12 beautiful movies for children that invite you to reflect as a family

12 beautiful movies for children that invite you to reflect as a family

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In GuiaInfantil we know, like you, that many times it is not easy to find the right family films to show our children values, that is why we have created a compilation with themthe best movies for children with which we can reflect in addition to growing as people.

We cannot forget that children's movies are an ideal way to spend an entertaining time next to ours, but they are also a most useful tool to teach children to reflect on such important aspects of life as solidarity, equality, the need to fight for our dreams or face difficulties.

Choose the movie you like the most, tell your children what it is about and get comfortable on the sofa to spend some time as a family watching the film together. Once it is finished, we suggest that you do a little debate at home about what you have learned. In this way, you can reflect as a family on what you have seen.

Depending on how old the children are, you can ask them simple questions like these:

  • Did you like the movie?
  • What is it that you have understood?
  • What did you like the most? And the least?
  • What values ​​have we learned?
  • What do you think we should reflect on?
  • Has it helped you to see things differently?

By the way, we remind you that most of these films can be seen on video platforms such as Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime Video. Which one do you use most often?

We started! Here you have our particular selection of the best films to reflect with children. You're going to love it!

1. Finding Nemo
The story of the Nemo fish who gets lost outside the great barrier of the reef and his father, a clown fish, who does not hesitate for a second to launch himself looking for him everywhere, you already know it well, right? Well, it's time to see it again but this time from a more reflective point of view in which we look at the love between the father and his son, the family ties and the courage. You can even tell the children to draw a little picture about what they understood or the part they liked the most.

2. Kirikú and the wild beasts
In this movie we will know the story of a little African hero, why is he a hero? Because, thanks to his bravery, he saved his village from the witch Karaba. Generosity, effort and cultural diversity will be around what turns the debate after the film.

3. Reverse
The animated film that marked a before and after talks about the management of emotions and empathy. Do you want to make your children reflect on how necessary it is to put themselves in the place of others? Without a doubt this will be your movie.

4. Champions
A very special basketball team made up of players with intellectual disabilities and a coach who cares for them but is reluctant to spend time with them at first. With this film we will reflect on the differences between one and the other that are basically only in our minds.

5. Coconut
Miguel, the protagonist of Coco, is a Mexican boy who dreams since he was born of becoming a musician. Friendship, love for family and effort to achieve personal goals are the values ​​that are put on the table in this fun movie. By the way, the musical scenes are wonderful.

6. Up
Carl Fredricksen, a retired balloon salesman, wants to make his dream of tying thousands of balloons to his house come true at all costs and literally flying off to live in South America. Of course, he begins to see everything differently when he has to share adventures with a little explorer. Suggest that your children reflect on the fact that when we grow up we can also have dreams.

7. Wonder
Social rejection and marginalization are perfectly captured in this film in which August, a boy with a facial deformation, has to go to school every day. We will talk with the children about respect for all people, what we should have and what they should have us.

8. Mulan
Mulan fights against the invasion of the Huns, so far nothing would be new if it weren't for the fact that Mulan is a warrior girl where they exist. Perfect for reflecting on the topics that should be banished.

We have just seen a series of movies perfect for the smallest of the house, what do you think if we now see some for boys and girls over 12 years old? Their capacity for reflection is much greater, so they may well understand its meaning.

9. Chain of favours
What would you do if the teacher told you on the first day of school: 'To pass this subject you must have an idea that changes the world'? Well, I'm sure to think day and night. This is how the chain of favors begins. Boy, the world can change, sometimes it just takes a little idea and lots of good intentions.

10. Amelie
Contrary to what many of her neighbors think, Amelie does care about the well-being of others. This is a family movie classified as one of the best of all time, for a reason it will be ...

11. The choir boys
In this deep story we will meet a music teacher who ends up teaching at a boarding school with very bad behavior. The value of second chances and trust will be the aspects on which we must reflect.

12. Looking for happiness
This movie is based on real facts. A father and his son meet on the street and they have no choice but to do their best to get ahead. Chris (Will Smith) doesn't give up and won't stop fighting until he achieves a better life for himself and his little one.

What do you think of the films for children to think about that we just shared with you? Which one are you going to start with? Would you add any more to the list?

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