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19 names of girls and girls that lead to cute and funny nicknames

19 names of girls and girls that lead to cute and funny nicknames

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When looking for a name for a baby, you have to take into account some aspects: the place where you live, the surname of the parents, the names that are already in the family ... And why, if that first name will be whichever is used to address him or he will end up using the diminutive or nickname. In case you are still not sure, we present the 19 names of girls and girls that lead to cute and funny nicknames.

As you surely know, many unique and affectionate nicknames are generated from common names. Surely you know a Quique or a Lola in your life, but their real names are Enrique and Dolores. These nicknames, which are actually called hypocoristic, they tend to originate lovingly within families or among groups of friends to supplant the real name.

Also, a curious fact is that these nicknames are used on both sides of the Atlantic, with some variations. For example, in Spain the Jorge is often called Coque, and in Mexico, Coqui. Some parents are not very fond of them, because they believe that personality is lost, but others opt for this name because what they are really excited about is the nickname. Let's see which are the most popular for boys and girls!

We don't know why, but the truth is that most people feel good to call their son Juanito or Tito to call their little Alberto. These are some of the prettiest and funniest nicknames that are generated from children's names.

1. Luis
One of the funniest hypocoristics is that of Luis's name. Even though the meaning of Luis's name is 'illustrious in combat', his best known nicknames are hilarious. For example, Güicho, Lucho, Luchito, Luisito or Luigi, they are fun and affectionate, right?

2. Jorge
Jordi is one of the most beautiful and common nicknames, but Coque, Coqui, Coco or Choche sound more tender. By the way, Jorge's name means 'gardener man', that is, farmer.

3. Anastasio
It is a name less common in Spain, but in some Latin American countries they are known as Tacho a los Anastasio. It is a Greek name that is related to Byzantine emperors and to the five so-called fathers that the Catholic Church has had to date.

4. Octavio
If you ever know someone who is called Tavo, you know why, it is the nickname of Octavio, a name of Roman origin, which means 'eighth son'.

5. Antonio
Who does not know a Toño or a Toni in their life? But in addition to these more common nicknames of the name Antonio, there are others much more fun and cheerful such as Choño, Antuco or Antoñuelo. It is a name originating from Ancient Rome and that has the saints with various dates to celebrate its name day, due to the number of saints called that way.

6. Manuel
Manu, Manolo or Lolo are the most common, but did you know that one of the most curious nicknames of this name is Meme? Yes, before the famous jokes memes, those named Manuel were already Meme. Manolo means 'God accompanies us' and is a name of Hebrew origin.

7. Alberto
If there is a name with nicknames, it is Alberto, a name of Germanic origin whose meaning is 'the one whose nobility shines'. Thus, we can find familiar nicknames such as Beto, Alber, Bertín or Tito, and other more animated ones, such as Buichi, Tucho, Al or Albertico.

8. Crescenio and Crescenciano
Perhaps they are rare names today, but if you know any Chencho or Chano you already know what they are actually called: Crescenio or Crescenciano, a name of Latin origin that means 'growing'.

9. Felipe
Despite the fact that Felipe - a name of Greek origin that means 'the one who loves horses', has always been a serious name, the nicknames are familiar and very catchy. For example, the ones we find the most curious are Pipo and Pipe, although we also like Feli and Lipe.

10. Francisco
There is nothing more tender and familiar than a Pachi or a Curro in your life. These two are the best known nicknames of Francisco, but the truth is that this name is one of the most hypocoristic has: Quico, Chencho, Fran, Chesco, Pancho, Franchi, Franchu, Chisco, Chico, Cisco, Pato, Isco , Franci, Francis, Paco, Papico or Pape (if the name is accompanied by José) are some of the funniest. Did you know that Francisco is a French name that comes from Franceso?

Many parents choose the name of their future child based on the diminutives or nicknames that are formed from him. Is it your case? If they have already revealed the sex of the baby and confirmed that it is a girl, here are some suggestions for cute names with endearing nicknames!

11. Luisa
Güicha, Lulú, Güisi or Lucha are several of the most unique and lively nicknames of that common name, whose meaning is 'great warrior' or 'glorious warrior'. But also, if Luisa's name is preceded by María, we can find other very funny hypocoristics like Malú, Magüi, Marilú or Mimí.

12. Alejandra or Alexandra
Although Sandra is the most common nickname of this name, which also works as a proper name, in reality Alejandra or Alexandra have some very affectionate nicknames, such as Ale, Alu, Lali or Alita. In addition, Sandra also has several funny hypocoristics, such as Sandy, San, Sandrita or, the lesser known, Chana. Alejandra is the feminine of Alejandro, which means 'the protector'.

13. Begoña
Bego is usually the most common nickname of this name, but it has other funny ones as well, such as Goña, Goñi or Goñita. By the way, very few know that this name does not come from the Begonia plant, but rather has Basque origin, and its meaning is 'place on the dominant hill'.

14. Josefa or Josefina
This once common name has some of the funniest nicknames. The most popular that everyone knows are Pepa, Pepi and Pepita, but Josefa can also be called Chepa, Chepina, Fini or Finita. Josefa is the feminine of José, the father of Jesus.

15. Pillar
It means 'the one that is support or pillar for her own', and has some of the striking and endearing hypocoristics. For example, Pili, Pilarín or Pilarica are some of the most popular, but there are others even funnier, such as Cuca, Pilita, Piluca or Piluchi. Pilar is also the name of a very venerated virgin in Zaragoza (Spain).

16. Sofia
This name of Greek origin, whose meaning is 'wisdom', has several nicknames (Sofi is the most common), but without a doubt the funniest and most sympathetic are those of Chofi or Chofis.

17. Sara
Did you know that Sarandonga is Sara's nickname? So now you know who the song 'Sarandonga, we're going to eat' refers to… Of course, Sarita and Sarus are familiar and cute nicknames for this name of Hebrew origin that means 'princess'.

18. Oralia
Oralia is a name widely used in some Latin American countries and the meaning is 'golden woman'. But what is most striking is the nickname derived from this name, Yaya, that is, the same way they call grandmothers in some regions of Spain.

19. Julia
Without a doubt, the most sympathetic and familiar nickname of this name is Yuya, since it gives a feeling of tenderness in childhood. But also Julita, Juli or Ju are other affectionate and fun nicknames derived from Julia, a name of Latin origin that means 'the one who is consecrated to Jupiter'.

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