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Yoga tips and exercises for a safe pregnancy

Yoga tips and exercises for a safe pregnancy

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The practice of prenatal yoga during pregnancy it can be a great resource for maintaining health and well-being at this wonderful time in a woman's life. The changes in the woman's body, her weight gain, hormones (they have effects on muscles and all tissues) and the emotional part make us have to adapt and modify some concepts of yoga practice, especially if we have never yoga before. Here are some yoga guidelines for a safe pregnancy.

Each movement, each position and each indication during a yoga class is specifically designed for pregnancy, but you also have to take into account some recommendations to enjoy this discipline in a safe and respectful way for you and your baby. If you have doubts, here are some recommendations that will be very useful!

In yoga practice you do not usually ingest food or water, but in prenatal yoga you do. Hydration is vital and invite the women in class to eat if they feel like it in a rational and reasonable way, if there is a snack, there is no problem. Their needs can be met with a little water, nuts or fruit.

It is a process that can be voluntary or involuntary. It happens effortlessly or we can consciously control it through our will. In the case of prenatal yoga we emphasize that each movement arises from a fluid and coordinated breathing. A fusion that arises spontaneously and that will help the future mother at the time of delivery.

Proper breathing is vital during pregnancy and it helps to maintain a good oxygenation of our organism and, above all, that our mind remains present in what we do, in what we are doing and in what we are feeling.

In yoga there are many techniques that stimulate the body or relax, but in prenatal yoga we invite women to breathe out through their mouths with long sighs. It is a way to lengthen the breaths without having to think and it is a very liberating way to relax the tensions and the diaphragm, a muscle that is compressed as the pregnancy progresses.

During pregnancy, a woman who attends prenatal yoga classes can do abdominal work but with care and nuance. A pregnant woman should keep the belly area fluid and free, for the simple fact that it is the bubble where her baby is. A hard, stiff, and tense belly could indicate forced breathing.

Therefore, good execution is essential to maintain muscle tone and elasticity throughout pregnancy, bringing consciousness to that place with gentle exercises and always practicing the exercises under the supervision of a professional.

Obviously the pregnant woman cannot lie on her stomach. It is the first and most important of the recommendations. All postures that press in one way or another on the belly should not be practiced under any circumstances by a pregnant woman, whatever the gestation period.

Prenatal yoga postures are specifically designed, therefore, at each stage of pregnancy we will adapt each posture to the possibilities and limitations of each woman, especially if yoga has never been practiced before.

Chairs, blankets, cushions, balls, wall or bolster are an invaluable help to make the practice much safer, respectful and liberating.

If we want to practice prenatal yoga, it is important to take these tips into account and attend a specific yoga class for pregnant women to gain confidence and security and that your pregnancy ends up being a positive and enriching experience.

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