11 educational and value series for children that are on Netflix

11 educational and value series for children that are on Netflix

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With so much content available, it is often difficult to find something to our liking, so it is not surprising that in the end we always end up seeing the same thing. How can we avoid this? Very simple, taking a look at the following list of Netflix series for kids (and also moms and dads) that we have lovingly prepared in GuiaInfantil. By the way, they are all educational series with values very positive for the smallest of the house.

Make yourself comfortable on the couch and prepare a bowl of snacks to share, as the family series session is about to begin.

There are many series, especially on the Netflix platform. However, not all of them like children and not all of them transmit positive values ​​and messages. The ones that we are going to share with you here, yes, and they are also very fun and perfect for seeing family! We start with some series that are designed for children of all ages.

1. Tut Tut Cory Cars
Little car Cory Bólidos has a great time exploring the roads of Autovilla. In this entertaining series, important values ​​such as family unity, friendship and effort are reflected, which are shown to the little ones in a simple and very pleasant way.

2. The InBESTigators
There are four boys who decide to open an investigation agency and record videos to tell of their incredible adventures. Of course they get a lot of people to see them. A Netflix series ideal for getting to know social networks and giving them the place they deserve, no more or less.

3. Word party
When a series goes into the fourth season it is that families like it a lot, don't you think? This is the case of the Netflix series 'Word Party'. From the hand of some endearing characters, your children will learn values, expand vocabulary and have a great time.

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4. Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom
This series is sure you have already seen it sometime. Two friends, Holly, an apprentice fairy princess, and Ben, an elf, live in a very special realm where magic always makes an appearance. Messages like caring for the environment and treating everyone the same can be seen in each chapter.

5. Pocoyo
Pocoyo is a little explorer who likes to learn things by himself while having a great time playing with his friends Eli, Pato, Pajaroto and Lula. With songs in English, this series will become your children's favorite.

If your children are 3 years old or older, they will love the following Netflix educational series that we propose here.

6. Archibaldo's next great adventure
The chick Archibaldo, clueless as he can, never remembers to do his homework. But what he always remembers is to play all the time! This entertaining Netflix series is based on the book by Tony Hale. You will not want to lose it!

7. The Furchester Hotel
Many define it as the new version of Sesame Street. Elmo leaves his town to help relatives in the arduous task of getting the Furchester Hotel up and running. What values ​​do we learn? Well, a very important one: always be there when a loved one needs us.

8. Julie backstage
If your child already shows an interest in the world of acting and performing arts, don't hesitate to watch this series with him. Julie Andrews and many other guest artists teach us what is behind the scenes, among other things, a lot of effort and a lot of dedication.

And what about Netflix television series for older children? Below we propose a list of contents for children from 7 years.

9. Forced mothers
Do you remember the series 'Forced parents'? Well let's say this is the continuation in which Danny's eldest daughter, who is left a widow, will have the help of her sister and her friend to raise her children. Family and friendship will be the central theme of this Netflix family series.

10. Alexa & Katie
Two lifelong friends, Alexa and Katie, start their first year of high school, it is then that the problems appear, because Alexa has cancer and has to be treated. The unconditional support of her friend and her family will be the key for her to cope with this difficult situation.

11. Worst witch
And to finish ... a series of witches! A very special witch, and also somewhat clumsy, who makes a lot of friends in a new school for witches where she will see that the values ​​of friendship and effort can overcome everything. Adventures and laughter are fully guaranteed.

Time to be home? Well then it's time to enjoy an educational series as a family. We hope you liked our list!

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