My child dreams. Sweet children's poem to give on Mother's Day

My child dreams. Sweet children's poem to give on Mother's Day

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If you had to define with one word (only one!) The love relationship between a mother and her child, what would it be? Very complicated, right? It takes a little poetry ... Inmaculada Tapia Martínez, graduated in Speech Therapy and Hearing and Language teacher, has written this sweet children's poem entitled 'Dream, my child, dream' in which a mother talks about what she wants so much for her little one. But, in addition to being a tender plea to maternal love, it is a beautiful poetry that children can give away on Mother's Day.

Below you can read this and other precious short poems dedicated to all mothers. In addition, we give you more ideas to celebrate this special day of the year. By the way, don't stop admiring the beautiful illustration that accompanies the verses, it has been made by the illustrator Marta Parejo.

Today, my child gave me a drawing at the end of the day,

behind, colored words formed a sentence, which read:

Thank you mom, for filling my life with love, joy,

understanding, patience, magic and wisdom.

Between tickles, lots of kisses and hubbub,

I ask you with tenderness and sympathy:

quick champ put on your pajamas

Like every night, I read him a story, I tuck him in and when we said goodbye,

hugs me and whispers to me: I love you infinite and beyond.

I look at him, I smile at him and I adore you, I whisper in his ear.

Now rest and, dream my child, dream.

First, you will dream of becoming a firefighter,

to put out the fires, with a cape and hat.

Second, you will be like Sigmund,

a doctor who will heal half the world.

Third, cook or, better, pastry chef,

conquering the palate of the whole world.

Fourth, at Christmas, casting assistant,

loaded with gifts, you will arrive in a jump.

saving humanity from some terrifying virus.

Sixth, you will be a basketball player,

doing dunks left and right.

Seventh, you will become a brave explorer,

living intrepid adventures on your ferry.

Eighth, tonight you will be like the policeman Gustavo,

catching and locking up the bravest villain.

Ninth, animal lover: biologist, vet, or farmer?

Anyway, I know that you will heal and take care of them, with determination and care.

To finish, in tenth place, I only have something to wish for,

see you become a responsible, noble and exemplary man.

And now, to wake up, my child, to wake up,

that it is time to play, learn and study,

to take flight and reach your dreams.

As you can see, this poem talks about the love that a mother professes towards her son, and how much the little one gives back to her! However, it is also a very useful and educational poem for the little ones. Let's see how we can use it in a pedagogical way with children!

- Helps to stimulate children's language
Like all written texts that we propose to our children, we can use them to stimulate their language. And it is that a poem like this serves to transmit to the children guidelines on suitable patterns for oral and written expression. But it also serves to, for example, teach new vocabulary.

- Work ordinal numbers
As you may have noticed, in this poem reference is made to ordinal numbers throughout the different stanzas: first, second, third, fourth ... So up to the tenth!

- Teach children the different professions
Finally, we can take advantage of these verses to teach children the names of the different professions: firefighters, scientists, policemen, cooks ... Use the verses as an excuse to investigate more about these tasks and ask your child what he wants to be when he grows up . Maybe it surprises you!

We love this poetry! And surely the mother of your family will also love to receive it on Mother's Day. But, how can we get it to you on this special day? Here are some ideas for you.

- Organize a family recital
Let Mom sit on the couch, put on some soft music at a low volume ... and let the recital begin! You can even turn off the light a little and use a flashlight to illuminate the person who reads the poetry, as if it were a spotlight on the stage. Each sibling in the family can read a stanza. Do you dare to recite it from memory? It can be an excellent exercise to work the memory capacity of the smallest of the house.

- Make a video and send it as a surprise
Today, video editing programs are very easy to use. Even children themselves know how to use them! Therefore, you can record yourself as a family reading the poetry and then edit the video including music or photos of the family. When you send the video to mom or when you show it to her on your mobile, she will be very excited!

- Write the poem on a handmade card
The best gifts for mom are those that we make by hand. Therefore, you can also make your own card to congratulate on Mother's Day. Inside, encourage your children to write these verses.

- Draw a picture with the poetry and frame it
What if you frame the poetry? Write it on the middle of a sheet of paper and decorate the margins with drawings. Then, you can make a photo frame or buy it already made.

Accompanying this poetry, we can make a beautiful gift craft for Mother's Day. Do you need inspiration? Here are some ideas!

- A bouquet of paper flowers
This gift is very colorful, easy to prepare and serves as a decoration for Mother's Day. To make these flowers, you need pinocchio paper (or even napkins) and some wires or pipe cleaners. They will be beautiful! You can make them in many colors so that the bouquet is much more beautiful.

- A case to store the glasses
Pretty and practical. We teach you how to make a case step by step to store your glasses. You only need colored felt sheets, glue, scissors, needle and thread. If you make it a little smaller, it can also be used as a tissue holder.

- Pretty jewelry like a handmade ring
If the mother of your family usually wears jewelry or costume jewelery, this is a perfect gift for her. With felt, a large button and wool you can make a ring as beautiful and original as the one you see in the image. It is not very complicated, but children should do it under the supervision of an adult (be careful when using the scissors and the needle!).

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