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Home remedies for colds and colds in children

Home remedies for colds and colds in children

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If your child has symptoms of colds and colds, and you want to remedy them at home, you can apply some natural and home remedies that we suggest. Is that this type of symptoms is one of the concerns of parents is to relieve their children when they are sick. It's those times when children wake up with a coughing fit, their throat hurts or their fever rises suddenly and we can't see the doctor until the next day.

What can we do? It is then when parents sharpen our ingenuity and take for a walk those tricks and tricks that we know to relieve our children.

1- Natural remedies to lower fever

If your child's temperature exceeds 38.5, it is advisable that:

  • Take off clothes or blankets if she's in bed so her fever doesn't continue to rise
  • give plenty of water to make up for fluid loss through sweat
  • wet one compress or towel in cool water and place it on the child's ankles
  • leaving the child in a room that is well ventilated but does not breathe in directly
  • Lastly, bathe the child but check that the water temperature is only two degrees lower than his body temperature.

2- Home remedies for a sore throat

Tonsillitis or pharyngitis is very annoying, if your child is uncomfortable and upset you can:

  • heat water add honey and a dash of lemon for the child to gargle
  • You can gargle with a preparation based on half a tablespoon of salt for each glass of pre-heated water.
  • two teaspoons of honey taken directly help fight a sore throat and also cough
  • keep the child's throat warm, put a neckerchiefeven better if the handkerchief is hot
  • the throat must always be moist, give it plenty of water or juice
  • the hot soup relieves a sore throat, especially if it is based on chicken broth

3. Home remedies against snot

It is a nuisance that can be very uncomfortable and also, not eliminating them can lead to other infections such as otitis or bronchitis, to eliminate snot we can:

  • do homemade sea water To clean the nostrils, for this we boil a liter of water, dissolve a tablespoon of salt and another of sodium bicarbonate. We put a little of the solution in a dropper (we keep the rest) and wash the child's nose frequently with this solution.
  • we can also leave a sliced ​​onion Under your bed at night, the house will have a strong onion smell, but the fumes that emanate have a strong mucolytic effect.

4. Natural remedies against coughs:

Persistent cough or barking cough is really uncomfortable and there is no medicine that will radically end it, only if we can alleviate it a little, how?

  • drink teaspoons of honey, that soften the throat
  • drink plenty of fluids and keep your throat always moist
  • make a syrup based on the juice of a lemon, 2 tablespoons of honey, a little chopped onion and grated ginger. We stir the mixture well, let it rest for 10 minutes, strain it and drink in small sips throughout the day
  • give your child a warm bath because the vapors soften the airways
  • he thyme tea It is also widely used to treat coughs and bronchial problems

5- Home remedies to decongest the nose:

Children sleep worse and rest poorly with a stuffy nose, to help mitigate decongestion you can:

  • breathe eucalyptus vapor
  • clean the nostrils with salt water or sea water
  • peel a garlic clove and chew it, the child will have strong breath but will improve his smell
  • Apply warm compresses on the parasenos and on the nose
  • drinking hot soup helps to reduce inflammation of the mucous membranes and to breathe better

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