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If you are pregnant and want to practice yoga, this interests you!

If you are pregnant and want to practice yoga, this interests you!

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Are you pregnant and want to practice yoga? Do not hesitate! It is an invaluable help to be in optimal physical, mental and emotional conditions during the nine months of gestation and in the face of delivery. If you have done yoga before, you will know very well the benefits that this discipline offers. And if you have never done yoga, it is a unique opportunity to become aware of your body and prepare for the moment you have your little one with you.

Before starting the practice of prenatal yoga, we must understand the wide range of possible benefits for the mother and the future baby of this wonderful practice.

- Maintains the physical health of the future mother.

- Helps correct posture and relieves muscle tension.

- It is an invaluable aid to release emotions.

- Lets be aware of breathing.

- The movements performed prepare the body for the day of delivery.

- Strengthens the pelvic floor.

- It is a moment of unique connection between the mother and her baby.

The yoga classes for pregnant women should be specifically designed for pregnant women and, therefore, there are a series of important safety recommendations that must be followed to achieve greater success of the practice and, also, so that it does not affect the health of the woman or the of the baby.

1. It is not necessary to have practiced yoga before
In order to do prenatal yoga, it is not necessary to have practiced yoga before. Both women with a regular practice and those who have never done yoga can safely start after the third month of pregnancy.

2. Find a center or teacher specialized in prenatal yoga
It is important to find a site adapted to the needs of women, especially if you have never tried this discipline before. Prenatal yoga postures must be specifically designed for each stage of pregnancy and it is necessary to adapt the practice to make it easier for the woman to connect with her body and be aware of all the physiological, emotional and anatomical changes that she is going through.

3. Enjoy and don't set unattainable goals
During pregnancy, at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day is recommended. If this is not possible, a practice with simple postures or simply relaxation techniques can help you stay in shape and prepare properly for labor. On the other hand, it is better to practice 10 minutes every day than to do it just once a week.

4. Always stay hydrated
It is advisable to find a suitable place, a well-ventilated room, and always carry a small bottle of water. Maintaining constant hydration, both during yoga practice and in moments of rest, is important.

5. Avoid some postures
The most important recommendation is to avoid any posture that puts pressure on the abdomen. Other postures can continue to be practiced as long as they are comfortable.

6. Don't push yourself too hard
If at any time we feel the need to stop doing the exercises for whatever reason, we must follow our intuition and never, under any circumstances, force the body and our health.

7. Pay special attention to your breathing
During pregnancy we should not hold our breath at any time. On the contrary, the breathing must be fluid and, instead of controlling it, we must learn to let it go, inviting the future mother to release the air through her mouth with long sighs.

8. Consult with your midwife or doctor
Prenatal yoga is not a substitute for regular medical follow-up. Before trying a prenatal yoga class, consult your doctor or midwife to make sure it is not contraindicated in your specific case.

My work as a prenatal yoga teacher is not limited to improving posture. It is an integral task where I try to accompany each mother so that she fully enjoys this special stage and can listen more clearly to her body and her emotions to establish a unique bond with her baby.

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