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21 boy and girl names that are synonymous with a miracle

21 boy and girl names that are synonymous with a miracle

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Creating life within oneself and being able to feel it is, without a doubt, one of the great miracles that a woman can experience and that is even hard to believe. How can we harbor something so small and wonderful within us? Perhaps for this reason many parents seek names of boys and girls that are synonymous with miracle. It is your house? We have selected more than 21 ideas for you!

The birth of a baby is certainly a miracle of life. For moms and dads it is a unique experience, thinking about how their baby has developed inside the tummy and that it is finally born as a little person is a wonderful miracle.

Other parents may have waited a long time until the miracle of being able to have a child finally arrived and, perhaps, for other families, the birth of a baby is accompanied by some kind of external miracle. You know what is said, babies come with bread under their arms.

For these and other reasons, many families decide to find a name for their baby that means 'miracle'. If this can be your option, we give you some ideas of boy and girl names that mean miracles.

Many biblical names are related to miracles, so they are a good choice for our little future. Another option is to choose a name that in its original language means a miracle.

1. Aaron
This biblical name means 'mountain man', but also 'enlightened', so it is closely related to the miracle from the most spiritual point of view.

2. Asher
This biblical name means 'happiness' and symbolizes the miracles of life.

3. Benedict
"He who is well spoken of" is the literal meaning of the Latin name Benedict. It is a name linked to miracles in the Catholic religion and a name of pope.

4. Alatz
This original name has Basque origin and its literal meaning is 'miracle' or 'prodigy'

5. Doroteo
Of Greek origin, it is related to the ‘gift of God’, hence its ability to perform miracles. In its female version, Dorotea, it has the same meaning.

6. Barack
This famous name of Swahili origin means 'blessing' and 'miraculous'. It has become very popular because the first black president of the United States was called that.

7. Daliso
It means 'miraculous' and 'blessed' in Chewa. It's a very original name, right?

8. Matthew
Its meaning is 'gift of God'. This name is always related to miracles and wonders, so it may be the right one for your child, what do you think? It is surely among your favorites because its Spanish version, Mateo, has many followers.

9. Mirakel
It is a beautiful popular name in the Nordic countries and its literal meaning in Norwegian is 'miracles'.

10. Thaddeus
This biblical name refers to the ‘blessing of God’, which is why it is linked to spiritual miracles. From being almost unknown to hearing it in parks and nursery schools in many countries. You know why? Thanks to the animated film, 'Tadedo Jones'.

We propose you some beautiful names that symbolize miracles. As in the case of children's names, there are several of biblical origin and others whose meaning is "miracle" in another language.

11. Miracles
It is a name of Latin origin, referring to one of the invocations of the Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Miracles. Its Latin meaning is, how could it be otherwise, ‘miracle, wonder and wonder’.

12. Gwyneth
This name of Welsh origin that we know thanks to the actress Gwyneth Paltrow means 'blessing' and, therefore, symbolizes the miracle of life. Its nice is not it?

13. Mirari
It is the name of Milagros in Portuguese. You like?

14. Beatriz
A very popular name, of Latin origin, which means "blessed, blessed and the bearer of happiness." Quite a miraculous name!

15. Sachi
A Japanese name that we adore, and whose literal meaning is 'miracles'.

16. Nasya
This pretty Hebrew name means 'miracles'. Would you like it to be your daughter's name?

17. Mireya
Although the origin of this name is not very clear, it seems that it is Provençal and its etymology is related to the 'wonder' and the 'miracles'.

18. Mirielle
The French variant of the name Milagros. This name sounds sophisticated and exquisite in French.

19. Mehr
A lovely name of Arabic origin that means 'blessed' and 'miraculous'.

20. Marvel
Although it sounds like a comic book heroine, in reality it is a name of probable French origin whose meaning is "wonder", which is why it symbolizes "miracles".

21. Karishma
Of Indian origin, this incredible name means 'miraculous'. We love it because when we pronounce it, it sounds like 'charisma' in Spanish, so it would have double meaning: miracle and personality.

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