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The 4-7-8 technique so that the child falls asleep in 1 minute

The 4-7-8 technique so that the child falls asleep in 1 minute

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How many times have you been in bed for hours trying to sleep without success? And your son, does he have any trouble falling asleep? Well this is over! There is an incredibly effective technique that can be used by both mothers and fathers with insomnia, as well as children who get very nervous just at bedtime. The technique is called 4-7-8. We will tell you what it is and you will see how effective it is for everyone in the family to enjoy happy dreams.

The technique 4-7-8 created by Professor Andrew Weill, from Harvard University, and is based on the control of breathing. You may think it is difficult for a child, but nothing like that. It will be a game for him and the results are amazing. Well, what does it consist of exactly? Follow these steps and you will learn to use it correctly:

1. Breathe in through your nose for 4 seconds
Yes, you heard right: you have to breathe in while mentally counting four. One two. Three. Four.

2. Now hold the air inside the lungs for 7 seconds
Mentally count: one, two, three, four. five six seven. This is the most important part. Retaining air helps slow your heart rate and eliminate anxiety.

3. Expel the air gently for 8 seconds: one two three four five six seven eight.
You must repeat these steps several times. You will notice how the body is in a perfect state of relaxation. Also it also affects the quality of sleep. A body in relaxation rests much better, since the slow rhythm of the heart helps the brain to oxygenate better.

However, this method has more benefits than you might think. Knowing how to control breathing is vital to use it in the following cases:

- Eliminate stress
If practiced regularly, it is an excellent therapy against stress accumulated throughout the day. And yes, children can suffer from stress too. Even more so during school time, of course.

- Helps overcome fears
The feeling of fear is irrational and leads to excitement. The pulse is racing and we are unable to control our nerves. This technique helps to regain a state of tranquility and rationality, and therefore, to overcome a moment of fear and even an episode of panic.

- Helps to relax before a public intervention
Actors, politicians and speakers in general know the importance of breathing to control stage fright. Teach your child to breathe this way to relax before speaking in public.

- Use it before you go to the doctor
If your child is one of those who panic about the dentist or vaccines, this method will be very useful.

- Help meditate
Yes, children can also meditate. You cannot imagine the benefits it has. You can help yourself out of the pot of calm and start with this breathing technique. It is very useful for the child to work on emotions.

- Helps the child to concentrate
This system is very useful for children who already have to start memorizing. Controlling your breathing will also help you focus.

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