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How to use reflexology to help your baby sleep

How to use reflexology to help your baby sleep

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We are a generation of parents unprepared to combat childhood sleep, because we are adults and our life cycle is totally different from that of our children. When they arrive in the world, one of the first difficulties we encounter is adaptability to their sleeping hours.

We sleep little, our character worsens and our irritability increases, something that can increase if our child finds it difficult to sleep, wakes up many times in a row with difficulty going back to sleep or sleeps little, causing irritability and fatigue during the day. But do you know that there is something totally natural that will help you sleep? Yes yes ... Reflexology.

Something evident is that the dream of a child is not the same as that of an adult, there are notable quantitative and qualitative differences. Also, sleep needs vary from person to person whether they are babies or not. We will find children with a lower need to sleep than other children of the same age, and before this we will not be able to do anything, each one is as they are, but what we can do with our children is to help them have an excellent quality of sleep.

Dream initiation is a process that requires coordinating various circumstances. On the one hand, you must be physiologically prepared for sleep, avoid all kinds of stress, as well as separation anxiety. Children need routines, routines provide security, and security helps them sleep. If their safety is threatened, children will show their anxiety through crying.

Children as well as adults also have difficulty sleeping and we as parents can help them to have a deep and restful sleep so that they grow up healthy and happy.

The points to be discussed will be the following: Solar Plexus, Head and Spinal Column.

When you notice that the child has difficulty falling asleep, or simply needs to relax before sleep because he is restless, work these three points on his feet. Little by little you will see how he begins to relax, and if you do not get the baby to sleep immediately, it will not take long to do so. These reflex points are the Nervous System and what you will cause when stimulating them is to induce sleep and complete and absolute relaxation.

Some children often have difficulty falling asleep due to the anxiety generated by being separated from their parents, reflexology will help them feel safe and in company.

Use a dim light, a calm environment and of course an absolute surrender on your part, they will relax when they observe the same attitude from you. The pressure should be similar to a caress, remember that you will work the Nervous System, also, if you accompany it with a natural almond oil the massage will be more relaxing.

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