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Saint Nicholas Day, December 6 and March 21. Boys names

Saint Nicholas Day, December 6 and March 21. Boys names

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Nicholas is a name for boy of Greek origin that means 'the victory of the people', which gives us some insight into the character of this child with great organizational skills and leadership skills.

It is a proper name that will surround your baby with an aristocratic and elegant air. Celebrate his name day on 6th of December, what is he saint nicholas day, a 4th century saint who is also preferred by children for being related to Christmas and Christmas gifts. However, we can't forget either on March 21 It is also a special day, because it is the day of Santo Nicolás de Flüe. Let's learn more about them!

As we have already told you, there are two mostly special days to celebrate the saint of Nicolás. One of these main dates is the December 6, Saint Nicholas Day. This is the day of Saint Nicholas of Bari, bishop in whom according to tradition the current figure of Father Christmas or Santa Claus is inspired.

Despite being a venerated saint (especially by the smallest of the house at Christmas time) not much is known for sure about his life. It is considered that he was born around the year 270 in Rome, and is also known as Saint Nicholas of Myra, for the place where he was bishop and died.

Many temples around the world have been built in his honor. It is told of him that he was a very pious person with a huge heart, who gave his life to help those most in need, especially children. Furthermore, many different miracles are attributed to him. According to tradition, Nicolás decided to help a man who had been ruined by dropping some coins down the chimney. Hence the tradition of Santa Claus to enter homes through the fireplace.

After the death of Saint Nicholas, his relics were kept in the Anatolia region. However, to avoid their destruction when the Muslims conquered the area, they were taken to Bari, in Italy. At present, it has become a pilgrimage area for the most devoted of this saint.

The saints have also reserved March 21 for all grandparents, parents and children called Nicolás. In this case, the saint who is honored is San Nicolás de Flüe, also known as Niklaus von Flüe. He was born in 1417 in Switzerland and died in this same country in 1487, which is why he is considered one of the patrons of Switzerland.

Coming from a peasant family, during his youth, Nicolás was a soldier and captain. Later he decided to pass politics, and was a councilor and judge of the region in which he lived. However, his life changed when he had a mystical vision in which he was able to observe how a horse devoured a lily. From this image he interpreted that his everyday life was crushing his spirituality, which led him to make a crucial decision: it was time to begin a life dedicated to contemplation.

Left it all and began to be a hermit. According to the story, he was, neither more nor less, than almost 20 years without tasting food. His devotion and dedication to the contemplative life became famous throughout Europe, and many traveled to Switzerland to seek his advice.

In addition to these two dates of saint, on September 10 is celebrated the day of San Nicolás de Tolentino and on July 9, that of San Nicolás de Pieck.

There are many variants of the name Nicolás in different languages, as it is a name that is used all over the world. Among the French names for your baby, we find in France the same form for the name of your child, a very frequent name in that country and that you can recognize in the figure of the former French president, Nicolás Sarkozy. The feminine version of this name, Nicolebrings to mind the successful Australian actress Nicole Kidman.

You can also take into account the English name of your baby, Nicholas, with the frequent diminutive of Nick. Actors Nicholas Cage and Nick Nolte have released this name that is the favorite of many parents. Because Nicolás is also a name of height that kings, tsars and many have used historical figures of high birth, and it is that this name prints status.

But it is the German name of Nikolaus or Niklaus the one that most caught our attention. Its diminutive Klaus names the children's favorite character, Santa Klaus, also known as Santa Claus, who was none other than Saint Nicholas of whom we have spoken a little above.

Also, did you know that there are different towns in the world that bear the name of Nicolás? We refer, for example, to San Nicolás de los Arroyos (Argentina), San Nicolás de Bujaruelo (Spain) or San Nicolás de los Garza (Mexico).

Numerology distributes a value to each of the letters; When we add all the figures that correspond to a name, we have the number that corresponds to the personality of the child who has this name. In the case of Nicolás, we have the following distribution of letters: N (5), I (9), C (3), O (6), L (3), A (1), S (1), which give 28. When adding it we obtain that Nicolás' number is 1.

Children who have the number 1 according to numerology are great leaders. In fact, it is common for them to even arouse envy from some of their classmates.

The name Nicolás is immediately related to a intelligent child, awake and insightful, able to adapt to the most diverse situations and with a great ability to lead people to their field. And although he is generally a sincere person, he has a tendency to introspection and reserve, which makes you choose very carefully the people you want in your company.

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