11 Netflix children's movies that aren't cartoons

11 Netflix children's movies that aren't cartoons

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What better way to teach your children different lessons and values ​​than through children's movies? Watching movies with the family is an extraordinary home entertainment, that's why at Guiainfantil we propose you 11 Netflix children's movies that aren't cartoons. They are great titles that children will like, but also parents. What is your favorite?

Next we will give you a list of movies that are not cartoons but that children tend to like a lot. You can use them for your evening at the movies. All of them are available on Netflix.

1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
One of the most interesting and beautiful films about not losing hope in achieving your dreams and letting yourself open to a fantasy world that enhances creativity. But yes, with the necessary precautions, since not even the great Willy Wonka chocolate factory is free of difficulties, but with help everything is possible.

2. Shaking chills
Known in Spain as 'Nightmares', it is about a teenager who sets himself the task of saving his people from the ravages caused by monsters, protagonists of a book called 'Goosebumps' and from which they have escaped. A story full of mysteries, adventure and a lot of courage that will teach your children the value of not ignoring what is wrong. We recommend this movie for older children.

3. Mowgli: Tales from the Jungle Book
We all know the story of 'The Jungle Book' but this time, the Disney classic hits the screens with a 'live action' without cartoons that gives us a more realistic perspective of Mowgli's life in the jungle and all her adventures with her friends, the wild animals that inhabit her. Who also teach us the value of working together and appreciating our family.

4. Space jam
A classic that never goes out of style and Netflix brings it to their screens to remind us of it. This film tells a fun and important adventure of the renowned NBA basketball player Michael Jordan to help his player friends regain their talent, which has been stolen by peculiar aliens. With the help of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and the entire cast of the Looney Tunes.

5. Harry Potter saga
What better saga to do a marathon with your children? The Harry Potter movies always leave us in awe, both because of the obstacles that Harry has to go through because he is 'The Chosen One', even because of the typical crazy teenagers that are even possible in a magic school. Films inspired by the novels of J.K. Rowling will help your child understand that no matter the time or place, there will always be difficulties that will only make him stronger.

And we continue with the list of these films that are not cartoons but that children and parents like. Some of the titles that we propose below are old movies and others are more modern. Which ones do you like the most in your family?

6. The return of Mary Poppins
A movie classic to which Disney has given a more refreshing and novel twist, but taking into account the original essence. It is based on a somewhat particular babysitter who helps children to find the most functional way to solve their problems and gain greater self-confidence, in a magical way!

7. Peter rabbit
Brought directly from Peter Rabbit's English children's stories, this blockbuster that Netflix brings us home comes to the screen. In this one we can see the funny rabbit Pedro and his brothers trying to adjust to their life in the garden with the fussy and moody Mr. McGregor. Will they bring out the funnier side of life? Discover it with your little ones.

8. Matilda
Another great classic that leaves us the valuable lesson of learning to trust ourselves, to make valuable links in our lives that help us grow instead of holding us back and very importantly, that we can achieve what we want with perseverance and faith . Just as Matilda did, despite having a difficult life, she managed to see the sun behind the storm.

9. Benji
A beautiful and captivating film that teaches us the importance of appreciating our pets, since dogs only deliver love without judging us. As is the case with Benji, a stray dog ​​who befriends two young children and who will risk everything to protect them and look for them when they have been kidnapped.

10. Go karts
When children grow up they tend to be rebellious and seek independence, like Jack, who gets involved in competitive karting after moving to Australia. Although he has natural talent, he must learn to control his impulses to avoid problems.

11. Tron legacy
A science fiction movie that talks about competitiveness and pride, but leaves us with the courage to learn from our mistakes and trust loved ones. Tron the Legacy is a sequel to a virtual racing game, in which its protagonists are no longer sure if it is entirely unreal.

Children and even young people can learn many things through movies, as they are the closest thing to a reflection of a real life situation. Although they are designed under a fantasy or fictional context, there will always be a specific situation that resembles reality and with which they can identify. That way the advice, solutions and morals of a movie can be transferred to everyday life.

Which movie will you enjoy with your children?

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