessica Jones has not always been a well-known superhero, her popularity has taken a turn thanks to the Netflix series. Either way it has a fantastic name if you want to honor Jewel's super strength.

8. Gamora
Why not name your daughter after this galactic superheroine who masters martial arts like no one else in the Universe?

9. Scarlet
The Scarlet Witch is one of the most iconic comic book characters of all time, thanks to her powerful mind magic. We like her superhero name, Scarlet, but also her real name, Wanda. Which one do you prefer?

10. Kara
Kara Zor-El (Supergrirl) is Superman's cousin and has the same powers as him: she can fly, has superhuman speed and stamina, incredible strength, and x-ray vision. What girl wouldn't want to be named after this superhero?

11. Jean
With superpowers like telekinesis and telepathy, Jean Gray (Phoenix) is the most interesting superhero of the X-Men and the Marvel Universe. His name is just as amazing, don't you think?

What parent doesn't want the best for their baby? Perhaps with this intention that their offspring can overcome any obstacle that life puts them, many parents choose a superhero name for their children. Is it your case? Are you thinking about it? Here are some ideas!

12. Peter
Who doesn't adore the young and ironic Peter Parker? Spiderman is one of the best known superheroes, and his first name may be the right one for your baby if you want him to have arachnid superpowers.

13. Steve
The famous Captain America is called Steve Rogers. If you want to pay tribute to one of the strongest superheroes with the best sense of good in comics, you can use his name for your baby: Steve, Steven or, in Spanish, Esteban.

14. Bruce
Bruce Banner's (Hulk) personality is one of the most complex in Marvel comics. Extremely intelligent and analytical, he loses control when angry. It can be the perfect name for your baby if he already shows a strong character from the belly.

15. T’Challa
It is not a very common name, but many will love just that. The name of Black Panther is iconic, for all the social and vindictive meaning that the history of this character has.

16. Tony
Ironman (Tony Stark) is a normal man who thanks to technological advancement becomes one of the strongest and most important superheroes of all time. Therefore, it is a perfect name for your baby, don't you think?

17. Thor
Why not name your baby the God of Thunder? This name of Scandinavian origin is a symbol of energy, strength and power.

18. Clark
Knowing that you have the name Superman (Clark Kent) as a child is unmatched. How about your son?

19. Bruce
Good in the dark could be the meaning of the name Batman (Bruce Wayne). It is a very charismatic name that could be that of your baby, what do you think?

20. Hank
Doctor Hank Pym is the alter ego of Ant Man (the Ant Man). With a lively mind and the super power to be small and extremely agile, it will be the ideal name if this is your favorite superhero.

21. Arthur
Did you know that Aquaman is called Arthur Curry? The Atlantean human superhero from DC Comics may have the name you're looking for for your baby. And if you prefer, you can use the Spanish version, Arturo.

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