A kingdom without love. Cute poem to explain to children what love is

A kingdom without love. Cute poem to explain to children what love is

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What is love? How complicated it is to answer this question ... And surely, each person answers it in a different way, depending on the experiences they have lived and, even, the moment of their life in which they are right now. Since it is difficult to find the right words for explain to the children what love is, we must look for other ways. How about using a poem, entitled 'A kingdom without love', as an educational resource?

To work on this children's poetry, we propose some reading comprehension activities and, in addition, we collect other stories, fables and plays that also speak of this emotion.

Then you can read the poem 'A kingdom without love'. It is a children's poetry that consists of 9 stanzas, each of them with 4 verses. Enjoy it!

In a kingdom far away

they did not suffer, they did not love,

they had no heart.

No one there fell in love

because they were more important

reason and thought.

But one day a man came

and when he saw that he cried,

then they got impatient

for looking for a reason.

I'd give my life in return

I would die satisfied

he said touching his chest

Love is giving everything

without having any reason,

for him you would give your life

and all your fortune.

Between all they murmured

looking confused.

a hidden feeling?

The love of a couple,

between parents and a child

they are human feelings.

As human is the reason

and human is the thought

answering him at the moment.

They are all very necessary

but without love, life

that man sentenced seriously,

it does not deserve to be lived.

How wonderful is the universe of poetry! It teaches children so much and stimulates their sensitivity and imagination so much ... In addition, as detailed in the study 'The story and poetry used by teachers in the development of linguistic expression' (written by Diana Vanessa Ruíz Toledo and María Auxiliadora Tenezaca Nagua for the National University of Loja), literature has a very positive impact on children's language acquisition. And it is a great way to stimulate the linguistic expression of children, from the earliest childhood.

On this occasion, we have used a poem as an educational resource so that children learn to name an emotion such as love, but also so that they know how to recognize it when they feel it themselves.

However, this beautiful poem written by Marisa Alonso can also be used to practice with children other knowledge they have acquired in school. To this end, below we propose some exercises and educational activities.

1. Some reading comprehension questions about the poem
Find out if your children have paid attention and understood what the poem is talking about. Ask them these questions, the answer to which they will find in the text.

  • Did they fall in love in the kingdom that is the protagonist of this poem?
  • What was most important to the inhabitants of the kingdom? The feeling or the reason?
  • Why did the man who came to the kingdom cry?
  • What did the queen reply to the newcomer's speech?

2. Questions to ponder from poetry
This poetry can serve as an excuse to talk with children about this emotion and make them reflect. To guide the conversation, here are some questions you can address.

  • What is love to you?
  • What types of love do you think exist?
  • Do you remember ever when you felt love?
  • Do you think that love is very important or not very important in the day to day?

3. Language exercises to review
We get down to work to work on some concepts that the children have learned in language class.

  • Look in the poem for a synonym for the word 'close'.
  • Is there an adjective in poetry?
  • Why does the word 'reason' have a tilde?
  • In what verb tense is the verb 'spoke'? And in what person and number?
  • What does the expression 'give everything' mean?

And for children to better understand what love is, below we propose other very useful educational resources. Stories, fables, poetry, plays ... What literary genre is your children's favorite?

- The tale of 'The Fire Princess'
The princess of a very distant kingdom announced to her neighbors that she would marry the one who would give her the best gift. Surprised, they all started looking for very luxurious and beautiful objects. However, the princess in this story would end up realizing that love is not synonymous with gold, but goes much further.

- The Fable of the Dove and the Ant
Besides the love between two people who are in love, there is love towards friends. Friendship is about being loyal to each other, making us laugh ... and helping each other! And it is precisely about this that the poetry of the dove and the ant that we propose to you speaks. This story talks about why we should respect, help, and thank our friends.

- Script of the play 'Cupido'
The main animals in this play (which you can represent yourself at home) did not stop fighting. Cupid, with a little bit of his magic, will make all of them realize that it is better to love each other than to fight. So everyone is much happier!

- The poem 'Caresses'
This poem talks about the importance of affection and affection in our lives. It is a very tender poetry that deals with the theme of love with a language for children to understand.

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