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Advantages for the baby of the mother practicing yoga in pregnancy

Advantages for the baby of the mother practicing yoga in pregnancy

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Beyond a simple physical matter, prenatal yoga helps us to share the same experiences with other women, to feel accompanied, heard and understood. They are also multiple the advantages for the baby (and for the woman) of the mother practicing yoga during pregnancy. It is a vital period where you have to give the emotional part the place it deserves for the well-being of both of you, mother and baby. And that is what together we are going to find in prenatal yoga classes.

The moment we choose to practice prenatal yoga becomes a moment of mindfulness in our pregnancy, where all attention is focused on our body, ourselves, our breathing and we enter into an intense connection with our baby. How can we get the most out of this practice? Here are some tips!

- Gentle, respectful and pleasant postures
As the pregnancy runs its natural course, the gaps get short. That is why it is important to create a lot of physical, mental and emotional space within ourselves. A baby begins to grow in our body but also our uterus, and all the organs begin, little by little, to reposition until they find their place. Do not hurry up!

During the nine months, the yoga postures are specifically adapted to each stage of pregnancy and do not require any physical preparation. It is not a demanding practice at a cardiovascular level. The movements accompany the future mother to establish a special bond with her baby and to understand all the physiological, anatomical and emotional changes that are taking place in her almost daily.

- A moment of pause
But above all, prenatal yoga is an invaluable help to stop the automatic pilot, learn to relax and take a moment of tranquility, which is what our baby is finally asking of us and he will continue to demand of us when he is with us ... Stop and breathe , stop and breathe, stop and breathe.

The practice of yoga for the baby has the same benefits as for the mother because the baby is an active companion and is absorbing everything that she feels. Communication with him is very important, whatever the emotional situation the future mother is in.

- Recognize and manage our emotions
And, of course, you don't have to hold back any emotion. You can be sad, you can be afraid and we have the right to worry because it also makes and is part of our life. Observing these emotions, recognizing them and expressing them already teach our baby from the inside to live and manage emotions.

Anything that is good for mom is good for baby. And this is what happens with yoga. When we create spaces in the body - with postures, relaxation work or meditation - we are more comfortable and we feel better.

- The role of the voice in pregnancy and childbirth
And finally you have to pay attention to the voice. Through sound, a wonderful natural resource is discovered with which women can allow ourselves to be present in our body, facilitating a greater production of oxytocin (love hormone) and endorphins (well-being hormone). In addition, being fit with the mantras that we use in the practice of prenatal yoga, we can accompany our baby with confidence, harmony and presence throughout the pregnancy and its birth.

All these resources are vital to generate confidence in ourselves, in the baby and in the intelligent, magical and wonderful process of life. The well-being of the future mother and that of her baby is essential to live a pregnancy fully.

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