Animal riddles for children. Children's riddles

Animal riddles for children. Children's riddles

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We have made a very fun selection of riddles and riddles for children to test their imagination and intelligence, and be entertained at the same time. These are riddles whose answers are related to animals, cats, dogs, giraffes, pigs, birds, among many others.

We recommend that you try your luck as a family, hold a contest to see who can guess the most. With this game the child will develop his logical capacity and also, will spend some time with the family. Do you dare to solve these animal riddles? Let's go there...

Inside there is no one to reach me and if I go out I suffer a mishap ..

Answer: The Fish

I have eyes on the tail, who am I?

Answer: The Peacock

He never walks on land, nor does he fly, nor does he know how to swim,
But still it always runs up and down without stopping

Answer: The Spider

From cell to cell I go, but I'm not in jail

Answer: The Bee

Without leaving his house, he passes everywhere

Answer: The snail

What is the animal twice an animal?

Answer: The cat, because it is a cat ... and a spider

What is the animal that has a chair and cannot sit down?

Answer: The horse

It is not a bed nor is it a lion
and disappears in any corner

Answer: The Chameleon

Who makes his home on the green branch,
and there your children request calls?

Answer: The Bird

I read my name, my last name is brown,
who doesn't guess, it's a bit late
Who I am?

Answer: The Leopard

I have a bad reputation for the mud
Some of my brothers put coins inside
Who I am?

Answer: The Pig

Long, long, his neck is and has spots on his skin.
If I tell you more, you will know who it is.

Answer: The Giraffe

Which is one of the animal names that has five vowels?

Answer: The Bat

Riddles are an excellent resource not only to play with children but also to teach them and offer many benefits to their learning. We tell you some:

- Helps children concentrate

- Develops attention in children

- Awakens the critical and logical thinking of children

- Take the kids to socialize. Riddles are good tools to share with friends, schoolmates, family ...

- Makes children laugh a lot

- Encourages children's creativity

- Promotes children's curiosity

- Increases children's self-esteem

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