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Most important weeks of pregnancy according to a mother with two daughters

Most important weeks of pregnancy according to a mother with two daughters

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During pregnancy, medical check-ups are very important for the pregnancy to pass without any problems for the mother and the baby. These reviews with the gynecologist and / or with the midwife are marked by fire in the memory of a pregnant woman because they provide data on the growth and development of the child. But, in addition to what the experts dictate, there are some very important weeks of pregnancy, according to the experience of a woman who has gone through two gestation processes with all that this entails.

I found out that I was pregnant because my period did not come (I was very irregular and that was not relevant), but above all because I noticed a strange pain in the abdomen. That and that it was something we were looking for, they pushed me to take a pregnancy test and confirm what I already suspected: I was pregnant.

At that moment, a lot of doubts arose in my head: what name would I give my baby, if it would be a boy or a girl, where would I have to give birth, when would I have to go to a gynecologist, what kind of tests would I undergo ... when one is pregnant, everything is a world!

Every month, every week and even every day are important in these nine months of gestation because you discover something new about your baby or how everything is developing. That is why I want to share with you what my moments were or, rather, key weeks in my pregnancy and why.

- Week 8 of gestation
In some centers, around week 8 of gestation the first ultrasound is performed. And it is not so much what you see but what you hear: for the first time you hear your baby's heartbeat and that makes you connect with it immediately.

- Week 12 of gestation
If you haven't had one done before, this will be the first time you've been in front of an ultrasound machine! Of course, it will not be like in the movies that pass the device through the gut but it is vaginal because even your baby is very small and may not be appreciated in the other way. It is very exciting because they also tell you if it is developing normally, if it is one or more are coming and they can even predict the possible delivery date. In addition, you already pass the three-month barrier and the risk of miscarriage decreases. How many things, right?

- Week 20 of pregnancy
I lived this week's ultrasound with some respect, since I knew the importance of it. Here the most important test of almost the entire pregnancy is performed because possible malformations are ruled out and diagnosed and, in some cases, they can even reveal the sex of the baby.

- Week 24 of pregnancy
It depends on each woman, but I remember these days very fondly because it was when I began to notice my little girl's kicks. It was so exciting! They used to happen at night, when I would come home and sit in front of the television. I spent hours and hours touching my belly and talking about it and, also, taking sweet things to favor its movements.

- Week 26 of pregnancy
Here it was not an ultrasound scan, but the sugar test or the so-called O'Sullivan Test to measure the mother's blood sugar levels and rule out gestational diabetes. It is not a painful process, but it can be a bit tedious and unpleasant.

- Week 30 of pregnancy
Have you heard of 4D ultrasound? It is an optional test that is usually done privately through which you can see your little one in a three-dimensional way. It is not invasive for the mother or the baby and on the other hand, it is very exciting because you can see your baby's nose, face, eyes or fingers perfectly.

- Week 32 of pregnancy
It's the beginning of the third trimester! There is less left to have your baby with you, which, by the way, is almost fully formed. Your body begins to resent a bit and, after spending a second trimester full of energy, a stage begins in which fatigue will accompany you. In my case, as of this week I lived it with special emotion because I began the classes for preparation for childbirth where I shared a lot of experience with other mothers in the same situation.

- Week 37 of pregnancy
For me this point was important because from week 37, if the baby is born, it is no longer considered premature and, instead, it is classified as a full-term baby. Luckily with advances in science, many children who arrive in this world early develop normally.

- 40th week of gestation
And at this moment - those that arrive - the countdown begins. At any time you can break your waters or, if not, have your doctor schedule your delivery. They will submit you to monitors to see how everything is going and either nature or the experts will make the most appropriate decision according to your condition. Congratulations!

Remember that each pregnancy is a world and that each woman experiences it in her own way. Surely you have had or have other key weeks in your gestation. Is that so? I encourage you to share them with me and with the rest of the women.

Who has not been afraid of childbirth, lies! And is that in any situation that one is unaware, you always feel some respect! And, if, as was my case, you had never had to go (let's knock on wood to keep it that way) by a hospital for more than a couple of hours and less stay in hospital, that moment of delivery is scary!

My way of dealing with it was to think that if every day hundreds or perhaps thousands of women around the world give birth and nothing happens in most cases, why would it touch me? Too I trusted a lot in the medical team that was going to touch me and I was aware that I am not an expert on medicine, so you had to let those who know do it.

Having everything quite controlled thanks to the visits that are made to hospitals in my country also helped me to know what to do when the water broke. I knew the center and I learned the route from when I arrived at the emergency door until I went up to the floor where the delivery room was.

Not to mention the type of delivery that I wanted: natural childbirth whenever possible and, in the event of a problem, he preferred caesarean section to forceps. I was scared and didn't want to risk it! I discussed everything with my husband, in case there were any setbacks and he had to decide for me.

And, with all this, I arrived at the hospital on August 7, 2011 and on April 5, 2015 to have my daughters. And I can say that, like pregnancy, it seems to me a stage that is wonderful but that lasts forever and tires the woman a lot physically and psychologically, the moment of delivery would repeat it without thinking.

In both cases they gave me the epidural, although with the second I was about to reject it (now I regret not having done it), but that did not stop me feel like the most empowered woman in the world. I was going to experience something that the rest of the people who were there (I speak mainly for men) would never experience and that made me more serene and more connected with that moment!

On the one hand, I wanted it to pass quickly to have my daughter with me, by my side, doing skin to skin, but on the other, I had the need to delay that moment because I knew it would never happen again, and if it did, it would be another way. Neither better nor worse, different!

I'm not going to be brave and strong. Of course I could feel the contractions and she would grab my belly and bend me over, but I only thought about her / s: what her face would be like, how she would receive me, how she and I would fit in. And all those thoughts and doubts made the pain subside. And that was my true fear: my new life with the great love of my life! He had summoned me that morning for a blind date and I was nervous, anxious and expectant.

Perhaps because of my physical structure - I am wide at the hips - I dilated easily and the expulsion was very fast. Everything was very simple and, perhaps because of that, whenever a pregnant woman or future mother asks me about the birth with some fear, I usually try to remove their fears and invite them to savor that great opportunity that destiny has given them. Bringing a life into this world is a gift only allowed to women!

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