How to easily boost the 4 hormones of happiness in children

How to easily boost the 4 hormones of happiness in children

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What does happiness bring to our sons and daughters? What do they need to feel happy? New toys? A day in the country? A hug? Well then, I am going to tell you in what simple and natural way it is possible to help you achieve more pleasant and enjoyable moments. And, for this, we are going to learn more about the 4 hormones of happinessand how to enhance them in children.

According to neuroscientists and endocrinologists, it can be studied and therefore understand happiness as a biological process. This helps us to know what is happening in the body and in the brain and, with it, look for those attitudes that can provoke that same satisfactory response.

Let's see it slowly:

There are a series of chemical substances that are present in our neurons, and that can trigger, once they are secreted, pleasant effects on our body. That is, something similar happens to if we take a pill that relaxes us or another that relieves pain or discomfort.

In this case we are talking about what in recent years has been called the happiness quartet, made up of neurotransmitters dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphin.

Provoking the 4 hormones of happiness naturally in our daughters and sons is easier than it seems. Next, we stop to address each of them and discover how we can empower them in children.

1. Dopamine
In the first place, we must promote adequate rest in our sons and daughters, ensuring that they sleep the appropriate hours. In addition, we can motivate them to do some daily exercise, such as cycling, rollerblading or going for a walk.

It is also important and benefits your self-esteem, celebrating your efforts and achievements. With these small and simple tips, dopamine can appear naturally and we are enhancing the well-being of our children.

2. Serotonin
It is segregated when the person feels important or when they allow themselves to enjoy the small pleasures of life. What we can do with our daughters and sons is make excursions to nature, consciously enjoying themselves, remembering with them moments that have been pleasant, pleasant, satisfying ...

And something that I love and have as a routine with my daughter and I also work with my students, is to practice gratitude. How wonderful it would be for us to go to sleep every night thanking, thanking for everything we learned and enjoyed.

3. Oxytocin
This neurotransmitter is also called the love hormone, and we know it better because it is the one that women secrete at the time of delivery; but not only at that moment does it appear, since it is also linked, among others, with kindness, trust, or emotional bond. And we generate it when we give a hug to someone we love, when we meditate or even when we do an act from the purest generosity.

4. Endorphins
We segregate them when we are, for example, in maximum enjoyment of dancing or singing, it is experienced as a sensation of high levels of happiness, which can even reach euphoria. This hormone has effects similar to opiates, but without its adverse effects. Laughing with loved ones brings us this happiness and in the same way practicing our hobbies. We have all experienced these sensations.

Ultimately, these acts, these simple and powerful acts, can be part of our life if we wish and since we already have this information, we can look more for those moments, which is nothing more than caring for and loving us, as well as teaching our sons and daughters the same.

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