6 beautiful short films with values ​​that you have to do with children

6 beautiful short films with values ​​that you have to do with children

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It is not always easy to teach the little ones in the house the importance of values. In general, younger children can grasp abstract ideas and that is why we must look for alternatives that are fun and easy to understand. Short films with values They are a great option to instill in children virtues, qualities and principles that will make them empathetic and understanding people with others.

Short films are tools that parents and teachers can take into account to teach children about the subject of values, since they are very short productions that last from one minute to 35 minutes, which allows them not to get bored and capture the message quickly.

Short films can give us very valuable, beautiful and impactful messages in no time while they entertain us and even inspire us to try new things. Therefore, it is an ideal tool to teach values ​​to the little ones in the house. What better way to educate them on complex concepts than through a film that they can interpret and understand?

Remember that children learn by having fun and the more ingenious you are at teaching something to your children, the better they will grasp it and remember it forever. Education doesn't have to be rigid, especially considering that children's minds are highly dynamic and imaginative.

That is why we will show you a list of the richest short films that you can see with your children.

1. Hair Love
If you haven't seen the value-packed short film of 'Hair Love' yet, don't wait any longer! We not only recommend it to you, but also the most experts in Hollywood. And it is that this short film (just under 7 minutes) was awarded as Best Animated Short by the Oscars in 2020.

Directed by Matthew A. Cherry, it tells the story of a father who tries to comb his daughter's unruly hair. Yet what might look like a movie of any home, any morning, tells a love story. And it is that the little protagonist wants hair as beautiful as her mother's, who is now going through a disease. This unconditional short, of example, empathy, understanding ...

2. Moon
This short film was made by Pixar, directed by the Italian Enrico Casanova and tells the story of a boy who ventures with his father and grandfather to do what all generations of his family have done: Sweep away the stars that fall on the moon. Both the grandfather and the father try to impose their will so that the little one does things as they say.

When a great star falls, the adults begin to argue, since they do not agree on the correct way to move it. The child, tired of the discussion, ventures out to find the solution and actually finds a way to remove that star. The teaching is that we must let the little ones find their way, have confidence in yourself and solve the problems.

3. Coexistence
'For the birds', as it is known in its original language, was produced by Pixar. It tells the story of 15 identical birds that perch on a telephone wire and are surprised to find another much larger bird. Small birds tease her for being different, although she is receptive and friendly.

As it has no answer, the large bird alights with the small ones, which seek to make it fall, but the result is the opposite. This 2000 Oscar-winning, three-minute short film teaches tolerance, acceptance, respect and inclusion.

4. Do not mess with me
It is a five-minute short made by Tiny Cosmonauts that aims to teach children the importance of coexistence within the classroom, tolerance and respect. The story centers on César, a manipulative boy who likes to bully other children and make his classmates part of those teasing, until one day Alicia realizes César's manipulations and begins to put a stop to such a situation.

This educational video is very useful to work on school bullying and group pressure within the classroom. It is a children's short film supported by the Gregorio Marañón hospital in Madrid (Spain).

5. The Present
The gift, in its translation into Spanish, is a German short film that has participated in 180 film festivals and has more than 50 awards. It was made by Jacob Frey and is based on a comic strip by Brazilian Fabio Coala.

It tells the story of a young man who is not usually sociable and spends all day playing video games. His mother, worried about the situation, gives him a cute puppy but it has an important characteristic, it only has three legs.

At first the child ignores the animal because of its appearance, but the little pet does not let his condition prevent him from playing, running and challenging life, which makes the child take an interest in him and leave his comfort zone. In this short film the theme of the acceptation and resilience.

6. Monsterbox
A very naughty girl, a curmudgeonly old man and a group of nice and funny pets are the characters in this short film directed by Ludovic Gavillet Derya Kocaurlu, Lucas Hudson and Colin Jean-Saunier. This video deals with topics such as friendship, which must be watered in order for it to grow and city like a plant.

Forgiveness, gratitude and the way adults see things unlike children, are also reflected in this short of approximately 7 minutes.

Values ​​are the essential basis for people to be upright, that is, to be capable of making decisions and at the same time being capable of having their own belief system, without affecting others and even leaving a valuable teaching to others persons. In addition, it is only possible to relate adequately with others thanks to upbringing and respect that we have learned from our parents and teachers.

Can you imagine a person who is not capable of being responsible, respectful or who is so selfish that he does not mind harming others? This is the possible result obtained by don't teach children about values. Or, at its opposite pole, to make them grow with such great ingenuity that they can be manipulated or controlled by anyone.

Other reasons why it is important to teach values ​​to children are:

- The little ones learn through values ​​to distinguish the good from the bad.

- They make them kind, respectful and cordial people.

- They allow children to reason about their behavior.

- Knowing the values ​​make children make their own decisions correctly.

And you, what tools do you use to educate your children in values?

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