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13 plans and activities with children in Easter to spend unique days

13 plans and activities with children in Easter to spend unique days

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Easter and Easter are a time of celebration in many countries that includes free time to spend with the family and to organize activities to do with the children, from trips to homemade crafts such as decorating Easter eggs. Here we propose 13 plans and activities with children to enjoy Easter and spend a few unique days with the family.

After the long Lent, theHoly Week It is one of the most important religious festivals for Christians, a few days characterized by tradition and customs. It starts with thePalm Sunday when the faithful go to mass carrying olive branches (symbol of the entry and reception of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem) and culminates with theEaster Sunday, which means Birth and Resurrection.

Most of the children have vacations at school coinciding with Easter, a moment that is used to enjoy a few days of rest without classes or homework, to travel with the family and to do these educational and fun crafts, using materials that you have at home.

No matter what plans or activities you do, the important thing is to be with your family and have a great time all together. You can go to processions, take the car and go on an excursion, stay at home watching a movie or playing ... Any plan is good if you are together.

Let's start by looking at a few plans to do with boys and girls outdoors during the Easter holidays. Surely more than one becomes the favorite of the whole family, it is not for less, they are very entertaining activities and the simplest to do.

1. An afternoon of games in the park
What do you usually do with your children when the weather is good? I have it very clear, go to the park! Undirected free play time is very beneficial for the little ones in the house, especially if they are with friends.

2. Visit the museums of your city
Surely more than once and more than two you have thought about a family outing to a museum but you have postponed it due to lack of time. Easter will be the ideal time to visit that museum that you have so much desire to see. It goes without saying that this is an ideal excursion for children to learn new things and ask whatever questions come to mind.

3. Time to go see the grandparents
What better way to spend a family day with grandparents included? Kids and grandparents love hanging out together, especially when you're on vacation and the rush is put aside.

4. An adventure in nature? Time to explore!
The little ones are adventurers by nature, so don't think twice and pack comfortable shoes, backpack and binoculars because nature is waiting for you.

5. And to end the day of adventure ... A delicious picnic!
What better finishing touch to a picnic than a picnic? Fruits, vegetables and homemade cookies while contemplating nature. I'm looking forward to Easter to make this plan with the children!

6. Playing sports outside the home
What is your favorite sport? And that of your children? We love to ride our bikes and take long walks, of course it will be something we will be happy to do during the school holidays. What exercise are you going to do in your family?

7. The Easter Egg Game
And speaking of exercising outside ... have you ever heard of the Easter egg game? Surely yes. It is about hiding the eggs in an area and giving the children some clues to find them. It occurs to me that perhaps a treasure map could be drawn with directions. What fun! By the way, let your children decorate the Easter eggs themselves, they will have a great time.

We have just seen a few ideas of games to do with children outside the home during the Easter holidays, now it is the turn of family plans inside the house. Get comfortable we started!

8. Let's cook!
The typical Easter sweets such as chocolate eggs, donuts or French toast are more than allowed during those days, what do you think if this time you let the children come into the kitchen? But you can also prepare a delicious stew, cod ... Easter has delicious recipes! Maybe they will put it all lost but make no doubt that it will be worth it.

9. Easter crafts, which will be your children's favorite?
If your children are fans of painting, cutting and gluing, it is sure to decorate making fun crafts related to the Easter holiday. A rabbit, a chick, some colorful paper eggs ... You just have to use your imagination to surprise your children.

10. Easter costume party
Suggest that your children organize a costume party at home with their friends. Everyone can choose their costume but it must be related to something about Holy Week. In addition to costumes, you can do fantasy makeup. Parents can dress up too!

11. Board games are also to be enjoyed at Easter
Prepare an afternoon of traditional board games: ludo, goose, tic-tac-toe ... Add a bowl of appetizers to share and finish with a cartoon movie. Raise your hand who signs up!

12. Music teacher
What kid doesn't like to sing and dance? Or rather, what family doesn't like to spend some time listening to music and doing some dance steps? Another activity that you cannot stop doing with your children during the Easter holidays this year.

13. Read tales
Plan a trip to the library and select a few stories related to Easter. You already have reading material for all the holidays. Perfect for young children to reinforce reading and also learn new things about this holiday.

Many families like to take advantage of the days off that the schools give at Easter to take a trip. Here are some ideas:

Trips in Europe to do with children at Easter
If you have the option and the weather is good, you can organize a family trip to a region of Europe. Destinations such as Barcelona, ​​Madrid or Valencia in Spain or European countries such as France or Greece are highly recommended to visit with children for their great culture and excellent gastronomic offer.

Trips to South America to do as a family during the Easter holidays
If you have been wanting to travel to South America for a long time, this year's Easter holidays can be an excellent opportunity. Places that we can call magical such as Chiapas, Panama or Cuba are excellent for a family getaway that you will never forget.

The Easter holidays are one of the most anticipated by children, that of being able to enjoy a few days without getting up early to go to school is something that no one can resist. Of course, as much as they love to be on vacation, it won't take more than two days for them to say: 'I'm bored!'

It is then that you think about ideas to do with them. Do not panic! Here we give you even more ideas to enjoy as a family.

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