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Why are eggs given away on Easter Sunday?

Why are eggs given away on Easter Sunday?

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Giving away chocolate eggs on Easter Sunday is not just a consumer tradition as some think. Its origin has a long tradition that has been lived during Lent over generations for many centuries. If in your family there is a tradition of give Easter eggs to children at Easter, it would be interesting if we all knew something more about this beautiful story.

The tradition of eggs - deeply rooted in the United States, central Europe and England - began because Catholic Christians who followed the abstinence of Lent, they could not eat, among other things, eggs or dairy products. The followers of this tradition kept the eggs, and to keep them fresh they bathed them with a thin layer of liquid wax.

Once Lent was over, they would gather in front of the church in their city and give them away. Over time, the Catholic Church was changing traditions, and today only recommends abstinence from meat on Fridays of Holy Week.

However, the tradition of giving eggs on Easter Sunday continued and in fact continues in many countries around the world. The only difference is that Before, chicken and turkey eggs were painted and decorated to give in small baskets.

On the other hand, today, although chicken eggs are still being given away in many countries, since the beginning of the 19th century, chocolate eggs are also given away, those preferred by children, of course.

In many cultures, eggs represent 'life' and 'fertility'In both Rome and Greece, painted eggs were given away at spring festivals and festivals. If we speak of eggs as a Christian symbol, these eggs have the meaning of a 'new life', as the word Easter means. A life that the risen Jesus Christ gives us.

And you will ask me: and the rabbit, what does it paint in this whole story? It is true that the rabbit is also a symbol of fertility in some cultures. However, this animal has probably been a fantasy invented by the parents to give a pinch of illusion to Easter Sunday. The children believe that it is the rabbit that brings the eggs.

There is a popular legend that says that a rabbit was present when Jesus Christ was buried in the tomb. Confused and curious by what was happening, he decided to stay in the vicinity to find out who this man was that so many people loved. His wait paid off, well the rabbit witnessed the resurrection of Christ.

The rabbit knew that he had to let everyone know what was happening, but how could he do it if he couldn't talk to humans? It occurred to him that the best thing would be to paint an egg telling what he had seen. He was sure that this way, all those who previously mourned the death of Jesus, now would be much happier. So it was!

From then on, the rabbit brings painted eggs to every house to remind us that Jesus was resurrected. This legend has given way to the current custom in which parents hide chocolate eggs around the garden or house and children go to look for them on Easter Sunday.

Do you usually celebrate the custom of finding Easter eggs? If this year you want to join the tradition, you have to know that there are two ways to do it: with decorated eggs or with chocolate eggs. Let's see both options:

- How to decorate and paint Easter eggs
What a good time you will have decorating the Easter eggs! This is a perfect activity for the days before and during Holy Week. Just like the Easter bunny according to legend, with these colorful eggs you will fill your home with joy.

There are many ways to decorate Easter eggs:

  • With paint, applied directly to the egg: you can make polka dots, stripes, zig zag, hearts, stars ...
  • Design animals with eva rubber or felt: with scissors and a silicone gun you can create beautiful eggs in the shape of animals.
  • With a marker you can make a smiley face, and you will have the happiest Easter egg!

- The recipe to prepare delicious chocolate eggs
The most delicious custom is to prepare very rich chocolate eggs that can be hidden, given away and eaten. Although they can be bought in any supermarket as Easter approaches, we recommend preparing them at home as a family. If you have all the necessary materials they are very easy to prepare.

You need: 500 grams of chocolate fondant, egg-shaped molds (better if they are silicone) and a kitchen brush.

  • Melt the chocolate in a bain-marie or in the microwave (being very careful that it does not burn). Stir constantly and turn the heat to low intensity.
  • With the brush, take the melted chocolate and spread it around the mold. Make sure the mold is completely covered.
  • Let it rest and put it in the fridge. If you want the egg to be stronger and the chocolate layer thicker, repeat the process at least 3 times.
  • Once cool, remove them carefully so they do not break.
  • With the brush, join two halves of the egg. You can put a small gift inside to surprise your children.

For this recipe to be healthier, milk chocolate should be substituted for chocolate with more purity, ideally 70 to 100%.

And we are going to see some other activities with eggs and rabbits, which will entertain the children a lot during Easter.

A happy Easter to everyone!

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